Is There A Man's World In Marriage?

First of all Aunty Eya, permit you to use this opportunity to say thank you for deleting all those hateful comments I saw yesterday. On a Sunday? I was shocked and decided against seeking advice if that is how I would be insulted.  Later at night, I checked for updates and saw that you have deleted all those hate comments, may God continue to strengthen you for us.

When I tried to leave a comment and saw that you have started moderation, I felt relaxed to send in this. Now I know good people will be able to give me intelligent advice without being bullied. Thanks.

Please help me ask your blog readers. I am confused about this
my own type of marriage. I don't think there is any other marriage in this twenty first century where a husband gets angry because his wife reads his phone and asks her what she is looking for in a man's world.

Whenever my husband meets me using his phone, he gets angry and goes further to ask if I have ever seen him even picking my calls or looking at my phone screen. I know he never touches my phones but I did not touch him so why make it look like " Because I don't touch yours, then you too do not touch mine." Is this how marriage should be? Barely one year and I can't touch your phone? 

We had a long distance relationship and I never saw this coming. Me am not against divorce o. Thank God it's still early I can't take a husband asking his wife what she is looking for in a man's world. Please I need advice before I do something stupid. Do husbands live in a man's world while their wives dwell in a woman's world?


  1. My dear don't be quick to resort to divorce,this is something u both can iron out amicably,have u tried discussing it with him?
    I guess he feels u always reaching for his phone to see anything implicating. try convince him there are other stuffs like a particular game or application on his phone that you love so much.
    But if your intention is to find somerhing fishy on his phone,I suggest u desist from such act.

    btw: Ahdaisy where u at? hmmm u're missed here,plz let the light you bear triumph once more.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

    1. Bona Dear, I am right here o... I just told myself that I wnt be part of any drama on Sunday. :-) Cos I've noticed it's a trend. Thanks for checking up on me.

      @Poster, stop checking his phone. If he has something to hide, ur checking his phone always will make him hide it more. Just relax and enjoy your marriage for now. Some issues like this have a way of coming up at a later time when you'll both be calm enough to handle it well and understand where you're both coming from.

    2. BEKEES6/10/2013

      I second what Ahdaisy said,if he is hiding sumtin ur constant checking will make him delete them.For me my Husband is not even bothered.But wait do u check his phone bcos you suspect he is cheating?Madam relax If he is cheating God will expose him.For me wen ever sumtin want to happen to my husband or kids I always see it clearly in the dream so I don't bother myself.For Divorce,zero ur mind cos Christ hate divorce.Talk to him and tell how u feel and how u want him to treat you and hold you I bet you, if he truely love and cares for you he will change haba ur marrige is young nah

  2. Anonymous6/10/2013

    just let his phone be dear. for me this is a battle the women will lose in my opinion oh

  3. MrsAjaryee6/10/2013

    Where there is openness, there is nothing like 'man's world' oh; I play wt my hubby's phone and he does same wt mine; as a matter of fact I hold on more to his phone more than mine sef; especially while trying to open so many tabs (especially WC)+odr blogs and battery is completely gone (bb issues na); I quickly grab his own; d only warning is that his battery mustn't run flat. My marriage is as young as urs too. BTW; is dt y u r thinkg of divorce? u mst be kiddg right! Except there are odr issues uv got ovr dr. I feel u guyz av nt come to really understand one another very well

  4. When a man start hiding his phone.he has secrets ooo..haba!! Why won't you touch his phone.well, divorce is not the solution.sit him down, tell him its not as if you don't trust him.but if he still insist you don't touch his phone.madam sty on ur lane, atleast he doesn't touch ur own.#wat you don't see won't kill u#,just pray that any secret he's hiding should be reveal. Don't divorce oo.

