Kiss For The Last Time And Go Home?

Hello Madam,
  I have been reading your blog for over 5 months now and I must say, you are doing a good job and I learn things whenever I visit the blog. 

   I am going to be done with my first degree in a few months and have also been dating this guy right from first year, so we've been dating for more than 3 years straight no breaks.. I do love him because of so many things, he's compassionate, Godly, intelligent, and all that good stuff.

 This guy is my age mate (22 yrs old) so no one is thinking too far other than facing our studies. As I'm going to be done school before him and move back home which is 5 hours away from school, what's going to happen ? I tried talking to him about it but he says when the time comes we will talk about it.  

A part of me wants to let go because this is my first relationship and I think I need a break to focus on me, also lets face the facts here we are both age mates, it's going to be long distance very soon. Do we continue to live in denial that our relationship does not have an expiry date ?

 Am I wasting my time with this man ? btw he has only said he loves me just ONCE!  which hurts sometimes because he does not like showing his emotions which makes it hard for me to ever express that lovey dovey part of me  to him by saying "I love you...."  also a part of me doesn't want to let go because it will hurt to see him with someone else if we decide to end things soon and he moves on quickly.

 I will miss him as this is my first real relationship and he was my first too (do not judge!). So what do I do about this ? Do I really sit him down and talk about my concerns or wait till my last exam, kiss for the last time and go home, ? 


  1. Pls do kiss 4 d last tym n go home: nuffin more too it O! @ least u r realistic.

  2. Anonymous6/22/2013

    a beg go home twenty two the sky is your stepping stone. you have your whole life in front of you. give your self a break and keep an open mind. enjoy you. enjoy your independent self. when the man wey go marry you come na dat time you fit begin ask for counselling the end they may not be worth all dat wahala

  3. Hmmm at first I was scared while reading this post,it sounded so much like what I've been through. Then I thought she was being inconsiderate,but it turned out to be for my good. My dear if u both are meant to be,u'll still endup together. Don't be carried away by university love,though some still lead to the altar. U'll be surprised at the turn of event once u leave school.
    I thank God that experinent ended,thought I would never meet anyone better than her,hehehehe but I lied, coz now girls better than her are catholic asin they're plenty.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

    1. Exactly Bona...even the ones on this blog don do you sef....hehehe ;-)

      Dear Poster, take a break. Trust me on this one. So many scales will fall from ur eyes once this is over. He shud be the one concerned sef...cos he is the finder. He shud work hard to make it work cos it's your time to do shakara all over the place o...after marriage, it ill become 'my friend, sit down there'... Lol...

      If he found a gem and threw it away. His loss. Live your life.

  4. Anonymous6/22/2013

    It seems like you want a break from him so y not just take it. Do you want him to leave school and follow u or ask u to stay back in school? Ofcos its going to be a long distance relationship. If u really love him then this is a test of how strong n real your ur love for eachother is. But from wat I got from ur story, u r tired of the relationship and have no hope for it after sch or did u just discover his age? So by all means kiss him goodbye and go home biko


  5. Johnson6/23/2013

    Que sera, sera, whatever will be, will be; the future's not ours to see…
    For your age (both of you), the chances, of a future together, are very slim. Concentrate on making a good grade (minimum of 2:1) – it’s highly competitive outside.


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