Re: Should I Cut All Ties With People Close To My Ex? A thank You Note

Oh, thanks for this platform o jare.I'm d poster of 'should I cut off all ties with my ex' ...
I'm back with my friend, I took the advice somebody gave with
the point that 'good friends are rare to come by' and i must say, i ve not had any reason to regret my decision. In fact it's as if nothing happened.
We are back to our normal selves, we gist, laugh, encourage each other etc.. I'm thankful to everybody that commented on both my post and hers, y'all saved my friendship. And those that are looking for such friends, my advice to you is that you make urself d kinda friend you would love to be. Good attracts good and vice versa... All the same, thank you all for being there :)

In case you missed her original post, read it HERE
If you missed her friend's reply, you can read it  HERE


  1. Cyndrella5/10/2013

    Good am happy for u both.

  2. Wow! Nice that you did, BTW, ping me ASAP! I have gist for you! Lol

  3. Priscillia5/10/2013


  4. Anonymous5/10/2013

    am all smiles here

  5. Anonymous5/10/2013

    @Ace, you don dey confirm person ex abi?


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