Hello Aunty Eya, it's your friend. 
Please help  me ask our people on WC the above . I have suffered chronic asthma for 8 years. Even my issues of
overweight are partly cos  of some drugs I take on a daily basis cos of this asthma.

 I also have an almost permanent skin rash which is also connected to this chronic asthma so many complications e.g. I don't stay under the fan or a / c for more than 3 mins even if I am sweating. And powder is a no go area cos I'll sneeze all day long lol. 

My allergy level is very high.  I want to resort to herbal medication but I have no idea at all on where to start. My question is are there any POTENT..AFFORDABLE,AVAILABLE local herbs or drugs I can take for relief and if possible for cure of this asthma.? Thanks in advance for posting this  


  1. mizOsa5/22/2013

    Use Honey . Real Honey works greatly.Put in handkerchief and inhale.Also look 4 cinnamon powder,mix it with honey and lick.It helps. Also if u use pillow alws sun ur pillow outside cus most time we place our head on d pillow der are somethings we inhale dat is really bad.My mum is asthmatic and some1 ttld us abt drying our pillow.So I opened the pillow jst to check what dey put inside.lol 2 our greatest suprise.Dirty weavons that some had fixed and thrown away and a little foam. So I will advise u 2 check And use Honey too.*myOwnIdeao*

    1. Dirty weavons? Omg!! Dis comment just made me feel like slashing all d pillows in dis house wit blade! May God save his children o! Tinz ppl do 4 profit tho

  2. Get a mango seed, brak it and bring out that cream colored seed inside it. Slice into tiny pieces, sun dry and grind into powder. Mix with Pure Honey or water(preferably honey) and drink one short glass 3 times a day.
    Get the slimy fluid from snail, mix with honey and take one spoon 3times a day.

    N.B 1 seaman schnapp short(abi shot) glass =~ 8 tablespoonfuls
    Take it with faith. You will need plenty mango seeds or snails pending on the one you want to follow

    God Be With You

  3. I really feel for the poster. There are a lot of we take for granted.

    I pray that the mighty hand of God heal you. And whatever remedy you decide to take, it will work for you in Jesus' Name. Amen.

  4. Anonymous5/22/2013

    Get the shell of a tortoise break it and roast it on fire. After roasting it mash it into a powdery foam, and water to the powder and drink it twice a day

    1. Anonymous5/22/2013

      Lmao........Shell of a tortoise? Re u 4 real? Make she just go meet babalawo na

    2. I tell you! Tortoise shell bi ti bawo?

  5. Hi poster I don't know of any traditional cure bcos dis ur asthma seems to be very chronic, I used hv asthma condition but I prayed my way out of it, I refused to say I hv asthma after awhile I saw Gods hands in my health, I was fine, can now swim, use perfume, take cold things etc. Pls n pls if u hv faith take it to God bcos Jesus stripes has healed us. Then my dad also had a serious case of Asthma he lived on drugs like ventolin, feranol, etc this was for years dia was no day he won't take pills, d window to his office n bedroom had to be sealed so no air can come it, some months back he had to go abroad bcos almost every 3 days he will hv attack and dey had to give him intra somthing injections. When he went dey told him he had an enlarged heart and his heart beat was ridiculous low bcos of use of those drugs n injection for years, it was a tiring time for us but God used d doctors, they told him to throw all those drugs away n started giving him another one to refuse d fluid in d brochits dats d main cause of Asthma, n drugs for d heart condition, he will soon go back for check up n we r all bliving God dat Asthma n heart condition will be gone in Jesus name. The reason y I shared our two stories is bcos I want u to key into any of them, God can work in different ways okay! Let ur faith work for u, I hv already told God dat my kids will not suffer frm dis disease, if even I see any sign I immediately rebuke the devil n tell him to gerrout bcos Jesus has taken d sickness n d Devil is just a liar. Pls n pls hv faith okay dia was no traditional method me n my dad didn't try, let God heal u in Jesus name.

    1. Anonymous5/23/2013

      Thank you so much for this encouragement, May God bless you.

  6. Asthma personified5/23/2013

    I was BORN with asthma. As in, from birth o. Imagine a 1 yr old trying to explain to her mum that her sides itch. The grace of God cannot be discounted but proper management is key. Some do out grow asthma. With proper management, it does happen in your mid to late twenties.
    Now, poster, what I have learned from 3 decades of asthma:
    1. Know your triggers. Asthma is NOT caused by bronchitis. That's a totally different disease. A predisposition (hereditary usually or simply genetic) or allergic reaction leads to inflammation (read, irritation) of the airways and respiratory organs(your throat, bronchi, lungs etc). What this means is anytime you come in contact(breathing, touching, eating etc) with an irritant, it irritates those areas further narrowing the airways. The resultant involuntary spasms, chest tightness, shortness of breath, coughing, wheezing etc are symptoms of an asthma attack.
    It is very important to know what triggers your attacks as an individual. They vary. I can handle cigarette smoke but not a burning bush for example. I use unscented soap-free formulas for bathing. Minimal use of perfumes. The goal is to avoid all triggers.

