Abandon The Sinking Ship


I don't think there is a

man or woman who is worth dying for! 
Seriously I am
beginning to think a lot of relationships are as a result of
idleness or joblessness. 

Early this morning I read a
beautiful suicide
note (ironic right?) by Jiah Khan an
Indian actress; a pretty little thing with a smile to die
for, I guess it is true what they say, (show me a pretty
girl and I will show you a guy who treats her like cr*p).
She committed suicide after years of being treated like
cr*p, she decided the best way was to commit suicide
over a guy who in the near future will forget she even
existed!!! Why?!!!! Why?!!!!! 

A Relationship that treats
you like cr*p, leaves you unappreciated, leaves you
broken, scarred or bruised is not for you, so say adios
and move on! Don't go and commit suicide. T

here is no
problem in this world that is virgin to the eye, whatever
you are going through, somebody has gone through it
and survived, so why not you? Don't go and invest your
body and soul to a relationship that is going nowhere!

You think the 'ship' in relation is for so you stand in one
place? If your ship is not working, abandon ship!
Abandon ship!!. I say abandon!!!

Hilary also wrote this Love letter


  1. Anonymous6/13/2013


    1. I can't find Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm in my oxford dictionary.
      Somebody help!!!

  2. Anonymous6/13/2013

    Naomi wetin concern u with the hmmmmmmmmmm?

  3. Anonymous6/13/2013

    how do you guys type long talk. i try it and it just disappears

  4. An unreciprocated love is more dangerous than a stray bullet. Posit me that it pays to be somewhat selfish in love,coz I doubt how you can love another without loving yourself.


    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

    1. Bonaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, me and you reside in this town and you can't flex me! nah wah oooooo, Eya same goes to you too,oya you big agbaya's come meet me at zone 3 suya spot. The best suya that beats yahuza,will be there by 5:30pm today 6pm i'll off. Treat on me,any extra person on your own oooo

    2. HappyMe6/13/2013

      Abeg make una gist us hw d suya meetn went o! Lol.

    3. Tosin!!! How did I miss the suya?
      Just seeing this now and it's 9:25 already. How did it go?

  5. Soulspasms6/13/2013

    Your Head is there jare obiorah. You have spoken well. Kill yourself ontop of unrequited love? For what na?? Abegggiii!

    *Long Hiss*

  6. Anonymous6/13/2013

    I wish people could get more enlightened about certain issues before giving opinions like these. Suicide is usually a result of mental disease; that is why in the western world, suicidal people are forced into a psychiatric institution. This woman didnt commit suicide simply because she was heart broken. It only served as a trigger to a deeper psychological problem. Dont come here saying that she did so because some boy broke her heart. People have been through worse yet they move on. This is because they dont suffer the same ailment as she. Please get yourselves educated. Some people may look all perfect but they are struggling with diseases of the mind! Dont judge them or categorise them as weaklings! They are sick. She was sick!

    1. Gbamest. You typed my mind Anon 11.26

    2. Anonymous6/13/2013

      Thank you. This is what I tried to tell them yesterday. Africans know very little about the mental disease called depression and they even blame it on the devil.
      They always look at the surface cause and say that 'as for me I can never kill myself because of a boy/girl etc'.
      They fail to recognize that depression is a deep rooted psychological problem and it needs medical intervention.
      Africans we need to read more and educate ourselves especially on issues we don't understand

    3. I guess you are the anon I avoided a debate with yesterday. Well, one of my reasons is this. People can see things from two angles, the spiritual and the physical. I personally beyond a reasonable doubt can't-be-convinced-otherwise firmly believe that the spiritual precedes the physical and that anything that happens on earth is caused by some spiritual activity. We may never see eye to eye on this issue because we both adopt an entirely different approach.

      It is the devil who causes depression and feeds a mind with suicidal thoughts. Dnt get it twisted. Explain it medically or physically all you want but this is just the fact. I have seen people who went to rehab, mental institution as, saw therapist's and psychologists, took drugs and all, yet, they fell back into depression. What happened?

