How To Make Easy Akara balls With A Blender


Akara balls made from home
 Akara balls are best made on weekends. These two cups of brown beans (7cm cup) produced about
65 small sized akara balls. It was so much. Made with only salt, brown beans, water and oil as ingredients. For a small family. do
with just one cup of brown beans. 
Grinding beans with a manual blender
Manual grinding of
brown beans
Blending with an open top to trap in air
Pouring out blended beans for akara making
Adding salt to beans
Stirring to trap in more air
You can use a food processor or stand mixer to incorporate air. Pulse and stop continuously until blended beans becomes light and fluffy kind of.
Scooping beans with a very deep spoon to produce round akara balls

Carefully dropping beans in oil
Increasing the heat after filling pan with akara beans
Akara begins to fry
Brown akaa balls

Golden brown akara balls
Scooping homemade akara balls out of the hot fry pan
Scooping out fried akara
Akara in paper napkins to drain excess oil

Well made akara
Akara balls served in a saucer
Akara balls made with just salt and oil
 With the aid of these pics, can someone please describe fully, the steps in making these akara balls? 
Not an Assignment o. Just help a sister. I need your help cos I can't complete it right now (VERY BUSY OUTSIDE THE BLOG). Will be free to tag them later. For now, let's see our WC cooking skills please.


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  1. Anonymous6/14/2013

    Is no more funny y can't my akara look like this.Made one just this morning,looked more like a pancake,thank God my husband had gone to work,he would v laughed the hell outta me

    1. Its either you added too much water, or you didn't stir well enough to trap in air. If you don't grind the beans very smooth, the akara will turn out flat.

  2. Correct something...
    The color of this akara is awesome!

  3. Mrs Dayo6/14/2013

    Firstly, you washed the beans without dehulling.
    Grinded with a manual grinder
    Completed grinding with a blender
    added salt
    stirred very well to trap in air
    Fried in oil.
    Scooped out when golden brown
    PHEWWWW. I try jare

    1. Mrs Dayo,You try wella. The blender is open to trap in air. I also stirred very well with that wooden spatula before frying.

  4. Anonymous6/14/2013

    @Anon 1:44, u added too much water that's y. C how d paste looks in d pictures. Remzy

  5. Dis Akara eh one day na one day!
    Dis Akara fine no be small, don't why I don't like dehulling beans, d smell eh!
    Yet I buy Akara everyday!

    Aunty Eya! Welldone!

    1. @Chicadimples, you don't need to dehul brown beans.

  6. Aunty Eya i can see your yellow tweety nightie in the second picture! totally love that cartoon character!
    1. you washed the beans without removing the back
    2. you ground it with the manual hand grinder
    3. you then used a blender to soften the paste.
    4. added salt
    5. deep fried in hot oil.
    6. put in a strainer with paper towel to absorb excess oil.
    7. akara balls on a plate, ready for consumption.

    1. Well done Deborah. That is not an adult's dress naa.

  7. Modupe6/14/2013

    Aunty Eya! Please Will it taste good without dehulling?

  8. Anonymous6/14/2013

    Aunt Eya did you remove the skin?

    1. No I didn't. Brown beans can be grinded with the beans.

    2. If you are going to use black eyed pea, please remove all the skin.

  9. Aunty Eya i dnt ve manual grinder just blender, can that work?

    1. Than you may have to soak your beans in water for one to two hours before blending. It also depends on your type of blender. I hear some can't grind beans. Start with just one cup, soak in water ahead of time and see how it goes. Pls remember to give us feedback when you do.

  10. Modupe6/15/2013

    Thanks so much aunty Eya!

  11. Aunty Eya, if you buy MGM or highest grade of panasonic blender, it will blend your beans, pepper and coconut very smooth. I have been using it for over a year. Aunty Eyan, am a regular reader of your blog but I comment once in a while but you never posted any of comment. Your blog rocks.

    1. I tried makn moimoi wit jst a blender cos I dnt hav d manual one. I blended my life out bt d paste wasn't smooth and I use a solid philips blender. At d end of d day I made d moimoi like dat and ended up wit a rough textured moimoi! Havnt tried it again since den

  12. No pepper and onions in the Akara?

  13. @ bosslady Mims. I use Panasonic blender( one with 2 stainless cups and a transparent cup) and I blend my Akara with every sunday. The price is btw 10k to 12k very ok with beans and pepper.

  14. Anonymous6/18/2013

    @ boss lady mims- I use my blender (kenwood) to blend my beans to make moimoi, buh I soak d beans in water over night. It comes out veeery smooth! Try soaking it in water over night dear. I tried making akara ones and I used a motart to stir it, d akara ended up lookinh like pan cakes... Aunty eya thanks for dis tips, will give it a try. TOKONI.

  15. I came across your blog when i decided to try making akara again after lots of failed attempts using other recipes and tips on www. Thanks for your tips you gave although it didn't give instructions on all the steps however i was able to transfer skills from previous failed attempts.

    Voila.... my akara balls came out perfect first time and i was well chuffed. Thank you, Thank you, thank you...... Will snooze through your blog for more tips and recipes.

    Do you have a youtube channel? Have you considered give video tutorials on making these dishes? Would love to see you in action.


  16. Anonymous10/23/2013

    wow, this looks really nice sis eya!!
    More strength

  17. Anonymous10/23/2013

    this is nice sis eya...


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