How To Make Abacha/African Salad By A M Y

A serving of well garnished Abacha.
Palm oil
Fresh pepper and dry pepper
Utazi leave
Uziza leave
Garden Egg
Bouillon cube

Step 1: Soak the abacha in cold water till its soft, drain and set aside.(Make sure there is

no sand in the Abacha after washing)

Step 2: roast the ehuru in a dry pan,till you can perceive the scent. Break open, peel and grind/pound the seed.

Step 3: season the fish with bouillon cube and fry with onions in the oil.

Step4: wash the leaves, garden eggs,pepper,onions and ukpaka with salt. Then slice,chop, dice e.t.c

Step 5: mix the potash with water. I mixed 1tbsp of potash with a cup of water.

Step 6: pour oil into a bowl/pot and add the potash bit by bit, stir continuously till the colour becomes light. (Don't add the sediment of d potash).

Step 7: add crayfish,dry pepper, bouillon cube,ehuru,ukpaka,onions,leaves,salt,abacha n mix.

Step 8: serve with the fish.

Step 9: Enjoy!

some of d ingredients
Chopped Ingredients

Roasted ehuru seeds

peeled ehuru seeds and the skin
Drained Abacha

Palm oil and potash mixed with water
adding ground ehuru to the oil already mixed with the potash
This is how I mix. I add ehuru,salt,dry pepper,bouillon cube and crayfish to the oil, mix and set aside. Wen am done mixing the other ingredients, I add the oil mix.

A plate of African Salad garnished with onion rings
bon apetit!


  1. Awwwwww! Thanks so much Amy,this is my favourite dish asides yam and oil. I love Abacha so much especially with ukwa. Add it kanda and fried fish hmmmmm!

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

    1. Anonymous6/13/2013

      Abacha and ukwa, pls can we get the recipe!!

    2. Bona so we are on same page. I just ate abacha like 6hours ago. When I was in school I ate atleast 3plates of abacha nothing less than 4times a week, so I'd trek some distance coz my tfare must enter,lol(badt habit)
      Of all the things pregnancy made me detest,Abacha isn't one of them.Mumsy had to bring 50kg full of dried abacha and condiments when she came visiting few months back.
      I like my dried pepper fried&burnt a bit before grinding, it has this sweet smell and has a way of changing the abacha color.
      I can write pages full of love letter for Abacha. Thanks to my dad for the initiation,I remember those my primary days when he'd come from work and do his magic in the mortar while I sit on the kitchen stool with my palm supporting my chin as I diligently watched.
      And yes I have fully initiated hubby *smiles*

    3. Bona pls write d recipe for abacha n ukwa did knw both can b eaten 2geda. Tnx

  2. My favourite dish....i can never get enough of abacha agworo agwo!

  3. Felly baby6/13/2013

    i so so love abacha; especially the one garnished with small small groundnut and small small anyara. Hmmm# country ppl which state in south east prepares this delicacy wella ?? Me tinks the Enugus #teamEnuguabachaforlife# lolz

  4. Enugu hof kes!

    Sometimes, i get the urge to travel to Enugu all the way from Lagos, just to eat their abacha.

    My prob is that the abacha they sell at Agboju market in Festac is like chaff. It's nothing like eastern abacha at all......but for now, i just manage it *Sad face* until i find someone coming to Lag from Enugu sha.

    By the way....abacha and groundnuts? Really?

    1. Chinazor, you are on point. enugu people make the best abacha. i crave abacha so much that sometimes i wish i can go down there, eat it and then come back to Lag.
      Enugu abacha and okpa has no rivals. They are totally in a league of their own.

    2. Way to go Nazo and Nekky and o yes whenever you find yourself downtown Enugu make sure you try this Abacha joint in Obiagu area, the street opposite Alliance Francaise. The man(yes man) that makes and sells that abacha got the gift from God. He sells the best Abacha I've ever eaten followed by one woman inside Ogbete market then Hajiya in new haven.
      I miss that town bo

    3. U need to try de one dey sell at eze street achara swert

  5. Anonymous6/13/2013

    I'm not 4rm d East but I just love eating abacha some of my igbo frnds thought me how 2eat it.Thanks Aunty Eya now I can make it myself.Big hug

  6. Is the imo okigwe people dat our appetizer.eya *bbkiss,hugs*

  7. Anonymous6/13/2013

    Hmmmm Nice!
    My hubby fav, don't even know they sell it at Agboju!
    Aunty tanks! Will start gathering d ingredient small small lol!
    Like Bona have bookmarked dis!


  8. My fav.......awwwww bookmarking straight.tanks to Amy and aunty Eya.

  9. Bouillion cube? Aunty eya pls wats dat? I don't really enjoy abacha except wit plenty smoked fish. *(aturu abacha aturu azu)*lol.but its my kid sis fav even witout even witout fish. I wish I can,I only ate it wen I was in sch and it must be wit a bottle of coke to forcefully wash it down. Plz wat is dat buillion cube??

    1. Anonymous6/13/2013

      they r maggi,knorr,royco et al...just our normal seasoning cubes.

  10. Sometimes she fries it instead of soaking in water and I heard dat fried one tastes beta.

  11. Anonymous6/13/2013

    Wow I so love abacha. And I crave Ȋ̊†̥ more and more nώ. Is it ok to take it cos of the potash . Am pregnant dnt kw if its dangerous.

    1. The potash disturbs me so I use Ngu instead. Just go to where they sell Abacha things like Ehuru(calabash nutmeg), Ogiri and ask of Ngu instead if potash. Ngu I learnt is made from burn palm heads, it works exactly as potash but make sure to use a fine sieve to separate the chaff and plenty sand. Its quite cheap, I've been using #50 worth of ngu for 2months now

  12. Shayor!6/13/2013

    I av eaten abacha b4 n I fink I like it...but with all these ibo names, I got confused in btw! Will I eva be able to make abacha??#sadface#

  13. Anonymous6/13/2013

    Abacha the only thing i miss in Enugu i so love it with fried fish

  14. Enugu is d main spot 4 abacha best prepared by Udi pple... My dad's favourite anytime ,anyday with a bottle of cold beer and my sis with a bottle of chilled coke.. I like Abacha too but dnt prepare often until d tin don hungry me taya,and d bad tin is I dnt enjoy it wen I prepare it...but thank God mumsy is coming over this weekend*dancing already* cos she'll prepare sum 4 meeee...

  15. I love Ugba, but abacha... not so much although i make it well! I stay in Enugu too yay!!!!!

  16. abacha and ofe awku with rice, two meals i really enjoyed during my stay in the east! nice one Amy

  17. yea!ma fast food n schl...

  18. Bislondy6/14/2013

    I am not from the east but i like Abacha a lot.. my friends make jest of me that i will purge my ass out if i continue to crave for it. i think it has bitter leaf as an ingredient, or am i wrong?

  19. Agflame8/27/2013

    Wow!!! This is a great meal, i am fufilled each time i eat it...wen i learnt how to prepare it i was delighted. But most atimes i buy atleast 2 to 3 plates almost eveyday. Cuz i love it i made my family cherish it. Enjoy best with palm wine for fufilment......

  20. Immaculate12/13/2013

    I always like to eat the Abacha with ugba

  21. Anonymous1/17/2014

    Thanks a lot.i will surely try it.


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