Lest We Forget Dana Air Victims

To Dana Air Victims, One Year On

Morning fellow WC members, hope we all had a good weekend? 

Today is June 3rd, rings any bell? I guess not, it's exactly
one year today since the passing away of the passengers on Dana air, that flew from Abuja to Lagos, exactly one year, hhmmmnn, Oh my God seems like it's  been 100 years.

Each day seems to drag on and the vacuum left by the lost seems to get bigger and simply enlarging  the empty space in our hearts, empty mornings, empty evening, empty beds, empty spaces during dinner time.  Most times our minds wander to; 
Where you are now? 
Why everything had to happen this way? 
Why it had to be an abrupt end? 
Why life is so frail? 
But all we are left with are unending questions, questions that certainly have no answer. As the rains pour down this night I wonder if  heaven is crying silently the way I am right now, maybe finally the realization that the best are gone and earth will never know such as you all. 

Sometimes it seems like just a minute away, when the dreadful news came on, the hope and faith, trying all your lines, praying  desperately that the voice we know so much will pick up and say "don't worry dear I'm fine" the numbers never  went through, neither did we ever hear the voice again. 

Gosh! Desperately watching the news, switching channels, praying and crying to God that there will be an announcement of hope. All we got was silence, then the wailing came, yet in our hearts we tried to understand and make sense of all that happened, people encouraged us all to pray to God, yet prayers were just bundles and heaps of questions? 

Questioning the unquestionable Lord, have mercy oh Lord! Here I go again asking the questions all over again. 
Yet in the midst of all this, 
When we all thought we can never get over this, God sent healing, 
When we thought no one will ever understand the pain, God sent a comforter, 
When we wonder who will give us the guidance we have held onto all our lives, God sent a guide. 

Thank you lord for the gift of the Holy Spirit, even when you took away, you sent a helper, for this, we thank you Lord. IN LOVING MEMORY OF ALL THE ANGELS THAT HAVE PASSED ON, CONTINUE TO REST ON.
Deborah Bala


  1. May the Lord comfort and keep the ones they left behind IJN.

  2. As I pray for the souls of all Dana flight 992, I also pray for our nation to get it right! I pray for us the living, we shall never perish before our time, we shall live to the fullest of God's purpose IJN, Amen!

    We shall overcome
    We shall overcome
    We shall overcome some day

    Oh, deep in my heart
    I do believe
    We shall overcome some day

    Happy Monday fam!

  3. Anonymous6/03/2013

    They will always be remembered.sleep on peacefully

  4. May they continue to RIP.
    May the LORD continue to comfort their friends, families and loved ones

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. May their souls continue to rest in peace.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

  7. Anonymous6/03/2013

    Continue to RIP

  8. Anonymous6/03/2013

    Ohh Debs ur just too swit. Tnk u 4 dis wonderful piece n 4 identifying wit us who lost one or more luved ones in d crash. God bless u real good n prosper u. May d beautiful souls of ma mum, bro n al dana crash victims continue to rest in perfect peace n May d good Lord perfect his healing on d families left behind.

  9. May the rest on. God save Nigeria!

  10. May their souls continue to Rip..

  11. May their souls continue to rest in peace

  12. Emerald6/03/2013

    Rip iniobong asuquo and other victims

  13. Rip Uncle Awani and wife

  14. Rip Uncle Awani and wife


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