If We Get Married, We Will Eventually Separate

Well, I got this mail in the morning and couldn't post because I was waiting for the reply from the sender. I just got the reply now so here is it:

Good day Aunty Eya,as am writing this am in going to be very brief. After 8 solid years of dating my boyfriend we were both told that we can't marry each other,
we prayed about it and made findings about our relationship while we were dating o,but last mnth,I had dis horrible dream, d meaning and result of this dream now is that we have to go our seperate ways.

We'v also been told not to fight, we must always keep in touch and be very good friends because God has a lot of things in stock for both of us. Right now,my world is crumbling, I dnt know whether to die or live. Where will I start from though am still young but how will I start loving another man though I don't intend to that for anoda 2-3years God willing but how will even start? I feel sorry for the poor boy too.pls my fellow bloggers we need your advice. I have very strong feelings for him and truth is if we are behind closed doors we will still get intimate.

 Am so confused right now. My fellow bloggers please help me out on this issue. Your advice is welcome and appreciated.

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Eya:   Hi dear, were you given any reason/s why you can't marry?

MAILER:   The only reason I know for now is that if we get married,we will seperate. I thought of prayer that it will turn things around but then we were told that when the whole divorce thing start happening,we won't be able to even control it.thank you Aunty Eya. I don't even know whether I should turn deaf ears to what they are saying and face only God for divine intervention or just accept it as my fate.because my bf keeps saying that he can't let me go.

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  1. Pls who is this man or woman that can see tomorw? Who interpreted ur dream? I think u need to pray and let God guide u, pls be your own prophet, Go to God in prayer.

  2. like seriously if u both marry you'll separate?
    what part did the person play in your creation?
    Just like my dad would say "if u claim that my friend other relative wants to tie my destiny,why not use same power u used in seeing that to pray for it not to happen before telling me"
    Religion is truely the opium of the masses and Bonario tries not to swallow every yam of this fallacy hook line and sinker.
    my dear I'll advice if u're convinced he's the bestman for u,pray over it and even after walking down d aisle continue praying after it,I don't think that our God is that powerless,He exists to dimple our smiles,he not only reveals our problems,but also solves them for us. God doesn't believe in uncompleted projects. His grace is overwhelmingly sufficient for you.
    Marry your best friend of 8years with prayer and continue to pray,do not be afraid there are no perfect union.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

    1. Mr Bonz...

      This is the best comment from any post ever commented on today!

      I duff my hat sincerely...
      Well said bro!

    2. Bona you've said it all bro. The challenge is that she already believes what the whoever has told her and even if she marries the guy with her present level of faith,her own believe will even crush the marriage - life is about what we believe.
      You see ba, before I married my husband many of them seers said my ex was my hubby(heaven knows I won't ever allow any friend or family member drag me that lane again), one even said I should bring a token of bride price to pray with. Story short, I discovered God's plan for me. I got closer to God in prayer and daily study of the scripture, I even asked God to rearrange my life and oh yes I was shocked when my ex(prophesied hubby) was rearranged too. I was even told that my hubby wasn't for me(that was long before I met my ex) but I told God to speak to me and not thru others to me afterall God na for all of us. I clearly had all my convictions to know that Mr Clement is my Husband. We are married and we are happy. If anyone will break us its the devil and if the devil can come in,its if we give him the chance but unfortunately for him and fortunately for us, there is no room for the devil in our lives.
      And oh lest I forget,the marriage they said isn't for me,my sister and brother inlaws treat me better than my family(yes I said that) unlike the ex who couldn't even stand his ground for me against a vicious cousin while still dating. I like long story but in all, let God speak to you if not, ppl will run/ruin your life in the name of prophesy. Biko bye bye

  3. I thought about whether I should comment on this post because my comment may not make much sense to the poster if her faith is shaky as it seems to be from this post.

    Anyway sha, here goes: Who told you that you should not get married? Was it God? Did God tell you this Himself? I am always wary of people who go seeking seers and prophets out to tell them God knows what about their life. Haba! Sorry if I am sounding somewhat harsh but I just don't know how to butter this up. My people say he/she who looks for what is not lost or rubbish, will definitely find what he/she is not looking for or rubbish.

    When will people (this includes muslims and christians) learn to seek what God is saying to them for themselves. God is not a gossip. He will not tell Mr A something that concerns Mr B if He has not already told Mr B about it first. Typically, God telling Mr A about Mr B is just to confirm what He has already told Mr B

    I have heard too many stories of these false prophets deceiving people especially when it comes to choice of spouse or marriage matters. If someone says to me that that God said so and so about you, I will go back to God and ask God if indeed He said that and if I think it sounds unfavourable to me, I may ask God to change His mind in my favour.

    Even if this "prophecy" or "edict" came from God, do you know that you can change God's mind in your favour? King Hezekaih did. If you are a Christian, read Isaiah 38: 1-7 about how King Hezekiah turned his face to the wall and cried out to God to overturn the verdict of death that had been passed on him. God not only heard Him but added years unto Him.

    So my dear, go back to God in prayer by yourself. Don't be a lazy person who cannot or refuses to seek God by herself. All this going to prophet is like seeking an easy way out instead of doing the actual fasting, prayer and whatever is required of you to hear from God. God is real and He speaks to people and He will speak to you if you seek Him out!

    1. Anonymous5/07/2013

      This comment x10!

      How can you just take whatever one 'man of God' told you just like that?! Please, ignore that person, he/she is a human being just like you. You go and pray and fast and find out from God yourself. This is how people mislead others and feel alright that they have messed up somebodies chances of being happy. Please, please, please, ignore that person/pastor/whatever and do your own prayer. Clear your mind from that 'prophecy' so that you don't mix up God's reply with your mind's reply. Relax, God has always been, is and will forever be in control. Don't let that person scare you off. Imagine! The man even doesn't want to leave you and somebody somewhere is saying it can never work.

