Help: I Need To Increase My Libido

How are you and your family. How is the blog family? Please I would like to know if there are foods that one can eat or things one can do to increase libido.

 I sometimes get bored of action and always feel non-chalant when my hubby is in town. Though I
feel sorry for him but I just get uninterested. Thanks guys for your advice.
Eya pls don't post my ID.
Thanks and God bless.


  1. Anonymous6/05/2013

    Ace is a pro in this area, he's tell you just what you need to do ;)

  2. Shea butter! Ace's remedy 4 evrytin

    1. On a more serious note, der r fuds u can eat o. Docs in d house

    2. @Ivy, I think it should be more of "Sheabutter of Life" she can rub it all over her body after bath just in anticipation of ???

      @Anon733, on the contrary, I be learner!

    3. Shayor!6/06/2013

      Ace u r a goat! I just knew u were goin 2 say 'Shea butter'. Rotflmao!! Poster: I heard lots of plantain works.

  3. I hear fresh strawberries and a lil alcohol helps.
    Apart from food have u considered relaxing, him giving you a body massage, having a romantic meal, eating off small chopped fruits, licking cream or melted chocolate from each others body? or generally trying things to put you in the mood.

  4. I dont think it's a libido problem you're just not interested in sex. learn to relax and have loads of foreplay. u need to talk about sex with ur hubby even when he's away to prepare your mind. send naughty and suggestive text messages and if you're bold enough also send sexy pics of yourself and let him send same to you, have cyber sex with him. that way you are preparing yourself so that when he comes you are really ready for him. have a shower or bath together, let him massage your body and u just relax before you know it you'll be begging him for sex.

  5. In Africa the Hausa's are known to have the highest libido and this has been proven not to be a genetically influenced status but for an age long cultural influence.

    Components of their food have been discovered to be natural aphrodisiacs. The 2 major culprits are Ginger & Garlic.

    You can be assured to find both or one of these two in many of their meals. Like for suya, ginger, garlic & pepper is the major recipe for seasoning and dressing.

    In kunu, zobo, fura and many other meals you can also find either both or 1 of them.

    You can make ginger tea and drink with little sugar. Cut Fresh ginger in a pot, add water and boil very well... That's your ginger tea!

    Note: ginger & garlic helps you reduce excess sugar in your blood stream, it combats HBP, Cholesterol and controls excess carbs & stress. These ailments play a large role in slowing down your libido.

    1. Ace baba, tuale!

      Hope you don't mind me adding to what you've said?

      For those who can't chew garlic cos of its pungent odour, I'll advise you cut it into bits and ingest it like you would take your drugs. The gastric juice in your stomach would act on it to extract the nutrients.

      That's the way I take garlic and I can feel the effect on my body system.

      You can blend/grind ginger with:
      1. Your tomatoes, pepper and onions.
      2. Your beans for moin moin(pls don't try it with garlic cos it will change the taste entirely!).
      3. Corn for pap.
      I add the powdered one to my pap; it gives it this pepperish and lovely aroma.

  6. Anonymous6/05/2013

    Oga Ace! U never disappoints. Indeed Ur Mama born pikin! Jisie Ike.


  7. Anonymous6/05/2013

    Thnk u ace...u r on point.
    I want t add dt if ur hub is potbellied(as in d 9mnths pregnancy type),jst frget about libido biko.
    Na d belly dey cut ur liver.

    1. Please can I add more to what you've said?

      I read one time that men with big tummies are making themselves prone to health problems if they can't see their organ directly when they look down while standing.

  8. Anonymous6/05/2013

    Try taking chilled Power Horse few mins. before he gets home. It works like magic. U'll see urself doing two or more rounds.

    1. What is chilled power horse please?

  9. Power house is an energy drink

  10. Emerald6/06/2013

    Like a whole lot of things, its all in the mind. Try and download free hypnotherapy relaxation mp3 form google and listen.
    Secondly if you are physically and sexually attracted to him(I assume you are) whenever he's around, don't make it about sex but love making. Enjoy his presence next to you, open a bottle of wine, strawberries and melted chocolate(aphrodisiac), foreplay and explore yourselves, you'll be calm enough and your body will go with the flow.
    Whenever your husband is away, send him nutty messages and if possible use a self timer camera and snap sexy pictures of yourselves and send to him. Hope this helps

    1. Emerald6/06/2013


    2. I totally agree with Emerald,
      Poster, its not like you're not attracted to him at all, so its all in your mind.

  11. Are you on any form of family planing?
    It's been known to reduce libido in women depending on the one you are using.
    Try eating oysters and chocolate.

    1. Mrs Runner beans6/06/2013

      I think u r right,cos av been on family planning for almost 2yrs nw and I cn say my libido has seriously reduced! Dnt even have to urge to make love to my hubby and he's been complaining and making it an issue dt I dnt love him anymore cos it neva used to be like dis.I feel for him tho,will try d garlic + ginger stuff! Thanx

  12. Anonymous6/06/2013

    Thanks guys for ur advice. I'll put them to heart. Thanks again.

  13. Hehehehehehehe!!!! I enjoy sex a lot sha! My boyfrnd and I hav sex almost evry day.I fink d trick is being inventive and naughty! Forget abt d bed for a while. Do it in d kitchen,toilet,car etc! The tot dat someone might catch u In d act is enof to get u super excited! Above all, love urself and ur body! Explore ur body and discover hidden pleasures den show him. Hehehehehe!

  14. Anonymous6/07/2013

    They ar talkin abt hubby, u ar talkin abt boyfriend.. My dear they ar 2 diff tin

    1. Anonymous6/07/2013

      why is it different, are married people the only ones allowed to contribute, abi single people do not have sex? whats ur beef? was ur husband not your boyfriend before he managed to marry you? Andie

    2. Andie abeg ask him/her ooooo!!! I shared sum tips and ure stupidly teln me boyfrnd and hubby are 2 diff tins! How myopic can u be???

    3. Anonymous8/22/2013

      I'm not married. But have u ever considered making love to the same person everyday, every time and everything appearing to be a routine? Marriage is different from boyfriend-girlfriend. Libido is an issue in marriage amd not necessarily in friendship. Married people know what they mean by reduced libido, especially when children start coming and the cares of life takes its own cut. So, this is different from a carefree relationship where people are still not under any oath to do certain things or to behave in certain ways. Marriage is a different thing altogether.

  15. Anonymous6/07/2013

    experts say these foods work great as aphrodisiacs;honey,arugula(a kind of veg used in salads and pastas) basil, avocados, asparagus, olives,almonds,garlic,pineapple,apricot,banana,hot pepper,nutmeg etc although you may not find all these readily available in your environment but you can make do with the ones you find.personally i think being creative in love making goes a long way too. #my token

  16. Anonymous3/16/2015

    Garlic is the highest trigger for libido, whenever I take I go crazy with my hubby. Google it and see women's review.


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