Nigerian Stew Without Seasoning, Jollof Macaroni with Dry Fried Chicken

A Serving of jollof macaroni with dry fried chicken.
Macaroni can be cooked like jollof rice, like fried rice or boiled and eaten with stew. It can also
be cooked with curry and lots of vegetables.
Boiling tomatoes before blending
Adding pepper and onion to boiled tomatoes for blending
Adding tomato paste to boiled and blended tomatoes
Mixing tomato paste with boiled and blended tomatoes
Boiling chicken with onion and salt
Boiled chicken ready for dry frying
Dryfrying boiled chicken
Dry fried chicken
Dry fried chicken on paper napkins to drain oil
Adding chicken stock to fried tomatoes, onion and pepper
Adding salt and Benny spice to boiling macaroni
Water is drained from
parboiled  macaroni while stew is added
Jollof macaroni  in the pot
Well mixed jollof macaroni
Jollof macaroni with dry fried chicken
Macaroni, chicken and boiled egg

Jollof macaroni with a side of bananas
Well cooked tasty macaroni with dry fried chicken
Jollof macaroni with banana
Dry fried chicken is very healthy. The oil in chicken seeps out and fries itself. Chicken has enough fat and sometimes it's good to just let it cook in its own oil. Adding a little curry, thyme and other spices is not a bad idea but  if you want to enjoy the original flavour of chicken, cook without all those spices.



  1. Jazmyn5/19/2013

    Nice one Eya, wish you posted yesterday or early today. This would have been my perfect sunday lunch.

    1. Sorry about that Jazmyn. What about next sunday? You can try it then.

  2. Anonymous5/19/2013

    Looks great and I know it equally tasted superb.. Bt Eya, I hope you dint partake in that pasta meal ig ur serious about shedding 10kgs*winks* dnt mind me jare

    1. Thank you Anony, yes I'm very serious. I took one little scoop with the chicken yansh.

  3. mizOsa5/19/2013

    Lol chicken and egg. Me loving dis.

    1. Hahahaha MizOsa, the eggs were given to children who asked for boiled eggs o. Please don't eat too much eggs.

  4. Anonymous5/19/2013

    Pls always cut off the second lower part of the chicken yansh. Or just cut d entire yansh off. Bcos there is still always shit inside and I don't want u eating that. And what do you mean by stew without seasoning if you seasoned the spag? Looks yum yum.

    1. Anonymous5/19/2013

      Me love dat triangular yansh area. My fav actually. I wash it with my finger.

    2. Anonymous5/19/2013

      I like it too, but make sure you cut open it at d middle and remove d shit before cooking it. Don't 4get to wash it very well.

    3. Apart from holding shit, it's majorly fat!

      I'm asking again; Aunty Eya,
      Ahdaisy, mizOsa, AyEkene and
      everybody pls how can I make
      yoghurt drink at home? I'm begging
      Thank you!

    4. Yes, the seller used to cut it off but I asked her to stop. It belongs to me exclusively cos no member of my family would touch it. I like the softness of that part. If it's fat then I may have to stop taking it. I do cut open and wash it myself before cooking. If animal intestines can be eaten, then yansh is a small thing.

      @Rubynnia, let's be patient and see if someone will take pity and teach us.
      Thank you all.

  5. Aunty tnx to u ma cookin has improve n am not afraid to b creative whenever am cookin God bless u.

    1. Hi Amirah, you need to see me grinning because of this comment. Thank you for sharing. God bless you dearly.

  6. Anonymous5/19/2013

    Nice food. Ladies,feed your Man very well,a Fat Man cannot run away...if possible make him Obese. Hahahahaha

    1. LOL!!! That's crazy!

    2. Hehehe, if you make him obesed, make sure you continue to go crazy for that obesed body you created o.

  7. Nice one. But dry frying spoils and darkens pans, unless u will just reserve one pan for just that.
    Again I suggest u start trying grills. Grilled meat is healthier, let's cut out too much fry fry. U can get an electronic mini grill the size of a toaster dat can just be on ur kitchen cabinet and easy to use. Thank u for all ur tips.

    1. +1000. I attended a seminar where the doctor there advised we bake plantain instead of frying so as to reduce frying and she also added that its nt medically adviseable to reuse oil. Let's live right.

    2. Anonymous5/20/2013

      Eya ddnt fry that chicken with any oil and its healthier chicken fat is allowed to seep out. Tnk me later

    3. Anonymous5/20/2013

      Use non stick fry pans to dry fry. They don't turn Black.

    4. Yes Nelly you are right. Dry frying turned my old fry pan BLACK. This is already a black fry pan so, nothing spoil. That mini grill eh? I think it's good for singles and small families o. Thank you for sharing and yes again, grilled meat is good but I like mine with charcoal and firewood flavour o.

      @Ada thank you for sharing. een oils and cholesterol, hat';s why sometimes I don't use oil, just dry fry so that even the little in the chicken will seep out. Thanks.
      Thank you too Anonys.


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