Baby Girl Abandoned Inside Public Waste Tank In Lagos

Lagos waste tank with the lifeless baby girl
Wonders shall never seize to happen in our dear Nigeria. As a blogger and news aficionado i wont see a crowd gathered without trying to know WHY?

Moving closer to the scene, only to get reports that it was a case of a abandoned baby. Quickly i brought out my iPhone hoping to get first hand images of a live baby, then i realized the baby was shot-putted into the huge road side public waste tank.

I saw people climbing up the summit  of the waste tank to take pictures, so i passed my phone to someone already up the tank to help me take these picture i'm sharing with you. Lo and behold the baby was already gone. Pics after the cut....
Viewer discretion advised
 Baby abandoned in public waste tank in Lagos

Lifeless baby abandoned in a refuse dump in Lagos

Police looking into waste tank where dead bay is found

From all indications, this baby is female and was already dead as at this 27th day of June when discovered still looking well-dressed, fresh and beautiful.

My question are... 
1) Why do women find it easy to commit acts like this?
2) Who is more wicked and sinful. The one who aborted or the one who abandoned?
3) Why will the police not retrieve & investigate this? Instead, all they did was to gaze, snap and talk till the PSP people took the dirt's away with the baby inside.

How can a parent do this? Lord have mercy on this country!

Is Life This  worthless in Nigeria?

Ace Bentley on (Lagos-Badagry Expressway)


  1. BeeCee6/27/2013


  2. Anonymous6/27/2013

    But Y,(sad Face)

  3. Felicia6/27/2013

    Q1: D heart of man(woman) is wicked
    Q2: All sins re equal (aborting immediately or killing or dumpin ltr)

  4. Anonymous6/27/2013

    But which gal is more wicked.D 1 dat abort d Pregnancy @d early stage or d 1 dat gives birth after 9 months n Abandon d baby n let d baby die a horrible death.dis is really sad n women ar looking 4 babies

  5. "People climbing to the summit of the waste to take pictures". Huh?. How about climbing to the summit so as to do everything within their power by rushing the baby to the hospital so see if her life could still be battled for and saved, rather than just going through all that stress to take a picture they can't use as their phone's wallpaper. *sigh

  6. @Jay, believe me... The baby was brought out twice by some men, they realized the baby was already dead. If you don't dump the baby back into the waste tank you'll end up paying the ultimate price when the police decide to make you a scape goat... This is naija!

  7. @Ace. I understand. The dumping of babies has pretty much been a familiar phenomenon since time past. I get it; the general notion there was one of fear. But how about those babies that are rescued alive and are given treatment and saved, did the police 'catch' anyone as a scape goat for rescuing the babies? What I've mostly seen was police getting to the site and trying to track down the dumper, in which in some cases, people close by could give them a lead on whom they saw dumping a bag or so. The police aren't that bad all the time sha.
    Bravery is just the keyword. Only the brave hearted could have done something asides climbing to take a photo. It's just somehow, for a baby. I don't know how they knew she was dead and gone, if that wasn't verified using a clinical method or just 'street' method. Of which it might have been possible that she may have had the chance to live. Well sha, that's why 9ja isn't yet a 'normal' country. Our systems are whack. In 'normal' countries, emergency service ambulances would have been there at a single phone call to rescue the baby. God abeg o..

  8. Sorry 2 say bt women deserve 2 go childless after committin somtin so despicable. N der r couples who wld do anytin 4 even a false pregnancy alert hw much more a child

  9. #weak!
    Why oh why are people this callous? Even if they wanted to abandon the baby, they could have done so in a humane way so she could be safe, found and cared for.

    This is utter wickedness! These are the kind of things that haunt people in later life.

    God will forgive if forgiveness is sought, but would they be able to forgive themselves? Selah!

  10. Anonymous6/27/2013

    Why this wicked act! What crime did this baby commit?? So painful and to think many women pray for such gifts. Why didnt she take the child to an orphanage where she'll be cared for? I'm so heart broken!! *

  11. Anonymous6/27/2013

    This is the height of inhumanity. may God have mercy on us all.

  12. Anonymous6/27/2013

    Wen I see well dressed baby abandoned I smell something fishy.
    A woman who wants to abandon a baby won't go thru d trouble.
    This was not sme desperate young girl if not d baby wld be naked highest wrapped with a piece of cloth.
    There was even one that the baby was were a diaper and we'll dressed with shoes.

  13. Anonymous6/27/2013

    Was wearing a diaper and well dressed with shoes*.
    It turned out d baby died at home and d mum got scared not an excuse but things are not always wat they seem these days.

  14. Anonymous6/27/2013

    How do u know its a woman?
    I know off a wicked man who's gf got pregnant for. He's married to a rich woman and didn't want her to find out.
    He waited for d girl to have d baby and after some days kidnapped d baby and dumped.
    Its not only women that commit acts of wickedness.
    The world is wicked and bad things happen.God pls save ur children.

  15. Anonymous6/27/2013

    Dis is wickedness in d highest order. Sobs#

  16. Anonymous6/27/2013

    And I am here waiting and praying for the fruit of the womb. My God,You know how You do Your thing sha; You can't be questioned!

  17. My heart bleeds. I pray this baby should come back and hunt the mother later in life. To parents out there: as much as u don't want ur teenager or unmarried daughter to get pregnant so also should u not horrible instill so much fear in them that they'll take such inhuman actions if they are in such situation. If this act was by a girl still living with her parents then its d fear of 'my parents will kill me if they find out' that has pushed her to do this.

  18. may her soul restcin peace

  19. What more can I say? Lord please help us!

  20. My God! These pictures just broke my heart! Why on earth will a human being do this? Goodness me!

    1. Anonymous6/27/2013

      Everybody just dey condemn dey shout and I ask who come do am
      Make una leave jor

  21. Bislondy6/27/2013

    oh my God!
    Omo eniyan!!!!!!!
    I am so weak
    Rest on little one

  22. Anonymous6/28/2013

    Its really sad.. R.I.P little one.

  23. Anonymous6/28/2013

    O God Forgive us all...even me sef dat have aborted, I am truly very sorry.

  24. amen...avoid sex f u not married

  25. Anonymous7/05/2013

    What more can  say lord have mercy. This is clear sign of EndTime Ooº°˚ ˚°ºoo. The end is hear Ooº°˚ ˚°ºoo


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