Public Swimming Pools In Lagos

Hi Miss Eya,

You are doing an awesome job here..could you kindly help me ask your readers about good swimming pools in Lagos, on the mainland preferably..they seem to be really knowledgeable about everything..Thanks in advance. ENE


  1. Ogba, Ikeja | Excellence Hotel

    Ogba, Ikeja | Duban Hotel

    Awolowo way, Ikeja | Airport Hotel

    Adeniyi jones, Ikeja | Tropicana

    Festac Town | Golden Tulip Hotel

    Badagry | Whispering Palms

    Gowon estate/Egebda | Havana

    1. Ahhh ace u know ebgeda, havana dats in my house in gown estate! Miss home

  2. Anonymous5/26/2013

    Miss Eya kwa...hian? She is Mrs...

  3. Anonymous5/26/2013

    Thank you @anon, wanted to point that out too.
    Poster, you could also register with Ikeja country club. The pool is awesome and you could take your kids/friends there too. Aside that, everything there is being sold at company's price (everything). Plus the place is so neat, a good relaxation venue, and be sure to meet a lot of good friends there.
    Please I'm not advertising here o, thought i should let others enjoy what i ve been enjoying (plus dem no dey find customers sef as dem get plenty customers including Gov.Fashola). #thankmelater#

    1. Anonymous6/03/2013

      Pls, how much does registration cost now? My father was an old member but we the kids didn't follow it up. Not sure if his name will still be in their books.

    2. Please price to register?

  4. Anonymous5/26/2013

    Thank Ace&anon 3.09pm...Sorry about the mix up, Mrs Eya.

  5. @Deborah, I know egbeda/Gowon very well, hung out at havana quit a number of time, cool place at night. I guess you ar in school that's why you missing home! Plz be fyn, kk...

  6. Sheraton hotel, zaza hotel at toyin round about, protea leadway beside Mr biggs, Maryland and planet one Maryland.


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