Please Teach Me Again

Thanks so Much Aunty Eya and every other person in the house. I read a post on how to make soya beans for babies and I have been trying to do it for my baby. My problem is I don't seem to get how to peel the
skin of the soya beans after frying.I even had to throw a whole lot of it away because I fried it and could not peel it and I put it back on stove thinking maybe I didn't fry it well enough and then everything got burnt,pls can I just go and grind it without peeling the skin?

Thanks so much,am already so addicted to this blog,its a lifesaving blog,I have learnt a lot from you guys and I keep learning everyday by day.


  1. They process it at the mill. They first break them, then they'll blow away the chaff before they grind it to powder...

  2. Anonymous5/26/2013

    Ok,Thanks so much Ahdaisy!

  3. Anonymous5/27/2013

    Thumbs up @Ada, Oly

  4. Anonymous5/28/2013

    Is it that simple?

  5. Anonymous6/12/2013

    Put it in a mortar and roll pestle around it, then pour it out on a tray and husk it!
    If u r not satisfied, repeat d process agin till u get all d skin off. Don't over fry d soybeans Oo°˚˚˚°! Ir u'll end up wiv brown looking powder. Tokoni


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