Malt Drink For Children, Is It OK?

Hello Eya, how are you and the blog fam? I have a little thing I would love to ask people in the house.
 A friend saw me putting  a can of Amstel Malta drink in my 8 year old's lunchbox and she condemned it that it's not healthy for children. 

She suggested that I give them other packed fruit juices (which are all
loaded with sugar and/or saccharine anyway) or Fanta and sprite instead. This got me confused cos I give my children malt drinks. I was worried after that suggestion and thought the best place to bring this is on the blog where other people can put me through. Please I would like to know  why it's OK or not to give malt drinks to children.
Thank you all.


  1. Anonymous5/23/2013

    Yes malt is OK for children.

  2. Cyndrella5/23/2013

    Well i used to give malt drink (the one in the little pack) to my son but a friend of mine said its not healthy for kids because it was made of a lower quality than the one in canns.

    i quicky stopped though confused that if it was not good for children why the product.Considering that in this our country anything can hit the market and get sales.No proper check is done, just like we have fake drugs on sales.

  3. Anonymous5/23/2013

    @poster please always read the content of any product and its nutritional value before giving any thing to your child.I think NAFDAC is doing a great job safe guiding consumer on the efficacy of foods and drugs.

  4. If Malt isn't healthy for kids, packed fruit juices, minerals are equally unhealthy. IMO I think Malt is actually better seeing its made of wheat and some real ingredients unlike chem-induced fanta and pack juices.
    The only thing I know is that It's best if we pour our can drinks in a cup before drinking them rather than straight from the can coz of storage mess and high temperature during shipping which leaves the tops with unseen stuffs

  5. Mummy Amanda5/23/2013

    Hearing ds fr d 1st tym
    my 1yr n 6mnths baby takes half d can almost every day.if she doesnt take ribena,she takes malt

  6. Anonymous5/23/2013

    Malt is better than all these carbonate drinks. Make sure that some days you give them water with their lunch.

    1. Anonymous5/23/2013

      Malt drink is carbonated.

  7. Anonymous5/23/2013

    Pls is malt drink not cabonated ?

  8. Anonymous5/23/2013

    The best option is fresh fruit juice just that's too tasking esp for a working mum.
    Amstel Malta, coke, fanta is a no-no to me.
    The sugar is too much.
    Even amstel malta that they claim is low sugar, how low exactly?
    The best option is ribena. They have a tiny pack that costs just N50 whole sale, then fill u childs bottle with enough water.
    Childhood obesity is very hard to loose.


    1. Anonymous5/23/2013

      but that's *

    2. I've heard and read ribena is also not healthy for kids due to sugar contents. All fizzy drinks are not healthy for kids as it makes them hyper- kinda high due to sugar. Even some bottled juices say 100% squeezed juice but its super sweet and has some sort of artificial taste.
      I really don't kno if malt is healthy or not as I don't drink any kind of malt coz I don't like d way they taste @ all so I don't give my kids malt.
      I don't usually buy any juice or drink to keep at home for kids. When I do buy them I keep them out of sight and give them a diluted glass each when they are very well behaved or have really impressed me. I resorted to this coz I used to buy a lot of ribena and dey made sure they had it after every meal or when they are simply just thirsty.
      They now only just have water. Although they get treats like crisps, biscuits n sweets twice a week or when given at kids parties.
      I don't worry about packed lunch as my kids have hot school lunch made @ school and they only get water or a glass of semi skimmed milk with their school lunch.

    3. Anonymous5/23/2013

      I give mine freshly squeezed juice most of d time nd ribena once in a while.
      Just feel d tiny ribena is lesser than all d other evils.

  9. Anonymous5/23/2013

    This is a very good question. We can neva know it all. Alot of mums do these things and believe its d best for their children. Personally, i do not subscribe to all these drinks for children but hey, they are children and need these to mk their day sometimes (lol). I try to gv just water to school, i put apples and a healthy meal. I do give biscuits sometimes & that's where my challenge comes in. I neva give biscuits and juice on the same day cos my mind just goes "SUGAR SUGAR" lol.

    If we train our children up with little or no sugar, it will be very good for them when/as they grow older. As old as i am, i cant finish a bottle of fanta not to talk of a can of malt (I am no where near being a health freak by d way lol), but i just believe very much in moderation or a balanced life.

    If we need to give our children mineral or malt or juice etc, i think its best we do it when we are with/around them so it will/can be taken in moderation....IMO!!!!

    Have a fantastic day...Lynn

  10. Anonymous5/23/2013

    Am so sorry 4digressing.Just nid to see Jay's ,Jayde,Bonario, and other's advice
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    1. Anonymous5/23/2013

      I think we read ds same post few wks baq...wah happened, y bring d same post baq? Sis no b only u dey look for hubby...ur nt alone buh....keep jus praying...dtz d only thing dt works for errthin

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      Then consult the previous post where this was treated you'll get tips too.