    3. Keep your surroundings sparkling. No dust, smoke, dandruff allowed. You can't sweep, dust, vacuum without a clean hankie to cover your nose and mouth tightly. If possible, remove your carpet/rug especially in your room. It harbors loads of allergens. Like someone pointed out, check your pillows. If possible, get an orthopaedic pillow and change your pillowcases and sheets at least once a week.

    4. Personal hygiene is key. Weaves must be kept spotless. If going to a dusty area, please wrap your hair. Wash your face every night. Before sleeping, put vaseline on the tip of your index finger and put in your nostrils and the outside of your nose as a sort of protective coating.

    5. Nutrition. Honey is awesome for asthma. Watch your diet. I'm a chocoholic but I realised chocolate is a trigger for me for both migraines and asthma so I take in moderation. Milk is a trigger for me (very weird but it coats my tongue which is a surefire attack later). Butter on bread can be a trigger for me. Popcorn is my nemesis. Just the smell when it's popping gets me and the little pieces inside irritate my throat. Roasted corn and coconut run a close second for nemesis. See a pattern? Dry stuff is bad for asthmatics in general. Keep a food diary and record how often you have an attack after eating any one food item. You'll learn what is good for YOU.

  7. Anonymous5/23/2013

    6. Know your body. Understand how other illnesses can exacerbate or even trigger your asthma. Malaria always leads to congestion, then a chest infection, then a full blown attack for me. I don't get why but it always does. So I try to preempt it by treating my malaria as soon as I suspect I have it if not hmm.

    7. Medication. Stay away from Prednisone, Advair, Serevent etc if you can. I had to wean myself off all those due to weight gain. To do that though, you have to manage asthma in every other way. I thrive most days without any medicine including my inhaler, but if i sense tightness, I immediately take a ventolin tablet 2mg and 2 CAC dissolved in water as well (double the daily Vitamin C dose is also good). With this, I find that I rarely have a full blown attack. I haven't had one in over 2 years. Also, know your meds. I cannot tolerate aspirin. Full blown attack. SOme pain relievers are the same for me. Always ask questions. Make sure.

    8. Alternative medicine AKA Agbo. This is the oga of all my nemeses. It was dreamt up to torture me. But it works. Fair warning, disgusting does not begin to cover it. So flashback to that attack as a 1yr old. My mum (who's a nurse btw) had been giving me the regular meds. Fortunately, my dad was asthmatic and recognised the symptoms particularly my itchy sides. After the 2nd day, she took me to her uncle who was a certified herbalist (I shit you not. His certificate was on his wall. They even have an association.) He gave me a spoonful of this thing and I threw up after 15mins. The wheezing stopped and I was apparently very hungry afterwards. I started taking it every 6 months to clear my chest. I derailed as soon as I was old enough to say know hence the chronic asthma years but I'm back on it now. One funny thing is you throw up phlegm only. Nothing from your stomach. I've never understood how that works but here's the recipe. It also works for chest congestion. My Yoruba speakers please translate or go to any alagbo and give the list.

    Agbo Isiya:
    Alubosa Elewe
    Isu merin

    Wash all ingredient well to remove grit etc. Only a little of the isu merin is needed. Pound to as much of a pulp as is possible and squeeze out the liquid. It should be a very, very pale green/yellow. Bottle and refrigerate for use anytime.

    WARNING: Take first thing in the morning before food and drink. Take only one tablespoon if an adult and one teaspoon if below 12. Do not leave the patient unattended as vomiting can happen almost immediately. Throw up till you feel like there's nothing left and then drink lots of warm water. You'll feel brand new.

    9. EXERCISE. Most important of all. Asthmatics avoid exercise because of shortness of breath but you need exercise. Work with your doc and Google to find low stress exercise that's appropriate for you. I climb at least 10 flights of stairs daily, walk at least a mile a day and just get in as much as i can.

    I know that was very long but I've had so many doctors tell me crap that I had to learn how to take care of myself. I hope I've helped.

    1. Anonymous5/18/2017

      Isu merin is very helpful as my mom told me thats what she used for my brother when he was little and he came aout of the illness

  8. Thanks so much

  9. Anonymous5/23/2013


  10. Anonymous5/30/2013

    Increase your intake of garlic and ginger. They help clear your airways...

  11. Start practicing yoga. Yoga help to reduce the stress and anxiety. Yoga keep your body balance stable. Yoga help to increase body's resistance power. To learn yoga poses for asthma visit -

    yoga for asthma

    1. Anonymous11/30/2015

      Yoga is eastern religion.. beware. instead go for regular exercise with no strings attached. Blessings.

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