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Dear Eya,

This blog has taught me a lot, from cooking to marital life. I am grateful. Thank you all.

Now, i ve a problem. i am engaged to be married in Nov. i love him and he loves me too. but he is not romantic. Everything is official. We don't get to play or dance naked or joke or do funny funny things lovers do.  when he wants *** he will just say it. even if i was in the mood b4 the whole feelings disappears. 

I we discussed it with him and his reply doesn't make sense to me. " I don't know what you re talking". 
He is a nice man, quiet and straight forward. He hates cheating of any kind. He gives me more than half of salary because he can't manage money. 

He can give people our feeding money and tell me not to worry. He treats me like a queen but that one is still giving me sleepless nights i am scared now cos i cant imagine how boring our wedding will be. The kissing, the dancing, the feeding etc. i am already crying now b4 then

Pls, my family what do i do? and what will i do to keep that day very special and romantic.
Thank you all.


  1. I understnd wht u mean. D fact is dt der r lots of peo lyk dat hu dnt si any sense in being romantic nd hu cnt act romantic evn if dey wnt 2. U hv been wit him up 2 dis point so xpctin him 2 hv a turn around, is unrealistic. Dats nt hu he is. If u wanna dance naked, remuv ur clothes n dance n I'm sure he wld jst b gaping at u. U ll hv 2 put in som xtra effort 2 mak ur luv lyf bubble. I'm sure som peo wld say seat him down n talk 2 him bt ma dear dt won't wrk. U jst hv 2 b d silly romantic one n hop dt wen he's sees d sorta fun u r hvin, he myt end up applaudin u one day wen u finish dancin naked n hu knws he may decide 2 join u som oda day. Bt dnt xpct dt evrytym cos its nt hu he is. As 4 ur weddin, wen he wnts 2 giv u dt chaste kiss on d lips, drag his hed dwn n plant a tantalising one. If he's fair, he wld definatly turn red.

    1. Anonymous5/14/2013

      Reading your post was really hurtful to the eyes.Are you a learner? Get a copy of english grammer for primary school please !

    2. Anonymous5/14/2013

      Please get brighter grammar!

    3. SHALOM5/15/2013

      its called short hand in case u font know. concentrate and u will see his point instead of the insult.

  2. Ace sugar5/14/2013

    Bia u must be a learner can u be here cos ur worried of aw unromantic ur wedding day wud be instead of u to be worried abt aw unromantic ur marriage wud be.
    Ds d exact same reason ple fail in marriage. Instead of dem to prepare for marriage dey r busy preparing for wedding.
    Sorry for u. #movement

  3. Anonymous5/14/2013

    Pls don't think about the wedding day. The real marriage begins after the wedding. Trust me there are people who had the most fun wedding but after the wedding the marriage is horror.i believe that you guys are not so used to each other and living together will change that .
    Thank God you have a good man that you love and who loves you back.

  4. Anonymous5/14/2013

    On how to make the wedding romantic, I think you should watch wedding videos on YouTube. You can get some great ideas over there and you can customize it to suit you and your man.

  5. Ace Boo5/14/2013

    Nne, do not worry u hear? He is not romantic but u r ba? Continue being ur romantic self, he'd adapt gradually but please, plan for ur marriage not ur wedding cos wedding is only a day and ur marriage is forever. It is well *movement*

    NB: @Ace sugar, i no go follow u drag my boo abeg... Plenty sugar dem full here o. Infact i dash u Bona isi akwu

  6. Anonymous5/14/2013

    Am sorry dis is off point.just got back from a very boring trip to d lesbian blog just to satisfy ma curiosity, wen I was much younger n was staying in ma uncle s house he doesn't allow me wear trousers like every oda female child, I askd him y n he sald am(he) a leader n church wearing trousers is not a sin but u as my ward wearing it can confuse or send a wrong signal to someone who is not yet strong n christ dere by misleading dem, my point here is I saw Anty eya s comment N I saw Ace s comment n I understand wat d angry person was trying to say but d approach messd d whole tin up, angry reader I want u to understand anty Eya is human n just like you she as right to express her self n also fun,(n she no promise us say she go dey holy) Ur standard, our standard should be d bible n not another human we might just be disappoint so pls it s enough u ve expressed ur self get over it. Anty Eya like it or not u re now like d head of this family n u av pple looking up to U, dis a very big responsibility as u re not allowed to be selfish with ur actions n inaction pls be careful,everytin u do is a msg to pple. God bless you U re a Darling n blessing to me N I love you. Oyinkansola.

