A Beautiful Woman

Beauty means something different to different people. A young man says that he is thinking of settling down and his topmost priority is looks. He wants a wife he can show off anywhere, anytime. He wants a woman he can look at and feel hunger disappearing. 

A woman that can pass for a beautiful flower vase that anyone entering would look at and remain transfixed.  It doesn't matter if she can't do anything cos people can always be paid to carry out other duties. He has the money and can afford those services. All he wants is complete physical beauty and bedmatics. Any
lady that has these two is his potential wifey. He will likely stray if great looks are missing.

Another one says to him, beauty must be both outwardly and inwardly. To qualify as his wife, a woman must have good looks and a good heart. She has to have some great attributes like tolerance, kindness, humility and the fear of God. These must go hand in hand. A woman with all these qualities without physical good looks does not qualify.

A married man says he does not think his wife is really that physically attractive, her cooking enticed him, then he got hooked and they ended up at the altar. To him, that is a beautiful woman.

Another guy says he is interested in great looks, however, he can wife a woman with less good looks who proves beyond reasonable doubt that she is inwardly beautiful. He says that no matter the level of physical good looks, if a woman has a bad attitude, with time it is going to erode the feelings of affection. That, a bad attitude kills love faster than Snipper kills stubborn cockroaches.
  1. Beauty is the quality of being pleasing to the senses  or to the mind.
  2. Beauty is a combination of qualities that pleases the intellect or moral sense.
  3. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
  4. Beauty means bleached blond
  5. Beauty means bonny
  6. Beauty means shapely
  7. Beauty is the power to attract, the power to interest.
  • Neat beauty
  • Unkempt beauty
  • Aesthetic beauty
  • Attractive beauty
  • Dapper beauty
  • Elegant beauty
  • Fit to be seen beauty
  • Handsome beauty
  • Beautified beauty
Beauty means different things to us all because we are all different individuals. As an individual, what is beauty to you?


  1. To me, beauty goes beyond looks. #Dazall

  2. As a woman, for any man to qualify as my husband, it has to really go beyond good looks. I am OK with a not so good looking man with great qualities like kindness and fffear of God.

  3. My own question be say... Who BLEACH pass for 9ja? I and some peepz have argued this: HAUSA, YORUBA or IGBO...
    I chose yoruba, as far as I know, na dem be chairlady, both old, young and the upcoming they do am, but not all of them sha...

    1. You are so wrong Ace. Igbos bleach more than any other tribe in Nigeria. Hardly you find any Igbo woman in Nigeria.

    2. *dark complexioned Igbo woman. Only very few left.

    3. Anonymous6/12/2013

      Ace, you looking for trouble now. Don't run.

    4. sister6/12/2013

      Yorubasboth male and female bleach like mad I should know my mum is yoruba but her bleaching na correct one unlike kollington dem own ooo but my pop that is igbo is naturally fair

    5. Anonymous6/12/2013

      @sister u dey I crase I swear

    6. Queen Bee6/13/2013

      Had yoruba friends that their boyfriends then(yoruba guys too) will give them money to go buy bleaching cream..saying oh dear school weather has made u dark,buy cream so u can fair up'
      I think it's their culture#rme#

  4. To me beauty is more of the inner habitation,than the outer expression.
    So we love the unknown,hoping not to be disappointed.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

    1. Sharon6/12/2013

      @Bona, what do you mean unknown?

    2. Sharon from my definition of beauty as enuciated above,presupposes that the beauty of an individual is that innerself that cannot be fully grasped at first sight,but we fall in love based on the little first impression,praying it doesn't turnout a mirage.
      Just like Labrinth and Emeli sande sang "would you let me see beneath you're beautiful"

      ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

  5. Soulspasms6/12/2013

    I love tall,physically fit men,the types with the athletic builds. Hehehe They don't have to be too handsome,but as long as they have that build,u see my antenna up. Lol *covers eyes* *blush*

    But what keeps my attention on the other hand,is a great intellect. Someone I can have great,long intellectually stimulating conversations with. And then u cap it all with decency and the fear of God,I'm hooked.lol
    I've learnt that the qualities I look for may not come in the package I want. And I'm cool with that. But for me content matters a lot. So long he's neat,taller than me,I'm ok.
    A great mind and a heart that seeks earnestly after God to me,is Beautiful.

