Rising Above Haters

9:41 AM (14 minutes ago)
to me
Dearest Eya,
How are you and your family this morning?
I really felt bad about how yesterday went down on my favorite blog. I want you to see it for what it is;some people trying to pull you down as they see how fast you're rising.

I noticed you did sometin u've never done yesterday morning. U were replying those hate comments. I beg u in d name of God,don't start doing that! Once u start giving dm audience,trust me, dy won't stop as u're making dm feel powerful.

That was d mistake Ada made with them.
Nobody can pull you down! God will make ds blog stand! U've blessed my household in a way u won't believe tru ds blog. And cos of dt;I prophecy to ur life ds morning dt d devil will not have a foothold in all dt concerns you! Ur labors on this blog will not be in vain! It'll continue to rise in the name of Jesus.

Lastly,pls,be careful about ur comments on other blogs!  People have a way of twisting one's statements to suite dr horrible motives.
By the way I'm d one dt comments as Funke.
Put d whole ugly episode behind u and ve a splendid day ahead.
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  1. Tru talk @funke/poster

    Aunty pls kip up d good works and tnx for dis blog *hugs*

  2. Well said Funke. I really made that mistake and I vowed that yesterday's own was the last. That was why I was ready for whoever but after a while I became bored cos everyone started sounding like broken records. I like Ace's suggestion too that we just ignore the person no matter what they say.

    God bless you Aunty Eya, and Funke and everyone. Btw, Aunty Eya, we have not done any other special ingredient apart from plantain.

    My testimonies!

    Soya bean powder turned out perfect. I did moi moi without removing the back of the beans, no difference. When next my hair is due, I'll try kiddies relaxer. I was the one with hot body temperature, turns out it's normal for some people. I now incorporate veggies into everything I cook. E remain make I add carrot and cabbage to soups...lol. I now buy almost everything at supermarkets...turns out the difference is not so much and the comfort is priceless. I am also much more patient with people around me and I now appreciate my life more cos no matter how bad you think your own is, someone's own is worse. The post on loss and letting go, made me appreciate my parents more. 'Sister', I know you did not ask for my forgiveness, but I forgive you. To others I forgive you also. Forgive me too.

    E-hugs to those who have experienced deep loss one way or the other. God will continual show Himself strong in your lives.

    So thank you everyone who has contributed positively in one way or the other.

    1. Lol. E-hugs to u too ahdaisy.

  3. Nice. I also wondered why Ahdaisy Jayde and Eya decided to reply each hateful comment. Totally no need for that. Say your piece and move on. There is a saying, that tends to keep me in check: "If you fight with a mad man at the market place, very soon, no one will know the difference between you two".

    The only thing I don't agree with is asking Eya to censor herself when she comments on other blogs. Pls Eya, be yourself. Don't allow jobless hateful people who have been dropping inanne comments on your blog lately, muzzle you.


  4. Aunty Adhaisy i love u *no homo*. I bless God for u and i pray for a beta family in future.

  5. Anonymous5/15/2013

    God bless us all

  6. @Ahdaisy, u made me remember i didnt share my testimony too. Making moimoi without peeling was exactly the same & stress free, i've made like 6times since that post o but with palmoil(i prefer) cos i love beans. God bless aunty Eya( the Lord is ur strength), WC & all of us.

  7. Anonymous5/15/2013

    Thanks Funke for dis piece,Aunty Eya d' Lord is surely wt u n dis blog wil go far beyond in success. Mrs Ada,Bona,Ace n others who av bn contributing positively2 WC wt ur beautiful soul,May God almighty crown all ur efforts wt success.May WC continues2 experience success,Peace n Unity,Amen. I Love dis Family... Frm Mason's Mum

  8. captain mary5/15/2013

    Yaaaayi, sanity has finally returned to this blog again. Now I can boldly convince my friends to return to this place, cos they got so pissed off when the fights were getting out of place. Pls sister, meme, disappointed pperson, jayde, bona, and all other anonymouses, let's forgive one another pls. I love u all.#kisses#

  9. Claire5/15/2013

    Sanity Is back!yaaayyyyy!!! When I walked in here yesterday! I had to refresh my phone cos I cldnt believe my eyes! The hate and all. been the second time visiting this blog!I love the food recipe on this blog, I love cooking and experimenting other cultural dishes!I love the advices on relationship and marriages, I love seeing pple coming back to give testimonies! walking in now, am impressed! Like I would always tell anyone who cares to listen " people would always nag, complain, bring you down, back stab, and plot evil but how you raise above all the hate depicts your strength and who you really are" we all have short comings, but let love reign instead of hate! I want more recipes oh!


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