It's Me Again. What Do I Do Now?

aunt eya. Pls am here again for advice. I was d lady who faced
physical abuse by her husband. Well im still with him, and i will say
nothing has changed though i has not hit me since then but because i
let things pass and dont talk about it anymore. He still treat me like
crap and makes it clear that

if i leave it takes nothing from him,
nothing has changed. Except that last week my ex boyfriend called me
and wanted to see me which i refuse cos he knows am married. To cut
the story short, i was suppose to marry him but when i found out that
his baby mama was not married yet and still lurking around him and
still love him, i left him to marry my present husband. Well now my ex
wants be back and he promised to take care of me and love me more than
he did before. I asked him about his baby mama and he said d have
settles their scores. I have not seen him yet cos he has betrayed me
before but i here from people that he has changed. What do i do eya?
Am confused. Pls hid my id.


  1. Anonymous6/09/2013

    impersonate her to ve fun why then is she complaining.
    Pls am begging whoever is impersonating her to please stop for Gods sake.thanks all may God not make us fail

  2. Like seriously, u're in touch with ur ex and u are considering leaving ur abusive husband for ur ex? What do u want WC readers to tell u? That u should go ahead? I'm sorry, but u seem to be sick in the head. If ur hubby is abusive u can separate from him and stay on ur own for a while. U don't have to jump on the next available man. Come to think of it....are u sure u're not chaeating on ur hubby with ur ex that's why he has been panel beating u? This ur story get plenty tentacles and I just cannot relate with it. All the best though in whatever decision u make.

  3. Mee Noni6/09/2013

    Anonymous, u need help!
    Poster, don't believe this shit about guys changing o, once a cheat, forever a cheat! They don't change, they just improve in some skills. Forget your ex, he is history.

  4. Hummmm..madam poster, no wonder your husband has been beating sure you kept seeing this your ex.if your ex was good enough why didn't u marry him.ok u r blind abi.ur eye don clear# for ur info his baby mama will beat u to stupor,now u don't trust your husband again because of wey wan lost..No go hear hunter whistle,you want to taste 2 bad tinz seems u r destined to chop cane.I know the sweet word u want to hear..Go and marry baby papa ur ex, Taaah.a word is enoff for u that's if u r wise sef#stick to ur husband and send that ex away

  5. Poster is it that you are not yet Legally or Traditionally or Religiously married to the 'husband' yet and therefore, want to leave him and marry the ex?


    You are Legally or Traditionally or Religiously married to the 'husband', but want to divorce him and start something with the ex?


    You are Legally or Traditionally or Religiously married to the 'husband' and want to now add to the number of husbands you have by marrying the ex?

    Which one?

    1. Anonymous6/09/2013

      You don kill me with this your analogy.

    2. LMAO!!! Please she should answer

  6. Anonymous6/09/2013

    Yeye post! anty eya pls stop torturing us with all these yeye post make holy spirit wey we experience today no run leave us.

    1. Anonymous6/09/2013


  7. Anonymous6/09/2013

    Are you not the Ikorodu lady? Pls,take it easy because the devil you know is better than the angel you don't know.Separate from your husband for a while and be prayerful for God to change his heart.


  8. peace_udo6/09/2013

    The grass always seems greener on the other side. Ur mind is wandering too much. Be a good wife first. Why is ur husband always beating u? Hope it has got nothing to do with ur ex. How will ur marriage even work out with half of ur mind on ur ex. Pls channel that love into ur marriage then if it doesn't work u walk.

  9. Anonymous6/09/2013

    Funny comments i see here. But like seriously.r u sure ur husband is not beating u becos of ur ex? I don't know d kind of marriage u had(legal, live-in lover or marrying on credit) but as long as u r married to ur hubby,ur ex has no place. He is called an ex,let him remain that way.

  10. Some women sha! So what xactly do u want 2hear? Dat u shd leave ur husband for ur ex? Smh. If u do, u'll just b leaving from fryingpan to fire. Ur ex is history, dts y he is an 'ex' he belongs 2d past. Pls channel all ur power and love 2make ur marriage work.

  11. Anonymous6/09/2013

    @poster oya leave ur hubby go marry ur ex abi na waytin u wan hear b dat.I beg take all ur problems 2 God Jor

  12. Anonymous6/09/2013

    Forget your ex. You are married and you cannot even remarry according to the bible so don't even think that is an option. Focus on how to make your marriage work and commit your husband to God's hands.

    If your marriage was blossoming, u would not even give ur damaged ex a second thought. It is well.

    Ahda, I have no issues with you. God loves you and so do I.

  13. MrsAjaryee6/10/2013

    You make marriage sound like 'changing cloth' or may be u were not married to your present hubby sha. If so I see no reason you should so much be in touch with your ex and to the extent of contemplating on going back; mend your ways PLS so dt the abuse can stop; learn to be focussed as well; my lil cent


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