    2. thanks have said it ALL.thats same experience i had.did 28 days fasting to seek Gods face,never told anyone.lo and behold,my sis called me and said she saw both of us wedding in her dream.i had my own revelations too.dear poster,seek d face of God OYO!(on your own)

  4. Ok o. The way the poster seems devastated, she already believes everything and is just lamenting her predicament. I see a lot of fundamental errors here but I rili dnt know where to start from in correcting them. So amma sit back and read what other have to say.

    1. Ahdaisy, thank u for not bothering to reply those silly people on that lesbian post.

    2. My dear, I have learnt o...U can't beat a trouble maker to his game by replying. When no one replies them, they fade away like the non issues they are...

    3. Anonymous5/08/2013

      No dear, you haven't learnt. 'They fade away like the non issues they are' haba. Even if you were insulted by anyone, learn to ignore all the way. Don't be taking subtle jabs and making snide comments. Its demeaning

    4. What's so demeaning or snide about her comment? You are one big funny Anon...

  5. Anonymous5/07/2013

    Lolol,am so sorry 4laffing @ur issue bcos it seems serious2u bt my dear e reach 2laff.I jus put myself in ur shoes n dats how I wud av laffed @d person who tells me nt2marry a man dat can love me n remain faithful 4 8yrs.I av a feeling,u attend a white garment church,na una dey bliv so much in seers,meanwhile am nt condemning d church o cos I was actually born in C n S,I moved fiance now attends Cele sef,so I no how dey dear,d only thing I wud advise is weneva dey give u dese prophesies,take it 2God in prayer urself.dats y he gave u a mouth 2pray directly 2him.av bin praying4my fiance also 2find a more befitting church n God has started showing him small small y he needs 2liv.sumthing happened recently,I drove my future sisinlaw 2 1of deir prophets.wen d man saw me,he said my husband will marry 2wives n dat I shud b prepared 2accept it.unknowing dat I was with d husband's sista,lol,na she reply d prophet say sam sam sam,lai lai dat 1cant happen.I was jus laffing bcos me I no d covenant I av with God,as long as I was able 2resist married men n didn't break any1's home.den whoeva d woman is out der dat wants 2break mine will definitely mit d wrath of God,immediately I got bck I told my fiance,he was so mad dat y wud any1 wish evil against him,lol.dear poster,u need 2develop a personal relationship with God.a one on one thing,fine prophets can prophesy.its der gift bt den pple pray 2avert evil na,abi?especially since God has d final say.meanwhile a lot of things can cause seperation,jus make sure u re very prepared 4marriage.

  6. Please who is the certified and approved "they" that said u cant marry? and why would you seperate? do you know God for yourself? have you spoken to God and did you start this with God?

  7. Anonymous5/07/2013

    If u dnt av any medical condition y wnt u marry ur frnd of 8yrs? If u wnt state d main reason, we can't advice u blindly dear...no1 can jst walk up to u n tell u dat cus of a dream! N pls Eya gt legitimate stories pls, cus we can't profer soln 2 problems dat don't sound real

  8. lil'tee5/07/2013

    *sigh* when will we learn to seek God by ourselves? Yea there are prophets but they only confirm what God has revealed to you, if you don't know how to pray and seek His face, my dear please draw closer to Him. These things aren't hidden.

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  10. This sounds like some celestial church
    prophesy well taken by an adherent!

    I hate Nigerian prophesy, apparently most religious prophesy emanate from this part of the world. Many are just plain lies...

    I'll wait for all your bashing and then I'll send you all an experience of a very close

    Kachi fo


  11. I have this very very close childhood friend. His girlfriend lived outside lagos until she came for a wedding in lagos which my friend attended. Somehow, they met at that wedding and really got very close and enviable.

    As soon as she graduated from university her mom advised her about them seeing a prophet that'll check who's good enuff to be her hubby. At that time she was dating my friend and had 2 other toasters.

    So off they went to a cele prophet, my friend is an engineer, one of the other guys is a doctor and the third is a freelance business person, so they tabled all this to the cele pastor and he chose the doctor and claimed God did.

    After just a month of dating the doctor, the doctor began to beat her black and white on a constant. It will be worthy to note here that my friend dated her for 3 years and never touched her.

    She left the doctor and dated about 2 more ppl and this pple were just after sex. So she humbly went to my friend cried, begged and begged. Obviously, my friend still loved her like crayyy, so he accepted her back against my advice.

    They got married march 2nd, 2013... And I was the best man. I'll try and post pics of me at the wedding on my google plus account, it's on my facebook already! It's a true story not a scam.

    So dear lady... Woli dem dey lie ooooo
    God forgive me!


    1. Anonymous5/08/2013

      wow, shez lucky ur frend was still in love with her!!

    2. Anonymous5/08/2013

      Lol she's lucky

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Listen to God and not false prophets


    Good morning aunty Eya, thank you very much for posting my mail. I can't thank you enough o. Everybody's comment was highly appreciated. Please my people don't forget me in you r prayers. I pray that our happiness won't be snatched from us by the devil o. Have a blessed day.
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  15. My advice:
    Go ahead and marry him. Who says that you guys will separate? Please... don't even say an 'Amen' to an evil proclamation in your lives. Did God say it wouldn't work?
    This is the major reason i don't like anyone telling me stuff or prophecies about myself.
    Pray about the dreams and ask for a personal revelation.

  16. I'm going to focus on your dreams and that alone.

    What's it about? Was it scary/frightening? Focus more on the dream and ask GOD for an in depth interpretation.

  17. Anonymous7/08/2013

    All Thanks to You All... Am so happy for everybody's post am her Man for 8 years. God Bless You.


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