Breast Tumor Test: Self Help 2 By Ace Bentley

What is a tumor? An abnormal growth of cells in body organs.

It could be:
(1) MALIGNANT (cancerous),
(2) PRE-MALIGNANT (Non-cancerous but could be cancerous later) or
(3) BENIGN (Non-Cancerous)

The four cardinal signs of

acute inflammation are:

(1) Tumor - Swelling
(2) Dolor - Pain
(3) Calor - Heat (internal)
(4) Rubor - Redness (as seen from outside)

Always watch out for these four above


Use 1 finger to draw a crucifix-like cross sign on the breast to divide the breast into 4 equal parts.

Use 2 or 3 fingers to massage part 1 like you are searching for something.

Repeat the finger massage on part 2, 3 and 4 slowly and gently.

If you notice any lump or swell or any abnormal pain in any of the four parts quickly report to a doctor.

Repeat same process for the second breast.

For many of us who are not aware of this test and who don't visit the hospital often. Do this test at least once every month to be on alert of the rampaging cancerous tumor .

NOTE: Teach someone like your hubby or fiance so they can help out in this test.

These days, men are not exonerated from breast cancer.

Ace Bentley is the blogger at Men's Court


  1. Anonymous6/17/2013

    Nice one, if I can't taste urine, at least I can do this one. Breast cancer for men???? Like seriously?

    1. Anonymous6/17/2013

      yea,men have always had breast cancer,but i think the occurrence is low compared to us females. Y are u startled,contrary to popular belief breast cancer does not majorly affect those with big breast,a woman with small breast and one with big breast have equal probabilities if they come from a background with that history or have the signs and symptoms.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I once had a lump in my 3rd year in sch,we girls were just talking about it,and I decided 2 examine myself,found out about the lump,went 4 a scan and had an operation,the lump was tested and it wasn't cancerous,self examination is important,but I never felt pains on my breast when the lump was there. Thanks Ace for this topic.

  4. Not all lumps r cancerous. African women naturally have lumps in their beasts but this is nt to say dt u shldnt go to the hospital&check if d lump is actually harmful or not. But do not panic if u check&discover a lump. It cld b normal.
    Some ways to avoid having lumps:
    Avoid sleepn with bra. Avoid exercising with ill-fitted bras or running with them,get good strong bras that can hold ur breasts firmly while exercising/at all times. Tell your man not to squeeze ur breast hard. If he must squeeze, GENTLY is d word! Also when riding ur man in bed,avoid ur breast goin up&down with each motion. It will not only cause lump but also flatten ur breast. So make sure he is holdn it lightly or preferably u r wearin a good strong bra.

    1. Anonymous6/18/2013

      U r very right about squeezin d breast too hard. Happend to me, had a small fibrous lump from d trauma, my hubby felt very bad then but thank God it was tested benign afta d excision.

  5. Nice one Ace N princess.

  6. Thank princess, nice one

  7. Shayor!6/17/2013

    I once had a very big lump in my brest, I wondered how it grew so big without me noticing! I eventually had a lumpectomy and thank God it was benign! Now I'm so extra observant!

  8. Shayor!6/17/2013


  9. Queen Bee6/17/2013

    Ace so u are a doctor,a DJ,a blogger, a .....I see u hold the four Aces'(a book by hardley Chase)hope uv read it lol
    Tanks for this piece,we will be needing more of such pls it will be quite helpful.
    For the one on licking urine,I jump and pass dats not My portion IJN.


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