How To Cook Okro Soup Without Meat By Chubby Ella

A serving of okro soup without meat.

A plate of emergency okro soup and fufu. (I call it emergency cos I dint have meat or vegetables in the house as @ the  time I wanted to make it and I dint feel like going out,so I made do wit what I had.
It took me just 10 mins to prepare this.
 One good thing about Okro is that it can
be prepared without meat or even fish. Give me just crayfish and seasoning, I produce a yummy pot of okro soup for you.

I added the onions,pepper,smoked fish,crayfish,spice and 2  royco cubes.
Ingredients for this okro soup: Fish, onions, pepper and okra
I brought my pot of water to a boil,poured in my onions,pepper,smoked fish,crayfish,spice,maggi and palm oil.

 I left it to boil for about 5mins,when everything was well mixed and the taste was ok,I added the okro and left it for just 1min.
After I added the okro,I tasted and noticed that it was not as tasty as I wanted so, instead of sprinkling salt on it,I mixed the salt in a little water, poured it in and mixed. Tasted it again and it was ok. 

Emergency okro soup is ready.
 I added the onions,pepper,smoked fish,crayfish,spice and 2 royco cubes.
Pouring in the okra
Okro soup can be eaten with semo, ebaakpu, wheat meal, amala and other swallows
Tasty soup, a wiped out plate


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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Anonymous6/13/2013

    Nice one chubby but I think you allowed the okro boil for too long.

  3. Great, I'm sure it was done in record

    But my mom often will say onion
    doesn't make draw soup stay thick, I
    can see a lot of onion in this one, how

    1. chubby ELLA6/14/2013

      Ace Bentley,nt true @ all,I tink d only reason y it wnt stay thick is if u cover d pot afta addin ur okro. This "one" stayed thick,infact toooo thick n dats d way I lyk my draw soup.

  4. Anonymous6/13/2013

    Too much onions and pepper!!!

    1. chubby ELLA6/14/2013

      I dint add all dat pepper o,it was blocked so I took only a lil. I dnt even eat pepper so I cudnt hv added all,as 4 d onions,I tink it depends on d quantity of soup u r making.

  5. love okro, its so easy to make and doesnt waste time. nice one ella

  6. Anonymous6/13/2013

    i love okra, ehm..buh soup witout meat, i will pass!!!
    it makes me loose apetite,meat et al all aid in encouraging me, since am a lazy eater.

    1. chubby ELLA6/14/2013

      I'm sure I luv meat much more dan u do bt I'm tryin soooo hard 2 cut down on my meat intake. U shud try too.

  7. I love okro ,and it comes in handy especially on some weekends that am too lazy to cook weekend

  8. sister6/14/2013

    Woooooow hoooooooo haaaaaaaaaa ella my good friend this is wonderfully and fearfully made.I love and cooking it today.

    Thank u chubby ella

    1. Anonymous6/14/2013

      Irony tinks

    2. Anonymous6/14/2013

      Sister u no normal at all.wetin be all this wooooooooow na wa for u
      U be proper craseeeeeeeee woman I don't know how anyone can hate u

    3. Anonymous6/14/2013

      Wetin be ya own wt sister? Carry ya hatred waka go board bicycle go ya village

  9. Anonymous6/14/2013

    The preparation okay but Arrival??? You don try sha but score na??? Abeg I dey go cotonou wen I comeback i go know wetin to do. Abeg sister helep me score dia or if u no fit try reach Bona make him helep you ooo( oya taxi stop dia wia my umbrella make I take cover my head)

  10. Me love okro so much. This was even how I used to make it most times when I was in school.


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