Abortion Facts: What Would You Do?

According to Abortion Facts, 54% of women obtaining abortions were using birth control when they became pregnant. Many of those pregnancies resulted from condoms breaking or being used incorrectly. 
Well, I need your help to
help another. This student is thinking abortion already but she no get that liver and doesn't know what to do.

A student approaches you that she is pregnant for her boyfriend and doesn't know what to do. She was using birth control and is in her 2nd Year  the University. They are not engaged, just lovers. She just found out she's 3 weeks gone, hasn't told anyone yet and needs your advice. 
What should she do? 


  1. Anonymous13:54

    At 3wks I bliv a doctor can give you a pill to flush it out. So see a doctor.
    Ofcos, this is after you make it known to your boyfriend and he doesn't want to keep it.

  2. Anonymous14:06

    Buy cycotec, not sure of the spelling

  3. Amanda14:09

    Buying Cycotec is all she needs do and voila she's OK?

  4. You want my opinion,you have it.
    With my faith which comes first in consideration, I would say it without blinking an eyelid,"do not abort the baby".
    I will never be part of killing a holy innocent. U don't gain everytime,you win some,you loose some.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

    1. Anonymous14:24

      Is this what you will tell your GF peradventure it happens?

    2. Anonymous15:02

      True talk, that will be my advice as well!! u av made the mistake, just be bold 2 deal wit the consequences! aborting is a no no for me,am female btw before y'all attack me.

    3. Anonymous15:43

      Bona do you use condoms, cos I think the Catholic Church says if you use condoms you are preventing the birth of a child so it is a Sin

    4. looooooooooooooool....oya Bonaventure , peradventure it happens to you wetin u go do as anon 2:24 asked (pun intended)

    5. Anonymous21:49

      Yes d catholic church 4bids d use of condoms,when u go 4 marriage classes(classes u attend b4 mariage)u re taught d billings method,its a natural way of family planning whereby d woman study her body signs and know d safe and unsafe period to have sex.
      She should deliver her child cos as long as u can ve sex u should be ready 2 shoulder d responsibility that comes with it.u can bear d shame nd all the stress while pregnant but d moment u give birth everything fades away.
      Don't worry God will give u d strength nd grace 2 raise d child

    6. Anonymous17:30

      Its jst a clot of blood now for crying out loud if you dont wnt to kip it pls go see a doc so u can gt a pill to flush it. B4 its too late. Best of luck

    7. Anon 5:30pm, just so u know u were just a clot of blood at some point, but ur mum didn't flush u out..stupid bloodclat! Bomboclat!

  5. Brandy14:10

    Hehehe, today na today. I foresee Anonymous comments taking the lead on this post. Who wan gree? Naija I hail o.

  6. Mee Noni14:14

    There is nothing wrong in keeping the pregnancy. She will be proud she did in some years to come!

  7. bella14:22

    Plss stop sayin condom burst or misuse! She luv it skin!it so sweet I will advice u 2have a rethink b4 u du something stupid.

  8. bella14:59

    Come o dis bella aint me o shuu! Now I've got to change my user name

  9. Dr Grey15:52

    D anonymous advicing her to just buy cytotec, I hope u knw how dangerous dt drug is even with a doctors prescription talk more of taking it witout one.the risk of bleeding to death,infection, rupture of her womb amongst others.. She should see a doctor if she doesn't want to keep the baby and he'll probably giv her misoprosol to take to induce contraction of the uterus... Good luck dear cos you are going to need it.. Aborting using drugs is as painful as hell cos ur technically going into labour to expel the foetus from your womb... Biko, if your not ready to be a daddy or mummy, abstain from sex.. What is it with young people these days anyway? Thinking of aborting when so many childless couples have been waiting on the Lord for years.

    1. Anonymous03:09

      Which kind doctor you be? Cytotec( Brand/ Trade name) and Misoprostol(generic/ chemical name) are the same

  10. errrrmmm wia are all the comments na?? where is everybody??

    Well@poster this decision absolutely lies with you a 200 level people would say should have been more focused but mistakes happen shey.. A baby comes with lots of responsibilities,taking care of a baby alone is exhausting, can you combine that with school?Is you BF ready to stand by you and support you?? have you thought of GOD's view towards Abortion??

