Sorry About Blog Comments Moderation

Hello Fam,
Sorry we agreed that comments should not be moderated and I respect that. We also agreed that I delete any comment I find offensive or hurtful. I have tried all this while to abide by that. After taking down that post yesterday, I don't know
who I offended so much that is taking it upon herself to fight me. With emails, with links on every post that is not even related to the deleted post. I tried to bear it but since she or they have promised they "won't stop until they teach all my blog readers that what they are engaged in is the best lifestyle."

I actually explained why that post can no longer exist on this blog, so, why they are giving different interpretations of it I don't understand. I actually feel it's one person fighting me in different forms.

I don't see how I can control their utterances, I don't want to block them completely but want to start approving comments. They actually want me to go their way and not popular demand. I am sorry about this and promise it won't last forever.

I don't like to open my box, see something and then come to read comments and still see the same person and the same thing. The man that sent that post is not feeling bad, he has already decided to make-up with his wife. Why one woman decides to put all her activities on hold and just fight me is what I don't understand.

This blog is open to everyone. I mean everyone. I have never said here that only a certain group of people should or should not read this blog.  I may be the blog author, but, truth is I am so thankful because I think I learn more from you guys that you learn from me. This blog has changed me in so many ways and taught me a lot that I didn't know before I started blogging. Why someone will think that I am fighting her chosen lifestyle and as such she will convert my readers or whatever is what I do not understand, and do not even know what it means to "convert" readers. Eh, is it conversion to a kind of religion or what?

For this time, I beg you esteemed bloggers to permit me moderate comments.
Thank you all.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. You see? If the person doesn't have evil intentions, why will she go to this extent? Hm... Na wa o.

  3. Wow! #Sad face!

    I understand aunty... Just take it as what comes with being in the public purview!
    Dealing with a large amount of pple takes a lot of patience and "rational courage"

    All the best!
    The Lord is ur strength

  4. It's well Eya. Anyone you choose, your ardent followers will still be here for you.
    What you did with that post is what you felt best and I don't see how that is anyone's problem. If the person no like they should stop visiting

  5. Anonymous5/08/2013

    The best blog for me.....have learnt a lot as a single lady God bless you

  6. Anonymous5/08/2013

    Aunty Eya,u get time o! Pls u hav to develop a thick skin bcos its imposible for u to please evryone..some people are just trouble inventors abeg ignore d jobless fool..mtsheWwwwwwww

  7. Anonymous5/08/2013

    Ooops! Well i strongly think that all these married women should take a chill pill already! What do y'all hope to teach ur kids for goodness sake? Make una kuku free aunty Eya too, no be she do una! Flooding her inbox with mails will not change the fact that the act is DEVILISH! Aunty Eya, no mind dem u hear, it is well.


  8. Anonymous5/08/2013

    Always love u eya muaaaah

  9. Anonymous5/08/2013

    Fine, sis u knw best, pls don't let it last . Oyinkansola

  10. Anonymous5/08/2013

    I move the motion

  11. Aunty Ojay plz don't loose faith not even now.
    And I don't want u to sound tired or helpless,wish I can give u my type of heart,asin don't mind whatever they say see it as a sacrifice for the height u wish to attain.
    Believe me if it were all rosy here trust me it will soon be boring. U owe nobody no explaination.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

  12. Anonymous5/08/2013

    Good. Finally. Blog thugs can rest now.

  13. Yea...agreed.................but Aunty Eya,we dnt talk much on parenting,we concentrate more on relationships. Am a novice dt side..pls some mums sld gv us articles on how to take care/handle our children...everything sldnt b al about wife/husband or boy/girlfriend. Afteral dey(our children) r our future

  14. Anonymous5/08/2013

    Aunty Eya, no mind them. why is it today that i sent my problem to you for my family/friends to share their opinion that all these are happening. *angry face*. pls free her joor. blogging is not by force.

    pls share my story tomorrow and not today. becos we are not happy since Aunty Eya is not happy.

    *big hug*

  15. No problem at all Eya. Just don't let all these get to you. People have all sorts of drama and this is just an example.
    Like I already said, its your blog so please go ahead and do what you feel its best.

  16. Anonymous5/08/2013

    Am lost here, just a day i didnt log on and see what i missed.

  17. ****Mufasa Said5/08/2013

    no problem then. but honestly, u shldnt grace them wt a response. the silent treatment always works.

    ****Mufasa Said

  18. Don't mind the bullies jare,Eya. Some people are just agents of the devil,they're always out to destroy good things. They'll not achieve their aim on this wonderful blog.
    Anyhow you go,we're with you 100%. Hugs...

