There was so much preparation when she was going to turn 50. On the day of her celebration, she came out gorgeously dressed in all her glamour, looking so beautiful in the colors green and white.
Everyone was invited; as expected, some were happy and some weren’t. 
Some of the attendees& invitees were interviewed. Some said they were happy for her, some prayed for her while some others hurled different insults at her. Some said there was no reason for the celebration and that she shouldn’t even be dressed in
white at all.

Couldn’t they allow her have a happy celebration? Couldn’t they just have prayed for her and let her be?
Now she is 52 and Yes! Things haven’t been the way they are meant to be with her. Things seemed to degenerate; she keeps losing most of her best hands to her neighbors’. To top it up, she has been called such terrible names as kidnapper; thief; rogue; liar and the list is endless.
 Who is she by the way? She is NIGERIA, My-geria.
Just before you go on to hurl names at her, please be mindful because just like the church, who makes up Nigeria? It is the people, it is YOU & I. You and I are Nigeria, we are both My-geria.
As Nigerians, we are so quick to point out what is not working in the society, what our leaders are doing or are failing to do. While I’m not in support of a lot of things happening in the country at the moment, I chose to see a bright tomorrow for my beloved country.  You may laugh at me all you want but haven’t you heard that you are a product of your thoughts?
Can’t you see that this is more spiritual than physical? Those of you who claim to be Christians, haven’t you seen in the bible to pray for the peace of Jerusalem? Don’t you know that your country is your Jerusalem?
For those of you who have travelled out of the country before, I’m sure you can bear me witness that despite all, there is no place like home or is that also a lie? Yes! I know there are lots of things not working in the country and without an iota of doubt, we still have our issues but can you tell me any country that doesn’t have one challenge or the other? Painfully, these countries we applaud secretly envy us.
Foreigners are quick to say Nigerians don’t know the value of what they have. If this is not so, why do we have so many foreigners in our country? Painfully, these foreigners are doing better than some citizens, in fact better than most citizens.
It is in My-geria that you see a white man/woman being the boss of a citizen while the citizen is being treated like a slave in his own land. It is in ‘My-geria’ that when there is electricity supply for 10 hours in some areas, you begin to wonder what is happening. It is also in My-geria that when you see a gentle man/lady stop for pedestrians to cross, people begin to wonder if they’re alright.
My bible tells me that right from the days of John the Baptist, the kingdom of heaven suffers violence and the violent takes’ it by force and I put it to you that it is time to take what belongs to us-our country by force.
My point this beautiful Monday morning is that you be the Nigeria you want to see where you are.
Do have a BeaYouTeaFull week.



  1. Anonymous5/20/2013

    Great job Folashade, I'm inspired.

  2. Anonymous5/20/2013

    Wonderful pic.

  3. Elisoft5/20/2013

    True words!

  4. If I hear....

    Abeg, Nigeria is owned by the politicians we are just part of what they own.

  5. Anonymous5/21/2013

    Nice write up....


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