Lubricants For People Trying To Conceive?

Aunty Eya good day,

Please I sent a mail this morning and haven't received a confirmation from you. Nevertheless, please find below contents of the previous mail. Hide my ID please.
Good day Aunty Eya and fellow WC readers.

Please I will like us to throw more light on lubricants. Some of us have similar issues like the poster who asked if saliva is a good lubricant. 

Now Google and I are best of pals but on certain topics you get
conflicting results, e.g. Some people agree saliva is the best lubricant because its natural while others say it affects sperm motility.  Also for those of us TTC (trying to conceive) can we know how many of you used either saliva, olive oil, petroleum jelly, ky jelly, preseed or any other form of lubricant and still took in. 

Also any side effect experienced. This will enable us  know the success rate of these lubricants mainly in the area of conception.

Thank you all and God bless.

Aunty Eya please hide my ID.


  1. Anonymous5/28/2013

    I diro arahu di nwata a.
    Common jee rahuu o ura na
    echi bu akwukwo.
    Am off t bed,

  2. Anonymous5/28/2013

    #I diro arahu Di ura nwata#

  3. If you are TTC plz don't go the saliva route. Besides it affecting sperm motility as confirmed it has no other proven side effect except for a case where the saliva donor has mouth injuries that have been infested by other invading bacteria.

    Saliva is a body fluid and there's no way a fluid from one part of the body will destroy another part of the body.

    NOTE: we humans are different in biological capabilities and endowments, some ppl have performed about 30 D&C's and still can conceive, some just once or never and can't conceive.

    Have you heard of the C-gene mutant carriers? A small number of people carry a mutation in CCR5 that makes them naturally resistant to HIV. For them HIV have got no game on them, they can carry it and transfer it but it can't ever bring them down or show symptoms. So you see, ppl are differnt in biological gift and composition.

    In essence, the question you asked myt not be relevant to you, even if others used saliva and yet conceived doesn't mean you will use and you will conceive or not.


    1. Anonymous5/29/2013

      Ace are u in the medical profession?, I see u r vast in that area and in other areas too. Is the DJ thingy like a passion?

    2. Anonymous5/29/2013

      I've never heard of dis c-gene mutant o.yeah google is my friend,on my way there

    3. Anonymous5/29/2013

      Yeah, ders a mutation dat immunes som persons to HIV. Bt %tage of persons is very small.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. blackylicious5/29/2013

    Medical practitioners only advice d use of pre-seed lubricants.I have never heard of them suggesting others.As for saliva,that one I haven't asked but at times,hubby and I use it when we get naughty but I have never had an infection so I guess it depends on many other factors.I aint a doctor,please clarify from one.thanks guys

  5. Anonymous5/29/2013

    Use durex lubricant (play)
    It works for me and I still conceived.

  6. Anonymous5/29/2013

    Use durex lubricant (play)
    It works for me and I still conceived.

  7. Different strokes 4 different folks!! I still dnt undastand hw saliva destroys spermcells? So why all d sucking and BJ.anywayz,hubby uses saliva more dan olive oil on me and yet I got pregnant so dnt undastand dis whole talk sha..anywayz dearie, just pray and do ur part! God will tk chrge of d rest...#IMO sha

  8. Anonymous5/29/2013

    Use water as lubricant to be on a safe side, dats wat hubby n I use, I'm pregnant now, after making love dnt get up immediately, lie on ur back and lift. Ur bum bum wit a pillow, u can also take conception pills like fertile aid...

  9. Anonymous5/29/2013

    I remember that i ate a lot of moringa seed with my husband during the time i took in. Moringa seed and not moringa powder. Tho i wasnt Ttc. I noticed his sperm greatly increased and i was unusually horny.

  10. Anonymous6/02/2013

    As a nurse, I would highly recommend using KY Jelly or a Pre-seed lubricant. As for the rest... there are pros and cons for each. Please do your own research so that you can be informed as to what is best for you, and if at all possible ask your doctor. If anyone has any other questions about conception or attempting to conceive, please feel free to ask. I will do my best to respond.
    American Wife


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