I Pray For You Singles

Let Us Pray

That you receive the wisdom that's  needed for a successful  life. That your eyes be opened to know that not having a relationship at this time, does not mean you are alone cos you have someone, a presence with you, one greater than all, one who never fails and never betrays trust.
For you in a turbulent relationship, that your eyes be opened, to see that you do not need that rocky relationship to validate your life. That you receive grace to stop when you should, and to move on when you should,
For you in an abusive relationship, that you be able to say no. To know when and how to let go. That you discover the strength in you. That your eyes be opened to see that none can give you the joy you so desire. To know that your happiness depends on you and your maker.To know that procrastination is stealing your time. To realize that a violent
man or woman is not what you need. To believe strongly in your heart that one who abuses today will do it again. That you receive the help needed to  free your soul. That you discover your innermost strength and will power. That you be able to stand tall today and say no to violence. That what ever it is you need, to end that violent union, be provided. 
For you that is not sure where you are headed, that you become wise enough to take decisions and make the right choices in life and relationships. That every form of confusion clears up. That you begin to see clearly what lies ahead of you.  That you receive boldness to ask questions concerning that stagnant relationship.
For you that is stuck because of finances, that you receive supernatural help and get married. That stagnation will not lead to the end. That your stagnant relationship begins to move forward. That the finances for a successful wedding be provided.
For you that knows this is wrong but do not have the courage to leave. That you be strengthened, that wisdom and knowledge be your portion. That boldness and strength needed to correct the wrong be granted unto you.
For you that is tired and discouraged in that relationship. You that is beginning to look elsewhere, that you may realize that the grass is greener  where you water it, that you may know that you can make it what you want. That you may know that a wise woman builds her house. A wise man builds his house.
For you that is cheating on a faithful friend, that you be empowered to live a life worthy of who you've got. For you worried and about to stray, I pray that you stand firm and do not give in to temptation. That you be strengthened to overcome that temptation.
For you that is almost gone with that married man, that you be strengthened  strong enough to shun evil. That your light begins to shine brighter and that you find a way of escape. That you grow stronger than your needs. That the yoke of poverty be destroyed and that you find a reason to reject sin.
That you be wise enough to choose partners that will help fulfill and not destroy your destiny.
I pray for us all. That we receive strength to overcome our worries. That we find joy and purpose in life. That we receive strength to live  life with contentment cos there lies our peace. That we be grateful for life freely given.
That we  be able to discern  right from wrong. That we make choices that bring joy and not sorrow. That we chose people that will help  fulfil our purpose and not derail us. That we know and grow in the truth.


  1. miss j6/14/2013

    Amen n Amen

    1. Amen to the 4th paragraph!! Amen and amen!

  2. Soulspasms6/14/2013


  3. AMEN...God bless you much


  4. Anonymous6/14/2013

    amen! but in this part of the world why is being SINGLE an issue?and why is being MARRIED made to be seen as better? in my opinion being single is a phase of life just like TEENAGE, CHILD BEARING PHASE, WORKING AGE, RETIREMENT PHASE ETC. So why is being SINGLE seen to be a DEADLIER disease than others. just puzzled about much ado about 'single-ship'. hehehe see grammer!.

    1. Anonymous6/14/2013

      Please u anon why will u call someone a damaged woman tho? God help you sha


    2. I love you anon, that is why I will point out to you that if you call me damaged, a waste of space, then you are indirectly calling yourself something much more worse cos as irrelevant and damaged as you say I am, you spend an awful lot of time insulting and cursing me. Why should a damaged waste of space be on your mind and fingers all the time? Can you do without me? Is it possible there is so much more o ur beef than my activities on this blog?

      Anon 7:29, I pray for you today. That the peace of the Lord that surpasses all understanding be yours today. May you experience the same joy and happiness that I experience everyday. That's what Christ does for you. May you be guided by wisdom. I pray you find love and may you come to the Knowledge of Christ. May you always remember me as the person you have never met but managed to change your life....In Jesus' Name...Amen

    3. Anon 7.29, you need Jesus. My prayer is that God should purge you of this bitterness before it consumes you. If you can be giving yourselves this kind of HBP over a stranger, your family, colleagues and neighbours have my sympathy.

    4. Precious6/14/2013

      Oh Ada. I wish u didnt reply. Silence is still d best answer for a .... U must learn d art of silence sometimes.

    5. Dear, I did not want to either. I had actually been ignoring this person for a while but the truth is, I feel sorry for the person. After all this time, the person is still habouring such hatred. It's even more than hate, it's obsession. I am now convinced about who it is. Before I was suspecting someone entirely different cos I thought it was someone new but after someone pointed out something on one post, I realized who it is.

      The person wasn't anon before. It's female cos no normal guy has time for such. She's single cos something about my marriage ticks the person off each time and that's the only thing she keeps picking on. Also, she wants me to stop commenting so she can take the glory that she chased me away from this blog since she cannot boldly use her name. I know this cos once when I was so busy and couldnt comment, she immediately stated that I have gone and that's what others 'like me' would get soon....lol

      It's one person cos whenever she feels like she is alone and not getting thru to me, she starts making multiple comments as anons, or starts forming funny strange names that she never remembers to use again cos you never see those names under any other posts.

      Anon, I know who you are and God knows you too. I have stopped seeing you as anon cos I know you. All I owe you is love. I hope some day soon you'll embrace this love and channel your obsession to something worth it.

      (Pardon my long speech...or what you call 'tantrum'...lolz)

    6. sister6/15/2013

      @Ahdaisy,4 d very first time u spoke like a true xtian
      I beg all d anon those impersonating our dear sister Ahdaisy to let her be pls
      @anon 7:39 I didn't see ur comment but like Ahda says may u ve peace in ur life and if u are still single may d God of Abraham give u d flesh of ur flesh pls am not used to long typing but I hope u get point
      May God bless u abundantly IJN

    7. Anonymous6/15/2013

      Awwwwww! sister, I feel like kissing you right now
      I knew it wasn't you all along
      May God bless you too abundantly

    8. nwa pastor6/15/2013

      Yaaaaaaaay sister has finally accepted Jesus
      There will be peace in zion
      I love u sister

    9. Sister has really found Jesus! Thank God O... God is good, all the time! (I just pray I dnt piss you off again... :-) )

    10. sister6/15/2013

      @Ahda, thanks I wish I don't piss u off too but u know naa I was just having fun rme.
      I really did find Jesus and I sincerely apologise to u and aunty Eya ejo emabinu

  5. deepee6/14/2013

    Amen In Jesus Name

  6. Amen!!! God bless you too. And may God forgive dat person who in the midst of these nice prayer points rmber to insult someone els.

  7. Amen O! Anon 7:29 get ova ursef.

  8. Anonymous6/14/2013


    1. Anonymous6/14/2013

      How did anty Eya's prayer become your post? Choi

  9. Amen...Amen!


  10. Na wah o! Why all this hate for someone u don't know. Ahdaisy, God will continue to give u the wisdom to handle these faceless cyber bulies and haters.

  11. Amen!! I receive it!!!

  12. Can't find my prayer point here,but I say Amen onbehalf of my friend.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

  13. Amen!!!!!!

  14. ja baby6/15/2013


  15. A big AMEN!!!

  16. AMENNNNN!!!!!!!! to all the prayers, especially 'That every form of confusion clears up. That you begin to see clearly what lies ahead of you. That you receive boldness to ask questions concerning that stagnant relationship'.

  17. Amen nd amen


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