    1. mee mee6/13/2013

      really??? you just defined my B.F, but he is vewy vewy stingy, guess you can't have it all.

    2. Soulspasms6/13/2013

      Ah!! Stingy ke?? A Stingy person is a big No for me! I'm not stingy and can't stand stingy people! :'(

  6. Anonymous6/12/2013

    I love men with fat bank account, huge assets and robust mind to throw the money on me. thats my definition of a handsome man dazzall.

    1. sister6/12/2013

      We share d same taste are u sure we are not sisters

    2. hahahaha! @sister,very funny.

  7. Anonymous6/12/2013

    Na yoruba people bleach pass, 90% of ibo ladies are naturally fair in complexion,what I'm trying to say is that, yorubas and majority of Hausa re more of black complexion while majority of the ibos, calabars re more of fairer complexion. Not dat there re no fair complexion people in yoruba or hausas, but they re minority, but Yorubas get first degree for bleaching!

    Luvlycat says so!!

    1. Anonymous6/12/2013

      Wetin concern calabar with this your tori... abeg park for mainland bridge oh.

  8. I dnt believe anyone is ugly physically, it might be that you have not really found what to do to yourself especially for ladies. I mean now there are plastics and makeup for anything you want to change on or in your body.

    That said, to me beauty first of all is in one's smile... That real kind of smile that touches the eyes and brightens up the face. I find that very physically attractive (and a nice set of teeth while at it is a huge turn on :-) )

    Beauty is also being spiritually minded. Male or female, no matter how physically attractive you are, if you are not born again, or even if you are, all you talk about is barbash, you immediately begin to look ugly to me.

    Beauty is brains! Kai! As in! If I can talk with you for hours and learn new things and and also relate with you on a high intellectual frequency... Mehn, even if you look like E.T, my dear, Beyonce and Boris Kodjoe never reach you! But if after gisting with you for 30 minutes, I learn nothing new and you even manage to reduce my I.Q by several numbers, I'll make sure I avoid you wella.

    Beauty is talent. Every one has a God given talent. You have to find you own. I love singers and dancers, but any talent at all is good enough for me. Also, if you can make money from doing something with ur hands and body (minus armed robbery, fraud and prostitution of any kind), any talent one has and uses, makes them attractive to me.

    Beauty is responsibility. Once you are responsible and are your own person and treat everyone right and with respect, you are mighty fine!

    And lastly, a sense of humour! A sense of humour is very important to me and it often times goes well with intelligence. If I joke with you and 1. You dnt get the joke or 2. You never find anything funny or 3. You are just a pepper body... Naah, doesnt werk for me...

    But every human is beautiful cos God is beautiful. Just bring it out....

    1. I still look forward to your comments. You make sense. Thank you.

    2. miss j6/12/2013

      #word# doesn't werrk for me either.sense of humour very important

    3. Jayne and Miss Jay, thank you :-) :-)

  9. A beautiful woman is one who is smart, intelligent, loves God, loves people, doesn't judge, but is welcoming, someone who can motivate people to succeed and doesn't believe anyone is a failure no matter what, can create gold from dust, someone whose presence can bring peace and warmth in the midst of chaos, someone who doesn't have to always 'talk back' or in other words, picks her battles intelligently and wisely etc.

    Someone who believes in helping people and believes in charitable causes, someone with a godly and nice character (not gbagbati), someone who always looks out for the other person and someone who is selfless. If you have a good sense of humour, good, if you don't, not that bad. Someone who lives the WORD and not just says "I am a christian" and someone who generally reflects Jesus to the world :-)

    1. @Jay!!! how many times did I call you?
      I no dey there o.