    I believe you should pray to GOD for strength and keep your baby afterall If Claron Chukwura had thot about abortion when she was 17 we would not have the lovely Clarence peters today and Claron is equally succesful. How about the Lovely Genevieve successful as well and has her daughter Imagine if she dint have her daughter then she would have been panicky by now I mean shes already 34.

    Its such a dicey Situation but If people around you support you especially your Mum then she can help you when you deliver to take care of the baby and school and I suggest you begin to think of a small business to support your baby in case your BF turns around and tells you one kind Historical tale we Know how some Men react when they hear pre! so you can take care of your Child and not suffer in pregnancy and after.

    I hope you find the support and Wisdom to deal with this situation. all the best x

  11. el oh el.. I try to be realistic person and at your age (I'm assuming you are young)..you shouldn't be having this complications.. I believe if you must have sex, you must be matured minded and better get ready for any mishaps.
    I think since its barely a month, you don't need to tell that boy you slept with bcoz he may want to keep it which you sound like you do not want to or he may even tell u to abort it and use it against you in the future!start spreading your name and shit.. go to a doctor and flush it out and try to focus on school because this should be an eye opener for you..CLOSE YA LEG! oh and the clock is ticking ..TICK TOCK TICK TOCK

  12. Anonymous16:02

    Cytotec doesn't work in all circumstances.

  13. Anonymous16:52

    @POSTER. U mean U passed through all D JAMB Stress and Post UTME wahala, only 4 U to gain admission and carry belle in ur 2nd yr 4 a Campus Lover... Jst listen to ursef, U are in 2ND YEAR! Not 3rd yr, Nt Finals. U 4get ur studies, U 4got evrything 4 a CAMPUS LOVE. Dammit!! Couldn't U wait? Whats in Sex? I'm sure U 've heard all the Crusade against pre-marital sex. But e go enter 4 one ear, commot frm the other. U no fit wait, U need am quick. Now wey Yawa don gass, U run enter WC with Pathetic stories looking 4 who to support U to procure an abortion. Better go do STDs test 1st. When U spread Ur legs 4 the guy to 'DO YOU,' did U call any of us? U no enjoy am? Damn! I wish U were my Sister, I would 've beaten U 2 Pulp. Better don't harm that Baby o, he/she may end up being another OBAMA, Dangote or Adenuga 2moro.
    ....oh PLS... Spare me d sermon dat it was a Mistake, U wanted it... Now U have it... Don't take any over the counter drug 4 abortion o, U wouldn't like to watch urself bleeding to death. U 've opened ur legs once 4 ur Lover, don't open it again 4 any Dr 2 introduce more foreign objects into U body.... KEEP THAT BABY! I Don talk finish...
    *Girls of Nowadays though... God save us all*.


    1. Anonymous20:15

      Stupid valentine.I repeat stupid valentine. Peeps like u are so quick 2 judge others. Reigning insults on her.U younger sis hv had more dn 4 abortions without ur knowledge,u coming here 2 say rubbish.mugu lik u.

    2. Jayne20:25

      Anon 8:15PM, be nice to people cos your words hurt much more than Valentine's.

  14. Anonymous17:16

    please and please, abstinence is the answer. fear God! and since you are pregnant, have the baby finish! since sex couldn't wait, your education can now wait. and go and ask God for forgiveness plsss

  15. Anonymous17:35

    Pls keep dat innocent baby for christ sake. Am even prayin nd trustin God for d fruit of d womb nd u'r talkin abt abortion.

  16. Anonymous17:42

    Guys I need your advice

    Pls advice oh..My dream has always been to have halfcast pikin. I want to do artificial insemnatn but My Bobo wey no be Oyibo wan make we marry. i no love am like dat but family and all like him and he is a great guy but really I prefer to be alone cuz it’s more peaceful and I can make decisions on my own too. I dont know how to tell my family that this is what I want bcos they will think I am insane plus the guy loves me to bits, very handsome but aint Mr perfect. I just clocked 30. Pls advice guys…

    1. Anonymous17:50

      Marriage isn't for everyone, follow your heart.

