Dear Women, Why Do We Hate Ourselves?

This post title is enough for my blog post, I don't feel like adding anything more. Would like us ladies in the house to please answer this honest question. 

I have seen so much in this my life, enough to make me believe that women hate themselves.
Going by
some comments we see, where only women chose to launch attacks on fellow women. Whether we fight anonymously or come out real and bold, truth, is I am now beginning to believe that women "never" try to help each other succeed ( or say most women). Rather, we try to pull ourselves down. Is it because Eve was the first to eat the forbidden fruit or what naa?

Sometimes we hate ourselves for no reason and I wonder if the conscience doesn't prick. What makes you hate on someone you don't know? Do we know that hate destroys the hater rather than the hated? Please dearest ladies, we do not want to hear that any reader needs help to go remove tumors that have developed as a result of hatred?

Who does not want to be successful in life? Nothing happens by chance.The law of sowing and reaping is still very much effective today. When you sow hate, it comes right back in a different form. When you sow love, you begin to wonder why everywhere you go people love and favour you. Good seeds produce good fruits while bitter seeds produce bitter fruits. There are times we reap the harvest without knowing because it doesn't come back the exact same way.

A neighbour once told me how he cheated a shop owner by keeping excess change of one hundred naira. He blamed it on that shop owner and justified himself by saying " I did not ask him not to count well before giving change" OK, he doesn't have a shop for another customer to cheat on or steal from but you know how he harvested his crops? That same month, he lost his whole paycheck and cannot explain what happenend after he withdrew that money from the bank.

Dear women, let us please be careful the way we hate ourselves. Ehen, Lest I forget my question, why do women hate themselves? 


  1. I am a living witness to sowing hate and reaping it right back. I can relate.

    1. Anonymous6/07/2013

      Why is it that women don't give girls lifts??in the rain?or even not in the rain?why??I have been wondering.tomar now,their husband will give a girl lift and they will want to die.

    2. Anonymous6/07/2013

      I give women lifts within reason. But men are a no, no.

    3. Anonymous6/09/2013

      Y is it that women know a man is married to a fellow woman and still want to take him from her,women are fellow women biggest problem in this world.if u sleep with a married man knowingly someone will sleep with your own and even take him from you,a man u love so much.

  2. Gracia6/07/2013

    I think it has to do with jealousy and envy, most women struggle with these two evil trait, they are manifest of the flesh but by the strength of the holy spirit it can be subdued, may God help us.

  3. Dear Aunty Eya I think the simple reason is envy. Thinking someone is better, prettier, more blessed, more confident etc, thereby encouraging feelings of low self-worth in such a person. The only way they know to react is to attack the object of their envy to try and knock them down.

    Women are more emotional than men and this plays out in every area of our lives. When we love, we put everything in. Same thing when we hate and envy.

    James 4:1,2
    "What causes fights and quarrels among you? Don't they come from your desires that battle within you?

    You desire but do not have, so you kill. You covet but you cannot get what you want, so you quarrel and fight. You do not have because you do not ask God."

    Love yourself as u are.
    Be grateful to God for where u are right now.
    Believe for better.

    God bless us all!

  4. not only Hatred gossip too

  5. Jealousy is the word "why is dis lady successful or popular and I'm not"

  6. Aunty Eya, did you bother remind your neighbour that it was "devourer" that chop that him salary?

    Back to topic, it's all works of the flesh due to Adamic sin.

  7. Maybe that anonymous that hates 'sister' with her soul can give a clear answer!

  8. I've often wondered about this too. The answer is Envy, I think the thought that another woman is more successful, prettier, etc is too much for some women to handle.
    Shame though.

  9. Anonymous6/07/2013

    This post is as a result of Adaisy impostor in SDK blog, and you thinking people are jealous of your now successful blog.

    Envy is not the only root cause but pretense exhibited by women:and why the pretense? to show they are better or holy than the other person,shows inferiority complex and nobody likes to be trodden down upon with words or action. survival instinct kicks in,and they lash out to defend themselves.

    You talk about many commenting anonymously;you were advised to stop it, but you did not because you know, your traffic would reduce. This is the pretense many women can see through, because you are not bold yourself to do what you want because your conscience is covered with the money you want to make.