    2. Nnenne no be lie o. Even me sef I tire for the matter. I think we are twins sha. But I, Ahdaisy, Rubynnia and Ace are quadruplets for epistle writing matters. Na the way our mamas take born us sha. No be our fault. God go help us sha. We dey try to try.

    3. Anonymous6/12/2013

      Jay you will make a good friend. You are both honest and sarcastic, and then intelligent too.

    4. @Nelly Futardo :-) ; Just once. Anything?

    5. @Anon 1:28 : Oh, thank you so much. I'm touched. *sobs* :-)

    6. Nnenne6/12/2013

      @jay,good response really.I like u but I don't think u are ahda's twin she would not ve responded like that.May God Almighty give u more wisdom

    7. Amanda6/12/2013

      Abi oooo,ahdaisy would ve thrown tantrums.jay I ve always read ur comments so am not surprised u answered nnenne d way only a well brought up matured person would ve answered,I like nnenne response too
      This is d kind of things that are expected from children of God

    8. Anonymous6/12/2013

      Jay I love your comments. It always has a sense of honesty, down to earth-ness and calmness about it.
      I think you and Rubynia are rather twins

    9. Anonymous6/12/2013

      Well said Jay, I copied and saved this. So much to learn from this.
      ... Pj

    10. i missed the reply. i was about to tell whoever that picked an Jay in the comment that i can't find here now not to even start with Jay.
      Jay is very much like able and mature.

    11. Beautiful response on what beauty is. Not too long this time. Infact I read it over again a few times.

    12. Anonymous6/12/2013

      Aunty Eya there was no need to delete naa
      Nnnenne said something jay put her in check and she apologised
      Nekky nothing there my sis u can see nnnenne reply there msewwww

    13. Anonymous6/12/2013

      I wish we can behave more like jay and nnenne

    14. @Nnenne: Amen and you too dear.

      @Amanda, Nekky and All the over-able Anons: Thank y'all so much. I appreciate your kind words. God bless y'all.

      @Lizzy: Thanks a lot. I did pick my sub too #epistlethings #Iwillrepent :-)

      @Pj: Thanks a lot.

    15. @ Jay, lol@ epistle things.... For once I agree with my lovers. We are not twins o... You have a very high threshold for BS.. I dnt....working on it though.... Trying to be like you when I grow up...

    16. @Ahdaisy: lol. As in ehn, if not that we aren't using up internet memory spaces with our epistles, Google would have banned us long ago. Kai!

      Lol @ high threshold for BS. Thank you o. Lol
      Don't worry, you've started getting there :-)

  10. Anonymous6/12/2013

    So funny you can tell a beautiful person by the way they talk & WRITE! there are many beautiful people on WC - name them....

  11. Queen Bee6/13/2013

    I for one will not blame a man for making physical looks a major criteria for wifing' cos looks is very important and a man's wife should be his pride.
    If I was a man,my wife must be drop dead gorgeous but with a good heart,highly intelligent(cos I don't want dull kids and I can't stand dull pple)good cooking and bed skills.

  12. Anonymous6/13/2013

    @ queen bee, if you be man, you for just command angel come down oh for the wify matter! Good looking, brainiac, bedmatise, and foodmatise.. Shuoo, that is heavenly made oh!

    I like jay and adhaisy a lot oh, including johnson and ace too. Where are you guys at?
    Bonario is not left out too..too playful shall!
    I hope ur write up complement ur looks and attitude.. Love you guys! Kisses and hugs.


  13. Anonymous10/19/2013

    fuck u yibboe animals,as if dey are yibboe women dat bleach?tonto dikeh,ekuria anonobi ekwu,uche ogbodo,oge okoye,and lots of them,who are even lght skinned are bleaching...half of the d so called light skinned yibboe women are toning,fancy word for bleaching...not to talk of those yam legged hairy animal looking women..UGLY


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