  19. Anonymous5/08/2013

    Eya one thing you need to learn is to
    1. Grow a thick skin
    Do you have an idea of what bigger bloggers like linda Ikeji and Ladun go through every minute? The difference is that they never say it out. Emails from random ppl and celebs insulting them. Even commenters that have a thick skin I respect are:
    1. Bonario
    2.Billie jean
    3.Prince charming.
    These ppl get insults everyday on LIB and LLB but the way they ignore and don't fight back is why they are big names. Eya, it comes with your proffession. The only solution is to receive it and dust it off because believe me, it gets worse. Buckle up Eya. We still love you.

  20. Johnson5/08/2013

    My 1st time blogging, haven being introduced by wifey… logged on every single day (within very tight schedule) and really enjoying the different dimensions presented. Though shocked by initial comments (& responses) on yesterday’s post from a fellow man, I was glad there was light @ the end of the day. The response from poster on dealing with the situation is a testimony of the good work from the family… well-done!
    Blog Comments Moderation? Let’s see how this plays out… @ the end all will be well.

  21. Imagine it went as far as sending u lots of mails and putting up links to those websites. Plz moderate until all these dies down, hopefully it'll b asap and d happy fam will b back to normality.

  22. they can't bring you down o no matter how hard they try. we are solidly behind whatever choice you make.

  23. Eya, you do not need anybody's permission to moderate your blog comments. If some people have nothing useful to say, they should not say it on your blog. You do not even need to waste your time on an anonymous hater. If someone is not bold enough to comment openly, and state their grievances openly, you should not waste precious time on them. As far as I am concerned, it is an unnecessary distraction for you.

  24. With you aunty eya all da way!

  25. Na wa o. Just one post and all this chaos. I saw that post and jejely passed it by. I knew it was going to be crazy. Eya, abeg carry go strong eh? Do...

  26. It's unfortunate but probably necessary at this time. Hopefully it won't be for long.

  27. Anonymous5/08/2013

    This comment is not for you to approve,my greatest happiness will come once u read it.madam Eya,I truly sincerely respect what you are doing.but somebody posted the link to that girls blog here and I saw it and saw ur comment.why are u trying to paint some people bad like u never visited that blog?why?u and I know that u were aware of the fact that prism was a lesbian before u started commenting on her posts,because I opened the link to the blog for the first time and I saw it there on her profile for all to see.why did u ever visit that blog?why did u ever comment?why are u pretending like u have never gone there?why are u suddenly deleting comments and doing all this stuff?madam,I am truly ashamed of you.

    A lover of your blog.

    1. Anonymous5/08/2013

      Thank u for ds. I went to d lesbian blog also to see wit my korokoro eyes wat d whole bruhaha was all abt n yes, I did see Eya's comments there,encouragin d lesbian. Why is Eya playing d victim here. Eya say ur side of d story,let's here it n let this whole thing die down pls.
      I do love ur blog a lot, but if u don't iron ds issue, it will hunt u and us ur blog followers aswell

    2. Anonymous5/08/2013


    3. Anonymous5/08/2013

      Abeg enough of this issue jare!
      Why are you taking it personal? Which one is haunt her and her blog followers again.
      I am sure Aunty Eya is not happy about all these already. Let it rest and let's move forward.


      ... Pj

    4. Anonymous5/08/2013

      Continue commenting and replying yourself. I wish Eya can ignore you.

  28. I wonda y peo chuz 2 b silly @tyms. Mtchew

  29. Anonymous5/08/2013

    Dont worry. D more they open ur blog to write nonsense, the more hits u get on ur blog. They r only working for ur benefit.

  30. kendra5/08/2013

    Okay,even though I still don't understand what went down cos I didn't log in here for 2days due to my job and I can't even see the post everyone is talking about,but I still don't think its enough reason to censor comments...

    If someone is posting as anonymous and calling u names,allow ur blog readers to trash the person,I'm sure almost everyone here is reading to do that.. By the time everyone keeps them where they belong,they will stop leaving comments and either stop visiting here or continue even though we all know they won't stop visiting here

    Anyway,u know what's best but pls "grow thick skin" like someone said... The idea of not reading comments immediately is making me fall sick already

    I wish I even know what went down.....

    1. kendra5/08/2013

      Yaaay! Actually posted that comment thinking u were still moderating the comments only to see u are no more moderating.. Thanchu

  31. Pls where is d link 2 d lesbo blog???????

    1. Anonymous5/08/2013

      me too i want to see ooh!! and Anty Eya, pls me i dnt like te idea of comment moderation ooh, since i started visiting ur blog, i do less of linda ikeji and i learn more frm,pls learn to ignore pple and give evry1 a chance to voice their opinion whether negative or positive( we as adults know what to take in and what not to) u cant av a perfect blog without haters or random pple saying crap, so pls ignore them, nt evry1 is worth our time and not evry write up is worth commenting(i saw the post yday, i know deep down within me that it is a wrong act, so y listen to pple who dont own up for their wrong ways.) so, i jeje read the comments and passed on to the next story.

