Happy Children’s’ day

It is really partial and annoying that I don’t get a day off work coupled with my colleagues that get a day off today.
I woke up this morning with a wide grin. My mum’s sister sent me a text this morning saying ‘happy children’s day’ and I thought c’monMummyO’ at my age.
It was such a struggle getting
up this morning and I wondered just why I had to go to work. Its children’s day today and all children like me have a public holiday. Oh just stop, Am I not someone’s child? And Yes! Even if your parents are late, does that stop you from being their child? Or did you fall from heaven?
Before you say what is she up to this morning?
Even if like me, you are at work, with your table full; try to find that child in you and do something that makes you happy.
The innocence of a child is amusing, their smile lights up the world. Children ask the funniest questions and sometimes you just stop to wonder ‘where in the world did he/she get that question from’.
Yes! You’re a mother and all you concern yourself with is your children. While I understand that you’re working for them and you want to give them the best of everything, why don’t you just stop for a moment? When was the last time you took yourself out, bought something for yourself (no matter how little) or even gave yourself a treat? Remember irrespective, you’re still someone’s child and you always deserve the best and deserve to smile and laugh out loud also. Of course, I know you may be facing quite a lot at the moment but for heaven’s sake, can you please put that aside and try to live and even breathe for today?
Oh and yes, you’re a father and you work really hard to fend for your family and really don’t have much time to unwind or you only steal time to hang out with your friends, c’mon take a chill pill and relax.
Now to us single ladies & guys; oh please you don’t have such commitments as married people yet and I understand we’re all trying to better our lives; we are trying to achieve all we can before getting married but please for today, just relax.
Today, why don’t we all just try to relax, let our hair down (and I don’t mean that literarily) and find the little child in us. Were you going to ask how? Whatever you do, make sure you have fun today, it’s that simple.
I intend to play ‘ten-ten’ later on today (oh and Yes, I am so not posh); trash the diet for today; take something you’d have loved to take as a child, dankwa, kulikuli, dundu (that’s for those of us that aren’t ‘burrer’). To my burrers’ in the house, you can take ice-cream en some ‘burrertins.
Most important today is find that child in you today and have all the fun your heart can take.
Happy children’s day people,
Have a BeaYouTeaFull day.


    The title of this post made me remember my sister Lindiway's reply to the message I sent her in the mawning.
    hmmm this post and her reply brought back memories. I envy their innocence and so many other things that comes with being a child.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

  2. Anonymous5/27/2013

    Nice piece Fola! I actually made condense for myself (d soo diluted drinks in a litle nylon)....*covers face*

    1. Please relive your childhood memories.

  3. Anonymous5/27/2013

    *drink* I meant.

  4. Anonymous5/27/2013

    Folashade. I can't help but love U, even dou am almost 30, av ma own family N facing d normal struggles dat comes with been a mother My daddy still cald me today N sald my little gal HBD n I sald am goin to be a mother soon N he sald in ma eyes N in ma heart u re still ma baby N u av a special place in ma heart. *sobsob* am suppose to be happy but honestly I miss being ma parent s little gAl N dat one alwaz looking for attention @ home N dat gal dat won't stop crying bcos she hates food n doesn't want to eat until every one begs me. Hbd 2 me . Oyinkan

    1. Awww hAppy birthday sweeri.

  5. A very happy birthday to you darling Oyinkan. I wish U a grace-full, favor-filled& peace-full year ahead. Truck load of hugs hon.

    *I know you may have had a birthday cake, plz I'm not begging O, I just want to taste it if It's cake.*wink


  6. captain mary5/27/2013

    Hahhahhaha@folashade @*I know you may have had a birthday cake, plz I'm not begging O, I just want to taste it if It's cake.*wink. Na real longer throat style of begging o

  7. Cyndrella5/28/2013

    Nice piece sade, i was opportuned to be sent to the market from my office to get items for us to celebrate children that has account in my branch.

    i got into the market was so happy and the first thing that cut my eyes was kulikuli, which i bought, i got to the office and was suprised that my BM was interested and my CSM as well.

    We all ate and enjoyed it.i quest the child in us show cased itself.


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