Help: Body Exercise And Hair Care

Hello Eya, please help me post this to wives connection readers. I know a lot of women these days are exercising at least thrice a week just like me. I love  I go to the gym three times a week and it has become a habit now because I love it. 

I realize that each time I exercise, my body sweats a lot including my head.  I have no problem with body sweating cos after gyming, I head straight for a clean wash.

I would love to know what other ladies do when they exercise and their head sweats. We can't
wash our hair thrice a week. I like to carry my hair at least for two to three weeks before changing. The hair is either washed or retouched before another fix. Considering that we can't wash our hair every time we exercise, what do ladies do to prevent foul odour oozing from the head? Especially women with full hair.

Once sweat stays and becomes dry, the next time we exercise,  old dry sweat mixes with fresh sweat. How do you guys manage your hair to avoid sweat drying in there and smelling before it's time for a wash or style change?

I hate that sometimes the very day my hair is fixed is when I have to gym, then it sweats and I don't know how to clean it off. I don't know how to prevent my fresh hairstyle smelling sweaty. I need advcie and hair care tips please.


  1. Anonymous6/10/2013

    Get a dryer and blow dry it each time after workout. You can also visit the salon and request for a dry washing ESP if you have a weave on. Alternatively you can request for alcohol cleaning at the salon and it will leave your scalp feeling fresh and new

    1. Anonymous6/10/2013

      I miss again. Aunty Eya why na? always give me a sign before you publish. When am I ever going to be first to comment???

  2. Methylated spirit. Lat someone use it spirit with cotton wool to part and clean your scalp in sections until every where is clean. It freshens that much.

  3. Hot Geh6/10/2013

    Get a hand hair dryer

  4. Anonymous6/10/2013

    Try nd visit lushstrands blog, u will get all d tips dia, infact her hair is waist lenght.

  5. Anonymous6/11/2013

    @ reader I have d same experience, but I let my hair loose so it will dry. I've been on a weight loss plan since last month and I decided to go on big braids cuz I no I sweat a lot on d head while excersising. So I'd suggest that. Weavons is a big no no! Tokoni.


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