Re: Finding It Difficult To Let Go

After Folashade wrote an article on Letting Go, Sis responded by Explaining why she is finding it Difficult to let go. You guys advised her on what to do, she did just that and here is her feedback:

Hello Aunty Eya,This is a feedback/update for WC fam on how our meeting went last saturday.
Me, my siblings met with mum and dad. We all said our

piece of what hurts and apologies were made.
Dad made it very clear how deeply hurt he was with the police situation and how he finds it difficult to forgive mum for involving the police. She explained why she did and apologised.
For all what dad has done to mum he didn't see anything wrong and refused to apologise and we made him understand that although he doesn't see wrong in it but it does hurt her. After avoiding the apology for hours he eventually apologised.
He sounded deeply hurt that we don't phone him, keep in touch and only bother to come round when mum is there. We equally apologised and promised to make more of an effort and we also explained that communication is a 2 way thing therefore if he doesn't hear from us he should call and check on us as we might be caught up with family life and work.
The meeting ended well and I hope everyone has moved on and try to put the past behind.
Thanks WC fam for your advise and input in all these. God bless you and peace will forever reign in your homes.


  1. Hmm, Horace once said "Vis si pacem para bellum" meaning, if you want peace be ready for war!

    And you all know what happens after war.... DIALOGUE!

    God bless you & your family, you shall be a blessing to the world in Jesus Name, amen!

    One love...

    1. Duchess5/29/2013

      Looool... Does anyone else notice how religious Ace has become this past days? Well, keep it up dear.
      @Poster, we celebrate with you and pray that the people looking for solution to their problems also have a cause to praise God with us...Amen

    2. @duchess i also noticed and was thanking God for him.

  2. Awwww! Bless God. Thank God for peace, may His peace n comfort continue to abide with us, daily.

  3. May God give u n ur family everlasting peace. Love is d greatest gift from God.

  4. Thank God for the breakthrough, but keep praying for ur dad (and other family members if not yet saved) to come to the saving knowledge of Christ.
    Only then will true healing come.

  5. Am happy for you,may God henceforth take control of your famiky's affairs. It feels good when the story ends this way.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310


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