What Can I Do About My Parents?

Good morning Aunty Eya and honourable blog readers.
 I need advice on what to do about the situation with my parents back home. My mother and Father live in the same house (compound) but haven't spoken to each other for about a year now. I am the
last child and only daughter of my mother, my three elder brothers are all married and it seems they are now only concerned about their wives and kids.

I come from a polygamous home. My Dad has 3 wives who all live together in the same big compound. We the children grew up as one big family, we referred to all our father's wives as our Mothers. And right now I'm even writing you from my half brother's house cos I don't like to go home to my parents anymore. Mom and Dad used to fight a lot and I hated to see them fight but now they are old and do not have the strength for that anymore. I can't stand seeing them not talk with each other.

I am in my final year and have not really been home for some time. I rather spend the holiday with my brothers than go to where my mother will be trying to read my face to see if I'm taking sides with Dad or not. Each time I try to talk with her, she accuses me of taking sides with my father. I wish my brothers were as concerned as I am. Our parents are old and I think this is when they ought to live in peace. 

The last time Mom complained that Dad stopped giving her an allowance because he says her children are all grown and taking care of her and he is old. Because he stopped giving her some allowance, she too stopped cooking for him. The arguments started from there and escalated to this point. I wish there is anything I can do to make them live in peace. I hate to see that the other wives are Ok while my mother is the one not in good terms with her husband. I am so confused. I need advice please. Is there anything I can do in this situation?


  1. Felicia5/20/2013

    Prayer is d key
    Prayer is d key
    Prayer is d master key
    U must start wit prayer
    And end up wit prayer
    Prayer is d master key.

    D bible said "Ask anytin in my name" anytin is anything including d issue bothering u.

    So pls talk to God abt it, there is absolutly nothing God cannot do.


    1. Seconded!

      Because even if you talk from now till tomorrow, you will only just end up talking and no one will listen.

      Prayer is the key here. Tell God to restore peace between your mom and dad. There's nothing God cannot do.

    2. 100% true, its only prayer that can soften their hearts. Will join u in praying for dem.

    3. BEKEES5/21/2013


  2. Anonymous5/21/2013

    Practical solutions placed in your heart by the Holy Spirit while she prays is what she needs.
    Does the father still work and have an income? Cos the root of the problem is money. If she cooks a good meal for her husband with money from her sons, and apologizes about the quarrel, I'm quite sure they'll be smiling soon at each other. Then he'll give her the allowance she wants, IF he has a source of income.

  3. Tune in to classic 97.3 fm listen to some cool nerve softening classics from the past maybe that will get you thinking on what to do... Cos I really don't know what you want to settle in an old polygamous love.

  4. Anonymous5/21/2013

    I guess u r a muslım bcos of d polygamous famıly uv mentıon.so ıf u r dıs ıs wat ull do:sıt wıt ur mum remınd her dat her paradıse ıs under d feet of her husband nd she should knw dat marrıage ıs nt sumtın dat one wıl play wıt ıs part of worshıpıng Allah.remınd her dat death can come to our way at any moment,so ıf she dıes now hw wıl she face her creator.tell her dat ıt ıs a must for a woman to obey her husband so she hv no other optıon or excuse.tel her d kınd of shame nd embarrasement shes brıngın to u for wat shes doın to ur father.tel her dat shes settın a bad example for u on hw to lıve a marıtal lyf.gıv her examples of hw our past prophets lıve thıer lıves wıth theır famıly nd lastly remınd her d kınd of punıshment dat ıs waıtın for her on d last day ıf she contınue to lıve dıs kınd of lıfe.also sıt wıt ur father tel hım dat ıt ıs a must for hım to do justıce among hıs wıves,he cnt gıv hıs 2wıves allowances nd refuse to ve 1 ıt ıs her rıght,ıt ıs a must for hım to gıv her.tel hım hes d head of d famıly,hes ur father nd ur hero.tel hım dat u r nt a proud daughter bcos of d kınd of lıfe hes lıvın wıt ur mum,tel hım dat as a man nd at hıs age he should nt even consıder wat a woman wıl do to hım nt to talk of fıghtın bck.beg hım ın the name of God to settle d ıssues btw hım nd hıs wıfe,cry for hım as much as u can,tel hım dat u are lıvın a borın lyf bcos of hıs ıssues wıt ur mum.tel hım dat hes movın forward everyday nt bckward so he should forgıve nd forget,also gıve hım examples of our past prophets lıves

  5. I give up!!!! No news/ gist day!!!!!!!


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