How To Manage A Man Under Pressure(:

Sorry to deviate from this topic, but how does a lady manage a man who is under pressure? because its month end, and I have seriously budgeted for this month pocket money, don't want any pinch of quarrel at this time at all. Though he's not telling me what has being on ground,but i can understand he can be very and extremely busy.

 I simply told him i was pissed with his
not calling attitude and the next I got, his words exactly " you don't know how to manage a man under pressure" no question mark,but a direct hit. How do I manage him under pressure because the biz Admin I studied, that topic can't be found in any of my course material except,the ability to work under pressure. I need to add this skill to my criteria like seriously. 
Thanks for you help WC


  1. Erm...I guess no 2 men are alike?!
    How about waiting to catch him in a good mood and calmly asking him how he would like to be managed when under pressure?

    Hope that helps. Over to the men :-)

    1. @virtuosity that's exactly what I did ooooo, because I have been in situations when I just don't know how to get him to open up. Thank God he was in a good mood this evening, as I saw the post and immediately brought up the question to him.

  2. The only way to help a man under pressure is to avoid these 3:

    avoid DOUBT,
    avoid ASSUMPTION,
    avoid NAGGING

    Instead of Doubt... Trust
    Instead of Assumption... Ask
    Instead of Nags... Call

    1. Anonymous6/21/2013


    2. Anonymous6/21/2013

      Lmao @ Anonymous 8:33!!! lool, dis Ace sef *nt talking*

  3. Anonymous6/21/2013

    Anon 7:46, your correction is totally wrong. No thanks! Surprised,is the correct word to use in this sentence.

  4. hi tosin, after reading your post i had to go and have a little discussion with my sunshine, because i also want to know how to handle a man under that is tensed. After the discussion i got to understand another aspect of men. when a man is in a position that he is tensed, it is usually as a result of a build up, this build up must have been as a result of series of events, which you as the lady may not be aware of. No matter how close and free a man is to a woman he doesnt say up to 60% of his thoughts out, he must have analyzed the issue at hand, filtered possible solution before he opens up. Most times when the elements of tension starts showing it means the build up has gotten to a climax because an issue may be bothering a man but because of psycho-sexual development of men it affects their cognitive domain which later tells on their filters(sense). The best way to handle them at this stage is to there for them but dont inquire too deep. men often feel women cant contain complex issues hence their reservation, but you can get the best of a man when the pressure is eased by your love, so try to take his mind off it, just create a deviation from that feeling. but if you flare you will get the worst of the situation because it makes the man confirm the fear that you as a woman cant handle the situation. hope all i wrote makes sense.

  5. Anonymous6/21/2013

    its call "SOCIAL NETWORK' not spellin class....

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  8. desire6/22/2013

    Focus more on him than on your self. Be concerned about him. Ask him about his job, if he has eaten, what is he up to right now. Just let him know you care but don't over do it before he starts getting irritated and lastly,Put his head on your chest while sleeping, no man can diss that and gently ask him what is putting him under pressure cos you will understand him better if you know what he's going through. Goodluck.

  9. Onyinechukwu Obi6/22/2013

    Hmmm... @desire, well said. Will give dat a try wen I grow up. #stupidgrin

  10. Tnx Deborah, U̶̲̥̅̊ jst reminded M̶̲̥̅Ƹ of a book ȋ̝̊̅ read some yrs back 'Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus' a book ȋ̝̊̅ would love to introduce to everybody. Ȋ̝̊̅ thnk wen a woman naggs it means there is somethn she is complaining abt. Your best bet is to first listen to ΨђåƮ she is sayin. One thn is to hear, anoda is to listen. Most guys hear us, but it takes talent to listen (some guys don't). Yes pray to God abt it den try talking to her wen she is in a good mood. Dats d only way U̶̲̥̅̊ get to kw ΨђåƮ d prob is in d first place.

  11. Sorry dat was meant for d post abt d nagging wife. My bad. Ȋ̝̊̅ guess ΨђåƮ Debbie sed jst made M̶̲̥̅Ƹ start talking. Lol


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