Guest Post: How To Avoid Counterfeit Clothing

Spotting Fakes – How to Avoid Counterfeit Clothing

Now more than ever, the black market for knock-off and counterfeit clothing is quite literally out of control. It has become so easy for the dodgier merchants out there to both create and retail fake designer items that the authorities really don’t have a prayer when it comes to abolishing the problem once and for all. And not to get into too much of a rant about it, the issue really is only going to get worse before it gets better – fakes are here to stay and are taking over the world at record pace.

However, while it’s pretty much impossible to rule the problem out right from its very source, it is in fact 100% possible and in no way difficult to avoid fakes and make sure you only ever invest in the real thing. It’s all a case of making a few common sense decisions as a consumer and refusing to
take anything for granted, which if everyone did in the first place would by now have eliminated the counterfeit market as a whole.

Here’s a look at a few tips on how to make sure you avoid the fakes every time:

Authorised Stockists

Step one in the process is to check out whether or not the retailer you are looking at is in fact a fully authorised and accredited retailer with the backing of the brand they are selling. Now, it’s worth bearing in mind that while this kind of certification is pure gold in terms of trust, lack of certification does not necessarily mean that everything or anything they are selling is dodgy. Instead, it simply means that you’ve a few more checks to do before making a safe purchase.

The Right Price

Some are put off by designer gear that seems to be OTT in price, but more often than not it’s the seemingly too good to be true bargains that you need to be aware of. Every officially certified designer product has its standard RRP from its creator and will in no way be offered to the retailer for pennies. As such, when you come across anything at all that seems to be light years below the competition in terms of price, chances are the price is low for a reason – as in it is probably worthless.

Return Policies

Next comes a staple that you shouldn’t really be forced to look into – that of comprehensive and consistent returns policies. Genuine designer gear is of such quality and reverence that almost nothing is ever returned to the retailer as it’s pretty tough to pick fault. As such, these kinds of policies come as standard and without question, meaning that if they don’t cover your every purchase comprehensively, there’s probably a good reason for this.


Last up, never overlook the importance of looking into the feedback of their past and present customers in order to find out how they perform and live up to standards. This should be readily available and you shouldn’t have to hunt too deeply to find the answers you’re looking for.

By Lisa Morton

Lisa Morton was recently stung by a designer retailing mens Chelsea boots that weren’t all they were cracked up to be and has since launched a one-woman campaign to educate the public about fakes and counterfeits.


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