I Need A Samosa Recipe Please

Hi Eya,please I need a samosa recipe,and also any snack I can prepare and preserve for my kids to be taking to school.

Anyone with knowledge of how to make samosa can help please, and any other snack kids can take to school.


  1. Anonymous11:27

    Me too oooo.
    I pray a kind heart reads this and helps us.

  2. mabel11:48

    There are recipes online if u can google. I buy packaged samosa,sausage roll and spring roll i just fry for them as needed.you can also do puff puff and sponge cake too. Eya, pls can u do a post on how to take pics, arrange with comments and send to you? Just the way u post recipes pls. I might help with samosa's

    1. Hi Mabel, you don't need to write the comments. Once you take pics with your phone or camera and email to cuulme@gmail.com, I will read the recipe and tag the pictures for you.

    2. mabel22:53

      Noted Eya! Thanks

  3. patsy13:44

    I'm waiting oh! Wanna learn too

  4. Anonymous18:13

    Oh no. I keep refreshing this page. No comments yet, I need replies from this post as well. *sad*

  5. Anonymous18:52

    Me too I don't know how to post pic but I know how to make snacks like samosa and spring rolls

    1. You can send the pics by mail to cuulme@gmail.com
      I will then post on the blog for her.
      Thank you.

  6. Bukola20:55

    Pls I need ideas on what to prepare for a year old baby's birthday, snacks, d type of food, drink etc. Also, what kind of things (goodies) can one packed for the souvenir. Anyone with any idea of where this can be gotten in Lag. Help put ds on ur blog to get ideas from readers.

    Much Luv.

    1. My dear, go to iponri market in surulere, there's a vast variety of items to choose from. You will even find items you never thought of. That's where I buy my kids party packs, though the problem is that you might just want to buy everything in that market. Loolz.

      The market is off Bode Thomas, surulere. Not hard to find at all.

    2. Bukola13:40

      Tnx very much Mrs Ezeh; ts' very helpful, will chat u up on bb. thumbs up!

  7. Anonymous22:51

    @bukola, am not in lagos but I will suggest: breakable plate or cup for kids, fun size chocolates, candy, fruit juice like caprisone, any educative material like story book, character based ruler,pencil and crayon, any toy u can afford and then a beautiful cake.

    1. Anonymous08:44

      Breakable plates??? I really hope that was a joke.

  8. pattyclues event13:49

    @chinazor U can also get kiddies party packs on d island too, lagos island to be precise. There ļş varieties of goodies u can choose from @ a very affordable prices.


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