  17. Anonymous17:58

    It happened to me, it was a tough decision and I won't lie it was hard... for a while. My daughter is now 7, I'm in a better place, married her dad 2 years later, have a thriving business and an employer of labour. Take it from someone that has been there, it will be tough but it will also be the best decision you have ever made.
    Keep you precious baby, it will be worth it in the end.

  18. PLease keep the baby, it may not be easy @ first but I know you will surely thank God you did later ...

  19. Please keep the baby please, it sure won't be easy but you will be glad you did later..

  20. Anonymous18:33

    Keep keep keep,do not remove that child my child,if u were removed this world wouldn't have been the way it is,Christ dead for our sins,stop the killing,we hurt Christ every day with our sin,we just make him feel like He wasted his time to come to earth to die for us,place,He is telling u today,do not kill that child

  21. bella18:37

    Who is dat fucking bella dat is impersonating me go 2hell! Did u not c my post?now u are saying u want 2change ur name. if ur name is bella pls follow with a surname, don't u have any. Don't kw y ppl without home training come 2dis blog 2luk 4trouble* bb surprise, shocked face* EYA help me warn her oooooooo nobody should impersonate any 1 here!

    1. la bella18:50

      Omg!cool down bella 4rm wot uve written its obvious ur d 1 lacking home training.

  22. I feel bad for the young lady, but no to premarital sex and no to abortion. Your family should hopefully be able to support u and u may only need to lose a year of school, if u defer.

    God's laws are there for our protection ( in every circumstance). When we go against them, the consequences always follow.

    Hope u make the right decision and I wish u all the best.

  23. Anonymous19:20

    Nne,I take God name beg u,kip ya baby!children re d most precious things,u'll luv him/her wen dey cum.I promise,things will b tuff @1st bt u'll scale tru

  24. bella20:03

    Kk la bella u have home training!!!!!!LWKMD

  25. Thanks everyone. Your comments have helped me make up my mind on what to tell her.
    First and foremost, I will make her understand that a 3 week old baby is a complete human with a soul.

    Next, I will tell her that abortion is a sin against the creator and giver of life.
    That's not all, I will remind her that abortion is illegal in Nigeria and involving in it is a crime and she could go to for that.

    Again, I will explain to her that it's not her fault cos she was on birth control but it is her fault cos she fell into sin and continued therein.

    After all said, I will remind her that she is still dependent on her parents and her boyfriend too does not have a source of livelihood. Having this baby will change her whole life. She may be able to return back to School or may not be able to. I will let her know that while someone still pays her fees, she will have to start paying for a new baby.

    I won't advise her to tell her campus lover about it yet. I will tell her that her parents will be so disappointed in her and the boy may not be ready for that responsibility now.

    After making her realise it's a sin, murder, against The Nigerian Law and abortion could lead to death or infertility if not properly handled.

    Finally, I will tell her to go see a Doctor first and take the Doctor's advice.(I don't know yet what the Doctors advice will be so, when we get there, we continue).

    1. Anonymous13:30

      Abortion is a sin, true, but i remember the story on the couple with same AS genotype,you encouraged them to marry and go for selective abortion if the fetus is SS. How do you define sin? Okay for married couples but not okay for single couple?

      Many women talking here have aborted in their lives,but would never admit it! Including sisters in the lord.I work with the human service and welfare, so i know what is obtainable.

      You asked in your recent post why women hate each other? This is one of the reason,they pretend to each other a lot.

      Whatever your decision poster, live with it.Nobody would help you, except yourself.

  26. Anonymous21:27

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  27. My prayer is for others who are being deceived into "doing it" will learn.

    We should remember that man gives, woman receives and carries the result of the "doing it".

  28. Anonymous22:36

    Aunty Eya! I knw my comment is comin Late buh pls It doesnnt boil down 2 jst telln dis Gal not 2 abort D Baby, U hv a huge role 2 play here makin sure she doesn't try dat shit since she has told u about her condition. Please, do everytin possible 2 mk sure dat baby lives bcos I was in exact situation lyk hers wen I was in 2nd year n I aborted my child @ 5mnths due to pressure frm my Guy buh trust mi wen I say, Dat has bin my Greatest regret so far in lyf 2day. I wish I can personally Help dis Gal

    1. Anonymous00:13

      Kai!5 mnths pregnancy?
      U get mind.
      Ur own b say'if na die mk i die'
      i nwere obi akpo(hardened hrt)

  29. 5months? Huh? Ʊ sound like a friend....did Ʊ school @ Bida Poly?