    1. Ace Boo5/14/2013

      And you @Oyin warrefa just had to drag this ish back to this post? People are so unbelievable o. Mcheeew, don't come here and mislead people again abeg, carry that your gospel to your family prayer meeting, nobody is interested in it here. And please whateva they commented there ehn, is their wahala. We are here for a different and more useful purpose jor *movement*

    2. chimmy5/14/2013

      And ds is news because????
      Abeg Oyin stay traveld ooo..we dint evn miss ur absence sef in fact nobody nos of ur existence here...don't drag us up and down biko.
      Amebo..wat concerns us with u n ur uncle?? Rme

  7. Poster, you have to teach him o. Since it's just his person, he wnt understand why you are worried. So teach him even after the wedding, the teaching continues. Try doing wedding rehearsals for the big day. It's fun too.

    All the best!

  8. Anonymous5/14/2013

    Poster worry about ur marriage not being romantic not ur wedding night. Keep being romantic mayb someday he'll change. U just described my hubby who has no romantic blood or bone in his body afta 10yrs. I don shout, talk, explain tire. But d only tin is dat hez good in bed, he can wound no b small so I don rest my romantic case.

  9. My dear,u just have to b as romantic as u cud be,strive to b d romantic one in d relationship I bet u he wil flow along. Try talking to him about it when he's in a good mood not while he's down tinkin about sumtin else.Strive to knw ur man's mood and work 2wards it,take good advantage of his hapi mood. U have been dating him for a long time now so u shud knw d kind of person he's,u shud focus more on thinkin of how to make a good home and hw ur marriage will b blessed,not tinkin abt d wedding day...Good Luck

  10. lol teach him.. make him want to, u have the power

  11. kendra5/14/2013

    Stop worrying abt the wedding,worry abt ur marriage, the wedding ends in a day,so whether u get a good dance or passionate kiss wouldn't matter,what matters is u been the romantic person u are and hope ur husband change some time very soon in ur marriage..

    U met him like that,u ve been dating him like that,it shouldn't worry u now.. Accept him the way he is and keep showing himso much love,bombade him with romantic gestures and hope some day that he'd change

  12. Anonymous5/14/2013

    Abeg if u can't leave without the romance, dnt marry him. What if he never changes? If its not something u can do without, there is still time for prevention. Don't come back later and tell us u followed one guy cos after soso time u no see romance...

  13. Anonymous5/14/2013


  14. Ur hubby to be is "switched off", You need to "switch him ON"

    You see, only if you have read the book "Art Of Seduction" by robert greene you'll understand every1 is like a botton you can switch on and off.

    The straight up approach doesn't work anymore, playing the seductive role can make you be the Processor in any1's brain.

    Enter into the seductive role and play it like an experienced movie star. You could even stylishly chat him into a truth or dare game, be flexible. In ur "truth or dare" fix in more romantic games than sexual acts or style.

    Be much more romantic than you expect him to be, people of this era are not, we're just all about money & work, you can make him to be who you want not by telling him, but by twicking him.

    People who play the seduction role always hold their partners captive, you begin to dictate even with ur body language, this is not prayer and faith matter ooo, this is like maths, 1+1 here is 2. Be the seductive machine and you'll see how much you can manipulate a person.


  15. Anonymous5/14/2013

    Yea,u jst described my hub.he was a virgin n was brought up by d strictest parents.they(him n his siblings)had nothing t do wt women.during courtship we only meet in a fast food,so it was after our weddn dt i began t notice dt he wasn't romantic.he treats n respects me lyk a queen buh he's jst not i started teaching d tins i wanted him t do t me,i did it t him.3yrs now,he s d most romantic guy i v Eva seen...
    So dear poster,start d 'romanticism'&he wl definitely follow suit

  16. Anonymous5/15/2013

    Aceboo maintain ur lane post ur own comment N bounce Razz Thing. @Poster keep been romantic with time he ll join U, Ndo.

  17. Anonymous5/15/2013

    Can you pls get your own user name....jeeez. What is your problem.I don't make juvenile comments. I came to this blog only to see someone using *movement* it really that bad? You can't think of any other name. By the way it is MOVEMENT(capital letter) not *movement*. NB I love prayer meetings,bible and any inspirational advice. MOVEMENT

  18. @ Poster, U hv to bring d sexy on... He'll wake up. Wear gown nighties only(short sexy ones), no wrapper tying;.... send him nice text msges wen he's at work..(erotic ones inclusive..hehehe.)


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