Thank You All For Your Comments

Aunty Eya firstly I want to thank you and every other person that advised me when I needed it... I am the corper Maria serving in Oyo state that wrote you some months back about my boy friend that cheats,it wasn't easy to let go but after reading all the comments, both d ones that abused me and d ones that understood my plight then, I had
to let go and move on to better things,if I didn't let go I wouldn't have met a wonderful guy,I say thank u once again...

Secondly, I want to thank you 4 making me meet my prince charming that treats me like a queen,I love you so much (Gods love)on the 27th of April, I saw the post about the guy that wanted to meet a wonderful Nigerian lady, after reading the comments I was scared but I still sent him a text. Then he called me that same night,we got talking and fixed a date to meet,I took a risk but God was with me and the risk was worthwhile, to cut the long story short we saw and we are now dating.

Those that called the guy fake and other names,the guy is everything a woman needs,he's handsome,caring,treats me like a queen,  adores me and has a positive character..After everything I went through in the hands of my ex God sent an angel my way...Aunty thank you so much 4 making me meet my prince charming..pls keep praying 4 us.

Ahdaisy,Bona and Ace I love your comments keep it up...cheers
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  1. Anonymous5/19/2013

    Happy 4 u dear. But all your 'he treats me like a princess' and 'I love him' is nice and you feel that way cos u have known him for just less than a month. Honeymoon period still dey your body. Glad u left that other guy. And pray this new one lasts a very long time.

  2. May it lead to something great. Thank you for thanking us.

  3. Anonymous5/19/2013

    Hahahahaha. Lmao. I'm happy 4u o. But my dear its 2 early 2 tell.

    1) U've told d guy about ur past relationship & he'll not want to be wat ur ex was 2u.

    2) If he is so nice hw cum he couldn't get a gf even wit all his prince charming qualities?

    3) Like sum1 just stated "honeymoon period is still on" possibly he's pretending.

    4) Be careful of blind dates, internet dates etc.

    More to say but Pls & pls don't act cheap, don't go sleeping wit a complete stranger. We re family here n I'm advising u as family.

    1. Spot on

    2. Anonymous5/20/2013

      10/10 i support u gbam!!!!. humans are always doubled face it's our nature especially wen we want smthing .

  4. Anonymous5/19/2013

    Just a couple of weeks into 'dating' and you are already claiming undying love. Lmao. Allow dis stage pass and you can come back again and profess your love. 1st month of a relationship is wen we exhibit our BEST characters cos its new and fresh and the aim is to impress. Goodluck to you.

  5. Anonymous5/19/2013

    OMG it is so wonderful. Pls wen wedding bells rings invite ooo, after all u met him in WC lol

  6. WC connection! We are going places, hip, hip, hip, hurray!

    Babe, enjoy yourself and if he's the ONE, remember to send "your family" IVs.

    Aunty Eya, when is our anniversary?

    I'm asking again; Aunty Eya,
    Ahdaisy, mizOsa, AyEkene and
    everybody pls how can I make
    yoghurt drink at home? I'm begging
    Thank you!

  7. Anonymous5/19/2013

    Lol,wish u guys all the best,abeg oga that was looking for babe,I hope she is the only one you are treating this way,cos some other girls may have sent their number to him and he is having multiple gfs,so sister be careful,we are family.

    1. Anonymous5/20/2013

      If he is putting he's eggs in different baskets, he would be caught cos d other girls wld c dis post.
      He he he
      Lets jst hope hes not cos Maria u deserve d best

  8. Inaddition, it's always refreshing and nice to read feedbacks from those who send in mails for readers to comment. I wish others would follow the same route.

    "I thought 10 lepers were healed, where are the 9"- it's good to say thank you!

  9. Anonymous5/19/2013

    Lmaoo... WC - connecting people! Babe abeg, i don't want to sound negative but please ehn, for the sake of love, its just too early to say all these about some guy that posted his number on a public blog. Just like someone stated already, if he were all you mentioned, why couldn't he get a babe in real life. Be extremely careful o cos e get as d tori be for ear sha.

  10. Yayy.. It's so Lomantic....! :-) Abeg, keep us posted o... And pls still keep your eyes open. And dnt rush things ok?

    Ruby, my dear, home-made yoghurt na long tin o... I have Googled it a lot but I haven't found any recipe that I can handle. But if you can, Google it, try it and tell me how it turns out. I heard it tastes better and it's safer since you know exactly what it contains...

    All the best guys...

    1. Thanks Ahdaisy, I don check google tire. I don't know if the yoghurts sold here contain "Live and active culture". Emphasis on "live and active culture".

    2. Exactly! Lol. In fact that is the main problem I have...and the thermometer... But mainly the live and active culture or bacteria...

  11. It would have been wiser to be friends first for two reasons.
    1. You've just finished from a bad relationship and you need time to heal
    2. This guy is a complete stranger and you need time to discover his true personality.

    My advice, take It slow. Even if you feel very comfortable with him, be very careful. You need to be sure of his character. Meet his friends, family, colleagues, church or mosque et al. Make sure you discover his character from his interactions with others.

    If he is truly yours, time will tell. I sincerely hope it all works out in the end.

    You deserve to be happy, but please be safe.

    1. Spot on!just to add mine,I think this lady has a problem: her problem is she can never function without a validation of some sort from a man.U leave an 'abusive' relationship and quickly enter a 'cyber' one.The desperate need to be attached is written all over and that's sad,u don't have an identity of ur own.U always want to be known as 'the daughter of this,the girlfriend of that and somebody's Mrs.'
      For me u should have given urself about 8months of 'rest' to really find and enjoy urself,then when u find 'love' again,he would just be a complement and nothing else.
      A month is just too short a time to sing his praises,seriously girl u are to desperate to be in love with love.
      Anyway just ensure u don't open ur legs wide for him!never!not under any circumstances.Some pple use the internet to sample easy girls and then they would take a hike!we don't want another broken heart email from u,one is just ok.

  12. Anonymous5/19/2013

    Madam Eya, wen sum1 gives us feedback pls kindly put a link to the person's previous story so that we'll refresh our memories. I'm sure sum ppl don't remember d story. Tanx

  13. Yes o! I'm new here so I will like a link I can visit inorder to see her story.
    Aww... Young love! Its always like dat. Be careful tho, dnt let ur guard down like dat. Shield ur heart boo :)

  14. Anonymous5/19/2013

    Chei see what procastination has caused me. I bin wan call the guy o no wonder him number no d go again.girl enjoy na your luck.

  15. Lady Morgana5/20/2013

    Hhohahohahihihahahja...(laughs in Spanish)
    frm d way u sound,i guess u might hv opened ur legs so wide fr him.
    Odikwa egwu,dikwa too risky buh God dey

  16. Anonymous5/20/2013

    Aunty Eya abi u no get new gist? Mi don tire to see dis girl gist as numba one gist on dis blog. Next pls

  17. it worked for you... Enjoy it, for some it might not...

    The lesson is that you can never under estimate the power of love (True love).

    Thanks for sharing your story, keep us updated.

  18. Anonymous5/20/2013

    I wonder which of the Pharisees Abena descended from!

  19. For all those who wants to read the link tab on the red sentence and it will surely take you there hahahahahahahahah.....


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