      It is only God that can truly heal a man. If your drugs worked for you, it's because God made it happen. My point is, there is no way you can remove God and the spirit realm form the equation. There is no universe in which that is possible. And as a christian, I advise you to never attempt to do that at allllll!

      Thank you. :-)

    4. Anonymous6/14/2013

      Madam Jayde. First of all, that was first time making a comment on this blog. So no. Im not the one u avoided.
      I really dont understand ur argument with me. Did I mention anywhere that God does not heal? I only emphasized that people should stop being freaking shallow and judgmental. I want them to realise that suicide is more complex than it seems. What is ur issue with that? I believe that God heals and the devil is at work causing so much havoc. However, in the same way God has blessed us with knowledge to know the root causes of other diseases e.g HIV, its the same way we now know that suicide has a root cause and can be prevented. She mentioned past abuse and rape in her letter. That could have been the root cause.
      Please read n truly comprehend before giving ur opinion on my comment. U sound as if I objected toGod's healing power. Or as if I suggested that drugs would do her good. I only went against quick judgment on her. Im tempted to label u as an ITK, but.... let's just move on.

    5. Maybe you anons shud give urselves names so that someone can know who is who. Anyway, since you say you are not the anon I avoided, you wnt understand my comment. So, no vex.

    6. Anonymous6/14/2013

      Ahdaisy, you are wrong this time. You should have just gone back to the post where the Anon called you out instead of coming to this new post to assume that another anon is the same anon. Innit? You clearly didn't see a name so you shouldn't have assumed. And it's not polite for you to say they should give themselves names. Your job is to ask politely first if they were the ones or go back to the former post.

  7. Anonymous6/13/2013

    What leads to depression? Can somebody who hasn't gone tru touf times in life sudenly become depressed!
    Them say see oyibo, una say see father!
    Go and check what causes depression, then u'll know that her relationship lead her into being depressed!
    Pple handle situations differently, she cldn't handle hers... Depresion sets in.
    Let's be more spiritually minded... Jesus minded!


    1. Anonymous6/13/2013

      And what makes u believe that her failed relationship was the only cause of her depression? Most depressed people have underlying problems usually stemmed from childhood. Future problems like failed relationships trigger these problems. Did u read her suicide note? She mentioned past abuse, rape, etc. Those must have been the basis of her mental illness and depression. U say we should be spiritually minded, but does that mean that diseases dont happen? Are u saying malaria is a spiritual disease and not carried by mosquitoes? Get yourself enlightened rather than attribute what u dont understand to spirits and demons. That is typical african ignorance. I believe in Jesus. But I also believe that this world is the devil's playground and illnesses abound just like aids, malaria etc. U know their causes and cures. Mental illness is also adisease. Go and learn about it.

  8. Anonymous6/14/2013

    Adhaisy, are other dysfunctions from God? No. Everything bad is from a negative spiritual realm including ur common cold n catarrh. Yet do u not know that certain bacteria cause these infections? Do u not know dat if u expose urself or kids to mosquitoes, they are more than likely to get malaria? Do u not take drugs for these whilst trusting God for healing? What makes u think mental illness is any different? It has a cause and no one is disputing God's healing power. He is the greatest healer. But just because u dont understand the cause of mental disease, doesnt mean u shud attribute it solely to demonic activities. Like the anon above, I dont understand ur argument. What really is ur point here? Where did anyone claim that God cannot heal? Geez maybe this is y u get attacked. U just talk 4 talking sakes.

  9. Anonymous6/14/2013

    @ anons above, you said the Failed relationship trigered the disease that must ve been formed since childhood abi? So the relationship still join na abi? Nobody said you disagreed with God's healing, and na google give una wenti una dey argue like say na una invent am. Go back to google and read very well. Things happen bfore the disease get formed.
    I don walka dey go oh!
    Ahdaisy baby, 1 love!


    1. Anonymous6/14/2013

      "Things happen before the disease gets formed". U just re-iterated my point, so what is ur argument for? And some of us dont need google for certain topics. We actually studied and specialize in certain fields. Go back to google and bless urself with some etiquette and manners.


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