Iyanya Learn To Respect Women

Iyanya and Yvonne Nelson having a good time pic courtesy: Romance Meets Life
Iyanya, You may not be married but you have women in your life;  sister in-laws, you have sisters, you have a mother and grandmother, you have female fans, you were born of a woman, you will have kids with a woman maybe females inclusive. How would you feel if your celebrity  daughter gets disgraced this much of a man she claims to love?
 How dare you say you "rode Yvonne like a jangalova?" If you
 "wanted just her waist" must we know? Have you ever been in love Iyanya?  This lady is a celebrity like you and you just tried to pull her down in public?

 Are you
still a child, do
you kiss and tell? It's unfortunate she fell in love with you, all you could have done was spared her this embarrassment. You just showed a bad example. You just disrespected us women that patronize your good music. You are talented but now you make us realize that wisdom and talent are not the same thing. 

If you lacked what to say, why mention names? Yvonne is the only woman I saw proclaiming love for you in public and then your callous self  embarrassed her before the whole world. That's someone's daughter, friend, sister, wife to be and even mother to be. I am so disappointed in you Iyanya.What goes around, comes around! 
Learn to respect women.


  1. Anonymous6/29/2013

    Aunty Eya pls post this. As a new mom, how do one take care of d vagina after an episiotomy? Also what type of food is suitable 4 a nursing mother? Are there certain foods one should avoid becos of its effects on the baby's tender stomach?

    1. Anonymous6/29/2013

      You can use frozen pads..sit on a hard stool and just wait it out..it ll go away kpele..as for food, u can eat pretty much everything apart from maybe too much caffeine.. Google baby centre, you ll get all the info you may require..good luck.

    2. Anonymous6/29/2013

      Avoid food that would make you constipated. I had a 2nd degree episiotomy when I had my child and I was constipated. You needed to see me when I was trying to poop(sorry for the TMI) , it was horrible and the pushing can make the pain worse or maybe I was too scared sha!

      Just make sure you have your sitz bath, take your antibiotics if you were given any and you'd be just fine.
      ... Pj

    3. Anonymous6/30/2013

      Thanks @Anon 8:09pm and Pj.

  2. Anonymous6/29/2013

    Fame don enter in hed sotay no more respect for woman

  3. BeeCee6/29/2013

    Whan I saw the post on LIB, I felt sorry for that boy, if not for MTN projet fame.

  4. Ace Bentley's Boo6/29/2013

    Iyanya don't let fame confuse you cos you don't know tomorrow. Observe the times and learn. You are still young and still needs to continue climbing the ladder of fame an life. Don't let that 40 million naira deal get in your head cos some of your mates are signing deals in dollars.

    Yvonne is a public person like you, what you did calls for an apology if you are wise.

  5. Anonymous6/29/2013

    We don't even need to tell him. It's the law of Karma. What goes around comes around. He WILL definitely get what he did back to him. Simple. He thinks it's all fun and games now, by the time it hits him, he'll be begging God and her for forgiveness. The embarrassment was just too much!

  6. cj kaja6/29/2013

    When yuvone was running her mouth nko calling inyanya a cheat and a liar what did she expect

  7. cj kaja6/29/2013

    Stop gating comments biko

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Nsogbu... Nsogbu.... Eyimba eyin!

    @cj kaja, I'm with you on that!
    Very soon we'll start an "Occupy WC" campaign to stop this new policy cos it seem like it has come to stay.

    #OccupyWC... Do we have support in the building! Sign up NOW!

  10. Anonymous6/29/2013

    I neva lykd dt guy.
    I neva did.
    I dnt blame him,but MTN dt picked him frm d gutters.
    He neva dreamed of being famous,dts y d small cash dey shark him.
    Time wl tell.
    Him dt stand sld tk heed lest he falls.

  11. Anonymous6/29/2013

    Common y'all shud calm dwn did u hear him saying it? Was he interviewed n he said it? Some of dis bloggers lie to get people to their sites u knw,lets not judge until we r certain its true.

    1. Anonymous6/29/2013

      Havnt u seen d video? Abeg STFU and stop talking like a moron..msheeeeew

  12. Anonymous6/29/2013

    Eya take a chill pill.....its all 4 pubilicity.

    Bebe says so

  13. Anonymous6/29/2013

    Iyanya is a big disappointment. If he 1ted 2 free style, y diss Yvonne like dat. Real men don't diss women/ladies. Ooops! My bad. He's not a man. Oma Baby.

  14. Young Awesome Mum6/29/2013

    Tired of this whole Iyanya & Yvonne Nelson drama *not interested*

  15. Anonymous6/29/2013


  16. Priscy6/29/2013

    Iyanya is just so immature..if u read the interview Yvonne did with BellaNaija, she never for once even tried to diss him. She even said she still loves and listen to his music. that's how a matured lady talks.

    But that midget calabar boy had to remix his kukere song to diss Yvonne.

  17. Anonymous6/29/2013

    @Anon 7:56 y insult me n tell me to stfu its a free world, wc is a place where every one is free to air his/her comment,so pls weneva u see some comment u dont like,jst ignore,i m too tushed to xchange words wit u,tnx:)

  18. Anty Eya what hv i done wrong! I have been commenting but it will state that it will be visible after approval but I never get to see it published. Did I offend you? Oyah sorry nau!

  19. Sudden wealth and fame syndrome and youthful exuberance is affecting him at the moment.

    This is what happens when someone has just "arrived" and feeling like "hot cakeeee". The one I pity is Yvonne.

    This goes out to my ladies: please don't put yourself in a situation for a guy to rubbish your image, esteem and worth.

    PS: Aunty nao, abeg me no like the gating barrier oh.

  20. Was she his first love? What of d girls he dated b4 fame or b4 he sang Kukere! Iyanya has been dissing girls for long and Yvonne wasn't his first or last prey.
    This is a lesson for ladies: understand who u decide to commit urself to, be it r/sp or marriage. I hav neva been moved by Iyanya's music and neither will I swallow a pill on Yvonne's sake, she has her life to live.

  21. IYANYA that was unnecessary and childish.Be careful of what you say abeg ---remember you are a public figure.

  22. Anonymous6/30/2013

    Duh! Dude tatoo'd YN on his wrist and is yet to remove it. Stil so much in love and being petty about it! Some dudes need to grow some balls

  23. Anonymous6/30/2013

    Leave iyanya...he's just trying to form hardcore. He should learn from rick ross's issue. Labels will just drop him..opening his mouth like a goat.

  24. Anonymous6/30/2013

    Hahahaha@ Oma baby.

  25. Word!!! just saw this. way to go sis! some men are just kids in bodies of grown men.

    twitting this straightaway



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