    1. Anonymous06:01

      Ghen ghen...

  30. dats y its good to abstain from Sex,,Abeg no harm the pikin,wen she go grow up now dey buy you Jeep,Bentley,houses like Genevieve dey buy for her mama now u no go call me.that child might be another Blessing Okagbare...

  31. Anonymous12:47

    For what shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and loose his soul. Would it be better to sell your soul to satan to gain fame, wealth, power,etc or to live a righteous and holy life yet remain humbled by the holy spirit but inherit the kingdom of God? Take the parable of Lazarus and the rich man in the bible [Luke 16: 19]
    Even if you spend 200 years on earth, it is nothing compared to eternity we would have to spend either in heaven or in hell. Its a choice we all have to make. We can't serve two masters at a time. We have to choose who we would serve. Jesus is calling on you to give your life to him. He loves you and wants to remove that heavy load off your shoulders. He loves you and wants to give you eternal life. He dosent wish that you should perish. Why don't you make a decision today for no one knows when the Lord shall come and tomorrow may be too late. Have a blessed day.

  32. Anonymous12:47

    Dnt even knw wat to say to d poster cus I've done it before. The foolish boy didn't hav a say, his parents denied me!!! I was shocked!!! For more dan 4 years relationship. God is dealing with him. My parent told me to. He knew exactly where I was goin and was disappointed yet determined dat i wldnt miss my destiny. God forgave me and doesn't remember it no more. Since then I married God and allowed His will to prevail. Lookin at me nw, it's grace! Cus I dnt deserve all that I have gotten, I am happier nw and in a better position, blessed wit an amazing family. if I had listened to contrary advise I wld hv been suffering nw cus it wld hv been me bearing it all. Dear poster, things happen. It's shocking but most women u see have had abortions, they wldnt say. Ur nt peculiar. God is d only judge, and if He doesn't judge us,but forgives us and remembers our sin no more, no one shld! I didn't knw have d fear of God then. That wld have restrained and prevented me from havin pre marital Sex sef. Dnt knw ur relationship with Him, I implore u to seek His face, cry, weep, beg Him to forgive u and turn d situation for ur good. Praying that d decision u take will align into God's will for ur life.

  33. Anonymous16:29

    Hello all. I need to abort a four month old pregnancy. Pls don't preach to me as I already have kids and don't need any more, for now. I live in Lagos. Kindly forward the contacts of a good gynaecologist that can do this for me if you know one. Email is blockwax123@yahoo.com. Cost won't be an issue.

  34. Anonymous 16:29 God sometimes sends angels and miracles when we are not ready, when we are very busy doing vanity. I testified on this blog before, how I wasn't ready at all for the pregnancy of my chairman. I told you guys how depressed I was. At the peak so to speak, after just one year of blogging with the blog already growing fast and reading over a million pageviews, with thousands of daily views, THAT! was my moment. I wanted at that point to go a very special direction with this blog, I had plans, the blog was full of energy and life. Just two months after the one year giveaway which Bonario Nnags won of course. Just one year two months after starting this blog, with four kids at home already.I discovered I was pregnant and the Ugh symptoms came in full force I could not sit to type or blog anymore, I couldn't even lie down to blog, it was that bad. Poster you can imagine the depression I suffered, receiving query emails from angry blog readers and apologizing constantly without being able to do something about it.. I wasn't ready, hubby too had said "NO MORE BABIES!" That he is fine with his "all girls"

    Blog readers didn't understand what I went through but that pregnancy was the beginning of irregular blogging. It's almost three years from that pregnancy till now and "we" haven't yet fully recovered BUT, you know what? I didn't know I was carrying thee male child I had been asking God for, I prayed that prayer, made that request continuously for about 15 years and when God sent him to me, he came at the wrongest time by my calculation but, TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY.
    **Please Do not abort that miracle. You let it happen, so, face it and go for family planning after he's born.


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