Your Comments Helped Me, Thank You

I want to say a very big thank you to WC family for all your advice to me over my 8yr relationship that was about to crumble then. You all are wonderful. Have been praying about it and still waiting for God's directives, but my mum now knows about it and she is asking me to
just move on,am a Yoruba girl and am pretty sure that all Yorubas on WC will understand what I mean by that. 

We are still together though. My problem now is how to handle a breakup. I believe that if we are meant to be,with God's intervention we will be. But my instinct tells me that soon we will have a misunderstanding because we both take note of little things these days,things like;you haven't called me since morning,you didn't pick my call,I called you and your number was busy who were you talking to. 

These are things that we never took note of before.pls my sweet WC family I need your help. Thanks and have a blessed week ahead.


  1. Anonymous5/20/2013

    I seriously don't understand this poster...why thank us when u still need our help. Ur first and this post didn't exactly say what the actual problem is. Except if u hold some sort trado things in ur village cos that u are a yoruba girl ain't enough reason not to marry ur man.

  2. Anonymous5/20/2013

    Move on? I don'tb get it. D u mean to get pregnanty?

  3. Mz Tee5/20/2013

    Don't get d long and short of ds gist! What's d thanks for? A previous post or?????

  4. Anonymous5/20/2013

    U guys are still 2geda yet you want to know how u can handle the breakup? This makes no sense 2 me.

  5. Anonymous5/20/2013

    Dear poster,am yoruba n I don't understand jack of wat u n ur mum mean!I remember ur story well n remember most of us told u 2go ahead n marry d man if d only reason u had2break off an 8yrs relationship was bcos sum prophet,abi mayb na babalawo sef told u if u marry u'll separate!but now I av a strong feeling its a lot lot more dan dat,esp since now doubt n mistrust has entered!pls gave us d tru pic,no nid hiding.ders nothing new under d sun,I was d1 dat her fiance cheated n a baby came out of it but I 4gave him n u won't bliv he eva betrayed me.d relationship is bck2normal.if u wud end dis thing,end it 1ce n 4all n move 8yrs not enuff tym 2waste?hmmmm ok I dunno d help u nid here o,cos u re going bck n forth.if u nid advise on how 2break up.I suggest u state dat clearly so pple will know wat2tell u.pele

  6. Anonymous5/20/2013

    I remember sef bcos of u ace used his friend's story as a tru life issue.u no wan hear,yeye dey smell!pls free d boi let him ur type dey go chop eye 4 1prophet place or anoda looking4wat didn't lost!

  7. Hmmm.
    1. Me thinks that you are in a haste to give a feedback (that isn't necessary).

    2. Me thinks that you haven't really given a clear/easy to understand feedback of what your decisions are/were.

    3. Did you choose to stay in the relationship or you are just letting things play out, but still have 'break up' at the back of your mind, since you asked for how you can help get through that?

    4. Take your time, don't be in a haste. It's your life and business. Keep calm, let God lead you on if you should stay or go, cos me no know the one that you are deciding to do.

  8. Eya please don't delete my comment if i sound hash please just leave it that way.
    Hey babe get out of here,when you sent in your story everyone asked you to pray and still go ahead with your date,but your mind was already made up to quite so you just wanted to waste our time,the annoying question is why tell us thank you,when you are frustrating the guy to call it quite. If you know you want to listen to prophet you better call it off. That was how all the bishop,pastors,and Rev said my ex was my husband and yet all the signs to dump the morafu*** was pointing at my face and yet i allowed love to waste my 3yrs for 7 wedding dates. Funny to know that it was when my introduction is 3 days to go they host family meetings,and lots of shit that passed under the water to please is parents and now dude is going for introduction next month and his rubbing it at my face after 3yrs and an extra 1yr to get him off my system,yet the ones that dreamed we will get married live happy and divorce are still the one going to tell him to return back to me. Babe you are better do what is right and don't come back here with your sad news becos we all got ours Mtscheeewwww.... If you can not pray then make up ur mind, as for ur infro my ex was from maiduguri (head quarter of boko boys)and i visited that place and was ready to visit more,that was because my love was real,let your love be real and the lord will turn your story to work in your favor. don't mind my typo as am still in the office,awon agbalagba no go finish meeting make we wey dey stay for statelite town go our house.. Babe no face if i hash ooo am just telling you so you can pick the good and dump the rubbish from all have said

  9. Anonymous6/25/2014

    My fanny is huge.. big tunnel . Cant feel a thing. So sad..


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