  5. Dear poster pls leave hubby's fone alone and concentrate on your marriage. And if not checking hubby's fone is making u tink abou divorce @ dis stage den I wonder what u will do when more annoying stuffs definitely springs up

  6. Anonymous6/10/2013

    Pls leave his phone and don't divorce him. Only be prayerful.

  7. Thank God I didn't see the hateful comments. Poster, please leave ur hubby's phone cos it will only give you unnecessary HBP. Give urself peace ma and enjoy your marriage.

  8. My Dear leave his fone 4 him,IMO fone matter no b matter oh,pls jst let his fone b.lyk odas told u,if he has anytn 2 hide,wt tym it'l surface,jst concentrate on ur marriage n b happy.

  9. Anonymous6/10/2013

    Please if he insists u shouldn't touch his fone,then don't touch his fone.u will only give urself HBP when u find somtin incriminating. I don't like it when wives starts going thru their husbands fone. Its not worth it,especially since he does not like it. Note: Am a woman----- Ethel

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Pls leave his fone o,doh he definitely has smth 2 hide,dnt let it worry u,someday u'l hv full access 2 scrutinize d fone as u lyk. I'll use myself 2 site an example....I had been wondering y my bf takes his fone as his 1st gf n me d 2nd bt I dint let it worry me bt I kept praying 4 smth 2 happen den ONE DAY,ghen-ghen,he left his fone n went home,I knew he 4got his fone bt I kept engaging him in conversations so dat he dsnt rmba dat his fone is nt wit him,he gets in2 his car n zooms off. If u see speed wey I take fly staircase ehhh,u go bow,so dat he dsnt rmba n comes bk almost immediately. I got 2 my room n scrutinized d fone,I turn d fone inside out,fingered d lyf out of it bt fortunately 4 him I dint find anytin,na me cum dey apologise 2 am say I chk him fone. So dear poster dnt let it worry u,it wil cum 2 u on its own witout u pressin 2 hard. #RELAX#

  12. Different strokes for different folks...
    It might just be that his kinda person doesn't like such, understand is key. Prejudice is a mother f*cker, don't let it suck you up.

    In marriage, the really small issues or things causes the biggest problem. Handle this maturely!

    Have a blissful Monday!

  13. dear poster this issue should not be one in which you will raise up divorce, pls let it be far frm your dictionary, marriage has its own challenges don't use your hand to start looking for trouble. one thing we many times fall to understand is that the 1st 2years of marriage are very very delicate, it can either make or break your marriage. that is the foundation my dear. you must understand that you have been living your and your husband has been living, each individual had their own unique character, upbringing etc so you must learn to start understanding your husband character etc, if he doesn't like you touching his phone, drop the issue, take your time ti study him and you will find out why this is so, with time and understanding you will even start picking his calls etc. just let wisdom guide you.

  14. Anonymous6/10/2013

    mydear stop going through hs of d ways of having absolute peace of mind in marriage,is by nt going thru hs fone.iv bin marrid 4yrs n bliv me idnt go thru myhubby,s fone evn wen he forgets it sometimes.i just choose to trust hm nt bcos m stupid,bt bcos i want to live longer n take care of my children.

  15. Anonymous6/10/2013

    Women! Its amazing what we let men get away don't go through his phone,what u don't knw won't hurt u abi? But what u don't know can kill u! After now we will start sending mails to aunty Eya "my hubby has a child I dint knw about" he is getting married to another woman" hummmm I feel we should cheack up on dis men o! I knw u can't stop him when he is cheating but u can PRAY!!!!and destroy any "strange monkey"trying to destroy ur home and peace. Secondly we all agreed about %100 transparency in marriage abi? So let's apply dat to our hubbys phone as well na shebi d vows he said "all dat I have I give to u"oya dat includes his phone na.

    1. Anonymous6/10/2013

      Lol. Vry funny comment.

  16. I'm not trying to be funny but why do you feel the need to go through his phone?

    1. Anonymous6/11/2013

      Sorry to bust ur bubble dear....u weren't funny


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