Dear Wife

Why are you still awake while I am in bed?  This is what we have to live with cos of technology? You used to be the first in bed, now I have to go wait for you to complete  blog rounds. I have to wait for you to complete BBm rounds, I have to wait for you to complete your social networking rounds.

When you crawl into bed I don't know. In my dream world,
I see you still clutched on your phone, even while coming to bed with me. Last night I saw you smile when you realized I was snoring away. What made you smile? I am not awake to disturb your Online lifestyle? 

Dear wife, the rate at which you are going, don't you know the internet is like a double edged sword that can make or destroy you. My secret fears that you may land us in trouble cos as a woman, you may not be as smart as I am.Please don't live online. I fear you do not miss me anymore, the way you used to. I fear your phone is gradually taking my place.

When I'm ready, you are tired. When I'm asleep, you are busy. Dear wife please do not share me with your phone. Make me know that you still care. Drop your phone even when you have nothing to talk about and just make yourself available.

We are not divided ,yet, when I watch football matches, you dream away with your phone. What happened? We used to talk a lot, talk about everything. Has your phone and mine taken over our talking time. How come we can't look at our faces while talking? These days we talk with each other while looking at the small screens.
Can you make yourself more available and see if I won't reciprocate?
I still love you!


  1. Haaaaa you got me. But I'm in Bed though browsing, I had to make a socket by my bedside where I can always charge and ping at the same time while listening to hubby's gists.

  2. Anonymous6/15/2013

    no vex husband make i just check linda blog. then go ladun blog see whether my comment don show. i just stop over for sdk blog check something then i see whether they haff post tonto dikeh video where she fall before i finally come back to WC and check whether anty eya add tequila for the yam porridge cos i want to make it first thing morrow. help me give the baby water when she wakes up in the midnight. i ll join u soon

    1. Anonymous6/15/2013

      LOL exactly how it is...

  3. Lolz, my hubby has over complained and said he will break my fone and buy me nokia 3310 or touch lite nokia. God help us ooo

  4. Lol, wives, jiri ya nwayo!

  5. Anonymous6/15/2013

    Did my husband send this hahaha. I'm as guilty as that, God help us.

  6. Na only phone? Television, Tabs, E-pads, smart phones, laptops and iPods, all will be on at the same time. That's what happens when two gadget freaks marry each other....Lol@ talking to each other while looking at the small screens... It has gotten as bad as chatting online with each other while in two different rooms in the house.

    Oga husbands make una no vex, if na when we no get all these smart gadgets or never get blogs, una go dey feel cool say ya wife dey follow you up and down bcos she no get wetin she go use occupy her time while una dey watch Premiere League and SuperSports or Play X-Box and PS3!

  7. Anonymous6/15/2013

    Oh dear!! This is so me and I feel so guilty that I've contemplated removing the TV in the bedrom and leaving my devices in the living room before going to bed. Oga has complained, now he has given up!

  8. Anonymous6/15/2013

    Am so guilty of this i even find myself pinging when i and hubby are trying to get intimate and i comebak to my senses and drop the fone and its the first thing i pick up again wen am done *coversface* not a good habbit @ all

  9. I am so guilty *coversface*! But seriously this is so bad and am even tryn to cut down on my own.

  10. Looolzzz my "Oga" e yaff tire for me o!
    Like seriously, I know its wrong but I can't just stop it, wat I do now is hide my phone wen I hear his footsteps.
    Na only God go help us o!

  11. sister6/15/2013

    My oga is very happy that my attention is on my phones and other devices bcos b4 then na so so waist pain story I dey hear everytime I no dey look him side again ojare shebi this thing relate to d post abi na jargon I just type

    1. madam asabe6/15/2013

      Sister u didn't type jargon
      My hubby has same issue
      No lovemaking for the past two years
      Am so confused,I don't know what to do

    2. Blossom6/16/2013

      Sister of life! You are hilarious.

    3. Anonymous6/16/2013

      Sister!u know am at all

    4. Anonymous6/16/2013

      ** be typo

  12. Anonymous6/15/2013

    Mine is d opposite. Oga will be on d phone all nite playing word search game he is so addicted to it. I will be d one begging him to pls let d phone rest. He even bought extra battery.

    Omo I don complain nd I'm so tired of complaining.

    My tactics is as soon as he stops, I will start visiting all d blogs both known nd unknown nd he feels so jealous whnever I start mine.

  13. Anon 12:36,lol you got me cracking.

  14. Anonymous6/15/2013

    This post got me sober.... I'm so guilty. Not nice habit atall.
    But come to think of it, it used to be the other way round before...I rember wen hubby n I wer courting, he was always on his gadgets n I d bored one. Lol.
    Its really unfair.
    Moderation is d keyword.

  15. Anonymous6/15/2013

    Guilty of dat

  16. Anonymous6/15/2013

    S̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴͡ S̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴͡ guilty but †ђξ gudnews Ȋ̝̊̅§ D̶̲̥̅̊α† hubby loves his sleep more than anything to even notice or complain EPHY

  17. kendra6/15/2013

    Guilty as charged... Hubby is even tired of complaining. Even when we done making love,I rush to refresh to see if new comments have been uploaded or if I have a ping,whatsapp message or any updates...

    I know its bad but can't just stop it..

  18. Anonymous6/15/2013

    Ptschewwwwwww! It's d other way round for me jare! Hubby stays up all nite playing PS whatever. Talk to him, e go hardly reply! He's soooooo addicted it's annoying he sleeps at 3am and still goes to work, I swear am jealous of d damed game that has so much power over him, and our marriage isn't even 6months yet! Rubbish

  19. Ish! I'm so guilty!


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