  11. Anonymous5/23/2013

    Pls wats IMO

  12. Anonymous5/23/2013

    In my opininon

  13. Anonymous5/23/2013

    What's KMT?

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  15. I usually give my kids the maltina sip it (packaged like ribena) its not a sweet as the one in the can. Personally i feel malt is healthier than caprisonne.

  16. Anonymous5/23/2013

    @Poster, u shd have asked ur friend her reason.Perhaps we wld hv learnt from it.
    I personally haven't heard such. Malt drink is rich in nutrients.

  17. Anonymous5/23/2013

    U can giv ur child maltina sip is healthy n it is for kids

  18. Too much of everything is bad. I am also guilty of giving my kids malt especially because it's easier for me to pack. The can fits well in their lunch boxes while bottled drinks still stick their necks out when packed.

    We know that to get the best you need to extract the juice from the fruit yourself. We also know that any fruit juice that is packed and sold in shops may contain sweeteners and preservatives. Can we juice everyday? Is it possible to give kids juice made by mom every school day? No, for me it's not very possible.

    There is no drink packed in shops that I can say is hundred percent safe and healthy for kids. Even those that label low sugar, how low is the low? Every marketer wants to sell his goods. There are times in life we just have to be realistic and set realistic and realisable goals for us so we don't keep feeling guilty when we cannot do the things we feel are the supposedly "right things."

    Life will be too boring if we start eating only raw fruits and raw ugu vegetable because they are healthy. Whatever we do, whether we eat ourselves or give to our kids, moderation should be the keyword. We can give malt but let it not be that five school days in week, a child takes 5 cans of malt drink or 5 bottles of coca cola to school.
    This comment is really speaking to me, I need to learn to start giving my kids only water and food again. I used to do that in the past but can't remember where or when I derailed and started giving drinks everyday. So help me God, I will go back to 2 days water only, 3 days water and juice.

  19. Anonymous5/23/2013

    The same people who make maltina sip it, re d same ones that make caprisonne;(chi company). IMO if u want healthy why don't you make ZOBO drink, its cheap,and healthy since u'll get to be the one to prepare it. And by the way as long as its in a refrigerator you don't have to worry bout its shelf life.

    1. jeanette5/23/2013

      You dare not take zobo on an empty stomach. You will purge eh.

    2. Anonymous5/27/2013

      nigerian breweries makes maltina, not chi company.. please and thank you!
      and malt is not bad for children... my sibs and i grew up drinking malt everyday and we turned out okay.

  20. Anonymous5/23/2013

    Pls note that zobo makes one to toilet well Ooo. Don't take too much of it;

  21. Anonymous5/23/2013

    Wats d difference btw zobo n caprisonne at d end?bcos flavour n sugar is used in making zobo..finally na God dey save person,all dese do's n donts dey tire me sef

  22. Anonymous5/23/2013

    Water and milk are all kids need. No need to pack your kids full of empty calories.

  23. Anonymous5/23/2013

    Malt is very much safer/healthier than canned juice for children. Am a food scientist and knw more abt this. Malt contains malted wheat grain, carbonated water and sucrose while canned drinks contain sucrose, glucose,carbonated water, flavors, colourants. Mind u the hiarachy is according to d quantity. Most of these colourants and flavours are not healthy for our kids cuz dey tends to affect dia brain functionality. You hadly see any fruit drink dat contains upto 60% natural fruit they are all colourants. If u can't make natural juice for ur kids plz gv them malts instead of canned fruit drinks. Don't bother ur selves abt d sugar cuz kids are physically active and they burn off d sugar as energy.. Just make deuy rinse dia mouth with water after ds sugary tins cuz of their teeth. We should also learn to read food labels to knw d contents of anytin we are buying. The labeling is according to d highest to the lowest...

  24. Anonymous5/24/2013

    Isn't it funny how things have changed? In my primary school days a packet of buscuit & a fruit drink such as VIP was all we took to school.
    These days my children's lunch bags weigh more than their book bags & they still eat lunch when they get home!!!
    Anyway, I find nothing wrong in giving children malt drinks, infact they r a healthier option to other drinks out there. Though won't advice packing anything in a can or glass in ur child's lunch pack cos of potential hazards to ur kids & ohers eg cuts.
    Also try & vary what they take to school, just to add interest.

  25. Anonymous5/24/2013

    U dnt have to use sugar, you can use honey when preparing zobo,

    1. Anonymous5/24/2013

      But honey shouldn't be taken by kids below a year old; hear it causes botulism or sth

  26. ****Mufasa Said5/24/2013

    Pls give them water everyday, u can give hot tea and sandwich (low fat) before they leave for school as breakfast then pack water wt their food. Weekends make Out time to make to prepare their Fresh Fruits juice, try to avoid that cotonou pineapple which is mostly sugar and little or no nutrients. If u get d native pineapple, fine. Watermelon is also preferable. Avoid fizzy drinks oooo, I'm not a fan of malt or ribena for kids sef.

    ****Mufasa Said


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