    You think, you know your true friends, which you said in your 70 things about yourself:they are not the anonymous that bask you in flowery words, but the silent watchers. You want to prove it? remove anonymous comment for a week and see which of the anonymous would make the effort to comment with their true ID. You already know the truth within you.

    I like you, i do not like the way you go about it. You were insulted about your grandmama status, and daisy is ridiculed in SDK blog, and her family exposed for all to read. Many fought for her, but knowing women for what they are, they would be laughing behind her back. All because you want your blog to be successful.

    We can talk this matter all year long, and no solution would be proffered because,women that come here, do not like their mother-in-laws and complain about their sister-in-laws. Women sleep with married men and have the boldness to come to your blog to ask for advice when they get pregnant or should they be second wife?and your comments shows your double standard: You are also guilty aunty eya.

    1. Inasmuch as I don't enjoy every part of this comment, and do not agree with all you have written, I cannot call it a hater's comment. No. This is a comment from a true friend. A comment from one who truly cares. I believe you like me and wish I knew you.

      A hater cannot unburden her mind this way. I am touched by this and have learnt something. Whoever you are, I like that you expressed yourself. Thank you. Hugs!!!

    2. Anonymous6/07/2013

      Thank you aunty eya, shows a matured mind. Hugs back.

    3. sister6/07/2013

      @anon I don't know but I love u and may God bless u and ur family.
      Sister Eya so sorry 4 d trouble I ve caused u emabinu

    4. Duchess6/07/2013

      Heyaa, sister see, its not bad {()}

    5. I wish I knew but I do know that if a female believes in god she does hate herself and her only aspiration given every thought, act and especially every relationship is only to convince herself she is manly. The only reason to want power (men included) is to compensate for low self-esteem. The human species was genetically engineered to be slaves and to drive the point home, the bible was written by whoever or whatever has been enslaving this planet since the end of the Golden Age of Cronus, when Saturn was visible in the daylight sky. Aliens attacked earth with the planet venus and the planet mars which were also visible. It was the end of the world as they knew it, catastrophic upheaval and destruction resulted from the planet venus sailing through the sky. I know that this is where most bible followers scoff. I use the term bible followers given that many athiests also follow the bible. Morality, right, wrong are absolutes, none of which come from nature and create this false reality we live in. If you do not believe me, do some research on youtube, ie the electric sky, thunderbolt project, "worlds in collision" by Immanueal Velikovsky, david icke, etc. I know most are to afraid to learn, which is how you are controlled. Bible followers have admitted they are dirt (born sinners) and that their brains are also dirt (original sin) and should not be used. It also makes sense to females that god himself goes out of his way to avoid having sex with mary. The human female is the only female of every species on earth that avoids the champion male in favor of retarded, diseased and abusive males. You can find video of females being beaten by american police, executed by chinese police, stoned by muslims, etc. Females choose the males to mate with, males can not use intelligence nor strength to eliminate competition of desired females like many males in other species can. If i could challenge guys to an iq test and them destroy a loser in hand to hand combat I would have sired 100's of other champion males and/or females (possibly) by now instead of having no kids whatsoever, wives, etc. Read Freidrich Nietzsche and realize the truth, free will is an illusion. But nobody says you need to remain corrupt, which is doing what is not in your own best interest such as breeding judgmental losers that will beat and stone you to death for desiring sex with a man.

  10. Anonymous6/07/2013

    You are a bitter soul!!!

    1. Anonymous6/07/2013

      No,am not bitter. this is why many don't like to talk.
      am sorry then, if it sound so bitter, but i assure you nothing of such.
      i will change my comment:
      aunty eya, you are so right!you are always so right in everything you say.
      it is envy that cause women to say and do nasty things to other women.
      like a daughter-in-law calling her mother-in-law witch.
      like a wife abusing her sister-in-law whore.
      like a sister sleeping with her brother-in-law.
      aunty eya,you are right;you are a successful blogger that makes other women so jealous,that they have nothing to do with their time,coming here to pull you down.
      happy now anonymous 3:00pm and other forthcoming voltrons?

    2. Anonymous6/07/2013

      You are so jobless. Go start your own blog and show us how easy it is to please everyone. Isn't Aunt Eya really trying???? SmH for u.

