Is Something Wrong With Me?

Hello Aunty,  Aunty Eya, sorry to sound this smelly. I am an ardent reader and commentary here on wives connection blog but please do not link to any of my previous stuff.

When my husband farts, it has no smell whatsoever. I only hear the sound and clap for him. However Aunty, every single time I fart, we'll need an airfreshner. The reason I started to
use the bathroom for my gassing

Please I want to ask you, is there any reason why women's gass smells more? could something be wrong with my stomach because we eat the same foods and same drinks. Again, when I'm having my periods, it comes more often than on other days. Is that OK?

Why is it women fart smells so much?


  1. Anonymous06:09

    So Aunty Eya is now a medical doctor? There is absolutely nothing we will not see on this blog 8-|

    1. Anonymous09:33

      I tire Ooº°˚. Reduce ur milk n milo intake. That's all

  2. If you don't use the toilet as often as it should be there are tendencies that your fart will have a bad odor. You need a purge!

  3. Anonymous06:42

    Lwkmd this early moi moi

  4. Anonymous06:47

    My fart doesn't smell and im a woman too. Stop licking your kids powdered milk

  5. LOL... Every time when I feel I have seen it all on WC.. Hahahaha....

    Dear Poster, I dnt think ur question should be 'women's farts', it should be just your own cos people are different.

    Do you workout enough? Do you have frequent bowel movement? Do you drink enough water? Do you eat normal portions or you load ur plate till food is falling off it? What of ur sleeping habits?

    All these,I think might affect ur farts... Try seeing a doctor if it bothers you much.

    1. Anonymous06:59


    2. Anonymous06:59

      That is eh but anyway Ahdaisy has said it all

  6. Anonymous07:05

    Kai,lmaooo @you need a purge. My dear,there's nothing wrong with u,it has to do with ur system n probably u dont visit d toilet as often as u shud,n pls drink plenty of water every day it will help u flush out sometins too. I m a woman too it doesnt happen to me,only wen i hvnt visited d toilet for long.

  7. Anonymous07:25

    Cut down on your meat and milk intake, it helps. You can stay away from it for a week and see the difference.

  8. Anonymous07:33

    Too much boiled egg, now see the result. Lmfao.

  9. Bose07:38

    Poster, stop mixing sugar with proteins, it causes fat fart.

  10. Lizzy07:47

    Lol. Make sure eating lots of fruits and vegetables as part of ur daily diet and drink lots of water daily. This will help u empty ur bowel daily or few times a day. Once u empty ur bowel daily u will fart less or less smelly farts.
    Drink a mug of hot water with lemon or lime every morning. It helps kick start d day and helps to empty ur bowel.

  11. Hahahhahahaah! Nothin wey I no go read for this wc blog o! Buahhhaha! @ poster nothis is wrong wit u, just take plenty water rto flush ur sys and take less milk. Some people usually hv "lactose intolerance" and this wil mk u release smelly fart.

  12. Cheiii! Laugh don mk me type error o! *Lol*

  13. Anonymous09:40

    Whats wrong or funny about what the poster has said. I thought WC is here to help ourselves. @Poster, there is nothing wrong with you, its just that you do not seem to have frequent bowel movement. You need plenty water, fruits and fibre intake to clear your system. It does not mean that you will not fart but it will not be smelly.

  14. Anonymous10:33

    Women usually have mre flow on d 2nd and 3rd do for a 5day cycle.
    At d beginning its light them it gets heavy then reduces as d period cmes to an end.
    Ur womb is shedding so it can't remain constant.

    1. Anonymous10:34

      2nd and 3rd day*

  15. Anonymous10:48

    Pls srry for deviatn am pregnant n hv 4wks left n my doc said its hs to be cs wch wll be my 3rd d prblm s afrt evrytn am stll lft wit big tommy I watch wat I eat I do exercise I tk lots of fluids but stll I luk 5mnths preg wat shld I do Pls hlp me pls God blss u all

    1. Anonymous12:29

      Tie ur tummy. Breastfeed for at least 6months to help contract ur uterus bk to normal, suck ur tummy in as often as possible,sit ups, normal diet routine applies. U just hv t work harder than a woman dat had a baby vaginally but its possible. Support spanx or corset worked magic for me.

  16. Anonymous14:45

    Abeg.....not all women oh. Which kind wahala be this.

  17. Hehehehe!!!
    WC kwenu!
    #just passing biko @poster #lipsealed


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