Are We Passionate Enough?

In our country Nigeria, hardly you see a roadside cleaner, a school cleaner, plumber, manual bricklayer, servant etc, or even most civil servants looking cheerful in their jobs. There are more angry, unhappy and bitter ones than cheerful, grateful ones.  

It is not the job, it is our attitude. A young teacher once told me that the reason he resumes late to work and is nonchalant is because there is no job satisfaction. He says that once he gets "a great job offer," he will do it better and then I smiled and told him that attitude has already been formed and growing so, he cannot perform better anywhere. I tried to explain to him that the habits and attitude he puts up now is the foundation that will carry him all through life.

A little
shepherd boy, so passionate about his old Father's sheep. Risked his precious life to save just one sheep from a bear that came to devour it. He fought hard all alone in the bush. Fortunately for him, he overpowers and kills this devourer. It could have been the other way round but he still did what he had to do.

That passion for ordinary animals in his care, was all he needed to build a great CV for divine upliftment. That passion for a job as little as sheep rearing, the humility, love and care for things placed under his care, his selfless service and commitment marked him as a Kingship candidate.

Choosing him to become the king just became a simple task for the greater king maker. He set his almighty torchlight on Davids CV, sees hat he actually laid down his dear life for a sheep in his care? Then in his infinite wisdom concludes "This boy could risk his life for a sheep, then he would do great if I entrust my children in his care"

When the time came for his anointing, his father brought out all the old and big children, but the one who sees the heart, dismisses them cos he wanted that little boy that fought a bear to save a sheep. He wanted not big hefty men, but the little one with passion for his low job.

He becomes king in the presence of all the physically fit and strong.
*You are underemployed, what you have is not what you wanted or expected. You are not particularly proud of the situation you find yourself.

*Your smiles and gratitude while on that little assignment, the attitude you put up there could be the only pass mark you need to move forward in life. The passion, punctuality and commitment could just make a huge shocking difference in your destiny.
Passion and service to ordinary animals IS what led David to the throne.
May the frustrations, disappointments, difficulties and challenges of life never push us to unconsciously block our chances in Destiny. 

Has anyone here been favoured due to his/her attitude?
please share with us.


  1. BeeCee6/26/2013

    Yeah, my life is one testimony. I got promoted shortly after resuming work cos despite being over quaified for that job, they think am committed and that I have a great attitude. I thank God for it all.

    Others who got employed at the same time had to wait longer and I could see jealousy. But God's ways are different.

  2. Yes! It is all about attitude. I remember when I was attached to an engineering firm for my Industrial Training years ago. I was so committed and I unreservedly served everyone who needed my service. I went beyond my accounting assignments to serving tea, making photocopies for people outside my department and running errands without complaints. When I was done and about to leave, the firm knew SOMEONE was leaving them.

  3. Anonymous6/26/2013

    Thank you, very inspirational.

  4. Anonymous6/26/2013

    So true

  5. Johnson6/26/2013

    The bible says "The slothful (lazy) man roasteth not that which he took in hunting: but the substance of a diligent man is precious - Prov12:27"
    No matter how hardworking you are, you are a LAZY wo/man when your attitude is not right.

  6. Bislondy6/26/2013

    I am inspired by this. I will start to put up a good attitude despite.............
    thanks Aunty

  7. Anonymous6/26/2013

    Somebody is tired of drama !!!

  8. Stelzz6/26/2013

    This is the truth. People forget that if they are not faithful in the little (i.e. with their attitudes, commitment, etc) then it is very unlikely they'll be faithful with much. God sees and rewards the heart.

  9. Anonymous6/26/2013


  10. So true. I knw of a cleaner in fmc owerri who forged her certificate to get dat job. She was so dutiful and respectful, mobs even feaces from a patient. No one knew of it til one day auditors came, they were at d verge of sackn her but almost everyone including d patients begged on her behalf dat was how she retained that job. May God help us to always gv our best in every circumstance.

  11. Anonymous7/11/2013

    Hmmmmmmm. If only people would change their attitude to work and life generally. When i had my baby, i was jobless, no contracts came in for hubby too so we were just there. When a friend told me about an opening in my present place of work, i rushed down here for he interview, only to discover that it's a sole proprietorship biz. At that point, i cared less cos i was tired of staying at home. When i met my boss fr the 1st time, and we talked, he offered to pay a ridiculous amount and i was wondering why i didn't just slap him(LOL)but i said yes i was gonna do d job(if u've bin out of job for 11 months, u will understand better*smiles*) To star with, he didn't pay me the ridiculous amount. He said he uses that technique to see who rili wants a job. To cut the long story short, my salary has bin increased twice and he is the best boss anybody would ask God for i swear. Even my friends that works in banks and other big corporations don't understand how i cope but i tell you, it's the favour of God that maketh rich and added no sorrow with it. My boss calls me anytime to com to the office and i am rait dere(my husband has bin of immense help with our baby) I told my boss i want to go back to school and the day our list came out, while i was still thinking of callin the woman i do ajo with to fix me for collection, he gave me 200% of my school fees and said i shld keep doing what i am doing. He invited my family over ionce to introduce us to his family(so that madam @ home will see that i am married. LOL)and he told my husband that the only rison he likes me is cos i am dedicatd and he trusts me with his money.


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