    3. Anonymous6/07/2013

      Thank you anonymous 3:00pm and 3:30pm for your comments.
      A lesson in life: Learn not to support or fight blindly,or carry other people's burden. It's a thankless job.

    4. Anonymous6/07/2013


  11. Envy is d root cause. Dey hate bcus of someone's success, wisdom, beauty, wealth nd also hate on sumone's consistency in a blog.

  12. sister6/07/2013

    May God bless u all

  13. Mrs Dayo6/07/2013

    Working with the Nigerian public is not an easy thing in any way. Lady Eya, I like the way you handle issues. Learning from you until I get there.
    God bless you and bless your humility.

  14. Anonymous6/07/2013

    we nor go cook today?. you cant de mystify hate envy and jealousy. na tay tay topic. no be today yansh dey back. no be today center parting dey back yansh joor. make una leave matter

  15. We women can be mean, envious and very bad. That's the reason for hate. What fuels is also is that we pay hate for hate and the cycle continues.

    1. *what fuels it

  16. Women are conversational and we like to speak our mind. Which is a good thing because I can't imagine how boring this world would be if we all keep mute like most men. :D

    In speaking our minds and calling people out when we think they are out of order, we sometimes use unnecessary rude words which angers the person being criticized (the person is human) and this results in exchange of words.

    The one I don't know is if the choice of words is due to envy, competition or just the way the person was brought up. Some people may mean well but they don't know other words but rude words because come to think of it, most Nigerian parents use such words when they caution their kids.

  17. Life is beautiful...
    After all is said and done,
    Love or hate,
    Whatever you sow,
    That you'll reap.
    The Beautiful thing there is,
    You sow a seed,
    You reap a tree!
    What a blessing and a curse..

    Peace y'all...

    1. Anonymous6/07/2013

      I don't think u ve ur lessons
      Clothe urself with humility
      I feel pity for u
      Are u d only person on social network?pls take it easy if not foe urself do it for ur husband.peace

    2. This is an imposter!

    3. No it's not Rubynnia. It's the one and only AJ

    4. Lol@ Ruby it's me o...AJ as Jay said...hahaha... I'm jes saying. As a blessing, you sow a seed of corn and get so many cobs of corn... As a curse, you sow hate and wickedness, you reap a life of misery, sometimes pass it on to ur offsprings... May God help us all

    5. Anonymous6/08/2013

      U think its a grave offense that someone is impersonating.
      Madam people are commiting worse crimes biko
      I thought u would ve used this period to ask urselve some questions like y me
      U believe u are too much but my everyone of us 6feet
      Are u d only one on wc sef
      Biko search urself

  18. It's so sad that there is almost always unhealthy competition amongst women. One secret I have is contentment. Contentment gives peace. Anya ukwu leads to bad Belle.

    1. CONTENTMENT is the word!
      With that, all others become nothing to you.

  19. U guys should stop hiding under anonymous n adopt a name.
    I may have to change mine bcos I don't want someone impersonating me.
    As for u that is killing urself over anoda person, u're very jobless. What has she done to u. I'll advice u get a life, asap.
    Thank me later.

  20. mrs morgan@warr6/07/2013

    I still keep asking myself wat is jayde's offence on ds blog?pls let's adopt peaceful co existence wt evry1 only wt dat can we truly enjoy life.hv followed ds blog ds far nd its evident dat som persons truly jealous another wt there words.

  21. Duchess6/08/2013

    @Peace, i agree with everything you said except the 'get a life' part.. Maybe you should borrow them yours na since they have been existing without a life. Odikwa egwu!

  22. Mrs Morgan@warri6/08/2013

    @duchess wat peace meant is dat dey shld gt a good life,a life witout bitterness nd envy for fellow women.u hv been followin ds blog 4 long so u shld knw dat there ar so many bitter ppl here.worst of all bitterness is nt gd 4 d health.its well

  23. My people used to say that it is only a ripe fruit that attracts stones, I guess that answers the question "why daisy",I was wondering what Joseph did that earned him so much hatred from his brother, and I later got the answer, not only was he their father's favorite, he was also favoured by God,guess they couldn't deal with that,the only way they could act out their fustration is to hate, But who God has blessed no man can cause,daisy you are a blessed woman,dnt mind them,keep the flag flying, i always look forward to your comments, and yes yes they sow a seed, they reap a tree.


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