What Else Can I Give Her?

Good evening sis,&all d precious mothers in d house. pls,I need U̶̲̥̅̊я help 2 tell me wot type of food 2 introduce 2 M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ a year&a month little princess.

 I did exclusive breastfeeding 4 her for d first 6months,afta 6mnth I started introducing sm foods 2 her,lyk amala&ewedu buh
afta sm tym she doesn't lyk it,I tried giving her pap again,she loves it&took it 4 sm period,lata I introduced golden morn,she do eat it partially. she doesn't eat d can food,coz I tried it 4 her smtyms ago,all she wld do is 2 vomit it all. 

although I haven't stop breastfeeding her all in d name of nt eating&teething stuff.buh monday I tried giving her custard,she eats it partially,buh nt 2 M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ satisfaction. she lyks 2 eat cheese balls&ribena,buh she has stopped taking it 2 now.

presently now she is teething,all dis while wit 2teeths.*winks*& she do take multivitamins. Pls mummies wot other foods I can introduce 2 her again?also is dat custard not 2 hard 4 a year babies?coz am afraid.plz help me out.Abiola Abidemi
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  1. Go 2. or u can add ha on 2753D1EA. Den tnk me lata.#smiles#

    1. Exactly what I wanted to type. And that's the best natural way to feed a baby and keep a child away from all the nastiness found in canned foods *in wellness mama's voice*

    2. Anonymous5/19/2013

      But it's only in Lagos naw

  2. @Eya i've noticed you don't have any recipes for babies, some of the people who write in or comment you will notice are expectant mothers or mothers with young children. please do something about it.
    1)you can prepare dehulled beans (back removed) with crayfish, tomatoes and veg for your baby.
    2)Cook and mash irish potatoes,with deboned fish and vegetable or make egg sauce with little oil,tomatoes, fish and add to irish potatoes for your baby (my baby loves this one)
    3)cook very soft rice with palm oil and crayfish or fresh fish for your baby.
    4)you can also make yam or sweet potatoes porridge with crayfish or fresh fish and thoroughly washed ugu leaves or spinach for your baby.
    5)you can make jollof macaroni or couscous for your baby
    6)babies love tea soaked in bread (use a little Milo and her Milk)i bet you she will not reject this one.
    7)babies love indomie cook it a pinch of the seasoning,ugu leaves or any veg of your choice.
    8)give her banana as snack, she will like it because it is soft.
    9)you can also give her chicken to eat.

    i don try!!!!!LOL at least this will do for a week!

    please golden morn is not recommended for children under 3year. give her either cerelac or friso.
    custard i think it is ok if no preservatives added (always ready the label before you feed anything to your child)or just stick to the pap.
    and please a little or no salt at all when making her food

    1. Anonymous5/18/2013

      Add soya beans powder and a little honey to the pap to make the bay like it. They don't accept tasteless foods.

    2. Anonymous5/19/2013

      Honey is not given to babies

  3. Anonymous5/17/2013

    Lol n here I was complaining my abt my son (5months in 3days) he eat virtually everything u put in ur mouth we hid frm him to each. Will start solid wen he is 6 I was told 2 start wit pap n Heinz rice cereal. Will check d site Tanx guys

  4. Anonymous5/17/2013

    ##we hide frm him to eat

  5. Thank u thank u thank u 4 dis post


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