  32. Anonymous5/08/2013

    Drama things. Unfortunately, a lot of us are not sure what went down. I guess you need to start screening your stories before you put them up. The automatic copy and paste should stop. While we are at it, it wouldn't hurt to edit those posts both for grammar and content.

    If someone says they don't want their name published, that can be edited out. We don't need to see stuff like that. When someone spells sex as @#$ you can edit that also. Your blog should not be a rubbish dump for everything and anything. Time to get some polish. This is purely constructive criticism, so please no attacks.

    if u r not willing to accept feedback, you cannot grow.

  33. What has been happening here, I was crazy busy all day, and I missed the whole saga, but whatever the case maybe, Aunty Eya pls I beg you overlook criticism, haters gonna hate. Just keep doing your good work.
    At this point, if you want to moderate comments you are so free, it's your blog after all.

  34. Your blog, your rules. I understand and accept your decision. It is well with you.

    Meanwhile, have you considered having a separate blog for the food recipes? Sometimes, I just want to look at, read recipes for kitchen inspiration and all these personal agony aunt problems can be such a downer sometimes. I appreciate what you're doing giving people a forum to air their views and seek solutions but pls consider separating the food from the agony aunt page.

    1. The two used to be separate blogs before I imported the cooking blog here.

  35. Anonymous5/08/2013

    How childish is that Anonymuos. You will say something and reply yourself. It will haunt you and your blog followers bla bla.....hahahahahahahaha,grow up child and do it very very fast. If e pain you so much,open your own blog. Byeeeee child

  36. I missed that post so I practically scattered the net to get that lez site, a lot of top bloggers comment there! She's just a weirdo. But I don't think that should have cuased a lot of brouhaha here!

    Let's move on happy ppl of WC!


    1. Anonymous5/08/2013

      After pretending to advise her on her blog, you come here to say she is a weirdo? I don't think she has anything to do with what happened here. As usual, people are up to no good.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Yea, what was wrong with my

      I advised her to get a man and not a
      woman in her life... From her writings I sensed disillusion and perversion so I called her wired, incase you didn't read my comments there well maybe cos of ur browser or network or whatever was faulty plz go back and see em again.

  37. WOW.So much has happened that I'm not even aware of. Hope ure good anty eya.

  38. Anonymous5/09/2013

    2 bad................

  39. Priscillia5/09/2013

    Na wa o...plenty drama on top one post...

  40. Anonymous5/09/2013

    Why cry wolf now Eya?
    You knew what you were doing, all in the bid to pull traffic to your site for advertisement purpose and you do not have the thick skin for it? Learn from your model Linda! Let the money you get console you!
    People would support anything so as to look good to others, but the truth would always surface! Like you! You supported her in your comments in her blog, and now you are saying otherwise! Hypocritical!
    You also comment and reply as anonymous, that is why you deleted the post, because the truth was told!
    You have lost the true essence of your blog all in the bid to increase rating.
    You started as a food blog, and now what do we have here?
    You know the truth Eya!
    You want to stop all this?
    First, stop coping and pasting stories from whatever source you get them! You cannot deceive everybody!And do some editing! Why do all your posters have BB MTN? Be smart! Device another way!
    Second, stop anonymous comments like mine,let your true comment[ers] surface
    Publish if you like, but you would read this. I do care, that is why i am telling you.

    1. Anonymous5/09/2013

      From the mouth of another failed blogger. Eya carry go pls and leave them behind. We r with you all d way. Let them die. U r not d cause of this unsuccessful blogger's FAILURE.

    2. Mrs Dayo5/09/2013

      Word of advice: All the energy you have put into fighting Eya this past few days, if you invest it in building your blog. You will surely make it like she is.

      Forget all the hate and bitterness, we all know that Eya's blog is not even upto a year and she is almost hitting the one million pageview mark. It happens in life dear. Some people grow slowly while for others, growth is like magic. If it hurts seeing her blog grow so fast, then best thing is avoid checking on her and pray that God helps you the way he is helping her.

      I have seen people suffer in life for trying to pull down the successful.
      May I beg to stop here.

    3. Anonymous5/09/2013

      I suspect a blogger hating on Eya, such is life. Success attracts enemies. Eya pls try your best to develop a thick skin and ignore her. One day she'll regret because all these don't pay. #BeenThere

  41. Oh no!bin very busy,missed d lezbo post...sorry aunty Eya,just try and stay strong and ignore whatever they say.they are just trying to weaken u ni and dey won't succeed, we dey ur back kampe!...


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