I Need Help With Dandruff

Hello Aunty Eya! Good morning.

I've been battling

with dandruffs for over 2years now, when i make a new hair i can't even rock it for up to 2week because when the itching starts it gets so unbearable :( and i wouldn't want to be out itching and having flakes fall off. 

I have tried different anti-dandruff shampoos, conditioners, ointments etc, i've even visited a dermatologist who took some of the flakes and ran tests and gave me drugs ointments and shampoo, i have also tried different stuffs i read on google still the dandruffs won't just go away. 

I've even thought of cutting my hair and starting all over again but my hubby doesn't seem to like the idea.
  Do you have any idea on how to get rid of dandruffs? Could you please post this on your blog so other bloggers can help me out?

Young Awesome Mum.
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  1. Anonymous5/11/2013

    Hi Poster, sorry I have to go off road a bit. Aunt Eya this is for you.
    It is about you wanting to buy a dishwasher and I know you gave us reasons why you wanted to. I also have a few reasons why you shouldn't .
    We wouldn't have gotten one but it comes installed in most American homes and that's the only reason we have one.
    1. Do you know that before you use the dishwasher, you have to rinse all the plates to make sure there are no hardened stuff left on the plates.To me, it's more or less washing the plates by yourself.
    2. Also the amount of time used to load the dishwasher can be used to wash the dishes this is because you have to arrange the plates well. In terms if time, the amount of time it takes for the dishwasher to clean the plates is no joke. The last time I used mine, I had to open the dishwasher midway cos it was taking too long and I needed some of the utensils.
    3. It uses up a lot of electricity and water, so be prepared to pay higher bills.
    4. Lastly it can't even was the pots we use to make the sticky kind of Adrican food. You have to wash it yourselves.
    I just wanted to give you this info before you make the purchase. Thanks for reading

    1. Anonymous5/11/2013

      I think it's more suitable for oyinbo ppl cos their kind of food is very light. Salads, potatoes etc

    2. Thank you so much. This info has come in timely. I just bought gloves for myself dear. These gloves are now one of my best purchase in recent times. They come in handy at times when there is no one and I need to do my dishes or laundry by hand.

      I am enjoying the walk with gloves thoroughly. These days I can touch water even early in the morning, I can wash anything early in a cold morning. I can even dip my hans in harsh detergents without giving it a thought because my hands are safe in my new gloves whenever I need to touch detergents.

      Thank you for remembering my washing machine talk. For now I am fine without it. God bless you.

    3. Dear poster,
      Wash ur hair and condition it with any shampoo and conditioner then dilute apple cider vinegar with equal part of water and massage into ur scalp. Wear a shower cap and wait for 10-15mins then rinse. After rinsing, dry ur hair and oil ur scalp with coconut oil. This was what i used two years ago and i've not had dandruff since then. Please don’t stay more than 15mins before rinsing because apple cider vinegar is acidic and u don’t want to burn ur scalp.

    4. Sorry, *my dishwasgher talk

  2. Same here ohhh...I av to tk out ma sexy 2week old short hair cos its itchin like in u dnt wana know..av hurt masef itchin.....cnt carry hair for long at...if I fix..before u know.d front is flakyyy so I av to learn frm here..

  3. Anonymous5/11/2013

    My dear,mine I will say was worse than yours,I can't remember when I didn't have it,until I started using damatol,babe it works magic,back then when I go into a saloon,wash my hair,imediately I finish my hair will start itching me again,u can use it as ur hair cream,it's good,make sure u get original

  4. Use Dr Miracle 2 in 1 dandruff shampoo and conditioner plus Damatol cream....these two products worked magic for me when I was faced with hair dandruff.

  5. I'm not sure dandruff has a cure. It can be managed, not cured. (This is my opinion o!!!) cos when you let ur guards down, it comes back again. Yet, some people can carry their hair for 2 months and not a single flake. Just try all the methods above and see what works for you.

    For me, my main problem is sensitive peels and flakes...and my hair is tough. Dnt remember ever retouching and dint get burnt...tried all the kits you can think of. I just had to settle for Dr Miracle. Also use their creams and shampoo cos others did not work for me including Head and Shoulder, and Dermatol. Dermatol actually burnt my scalp.

    What worked for me at one period was

    1. Heat olive oil a little, pour on scalp, massage and leave in for 15-30 mins.

    2. Comb hair out thoroughly.

    3. Wash with Anti-dandruff shampoo.

    4. Steam with Hair Mayonnaise, olive oil and shea-butter.

    5. Wash with cold water.

    6. Plait natural hair into corn-rows. Make sure it's not tight.

    7. Apply olive oil mixed with ori, mixed with Funbact-A. Or just look for a good hair cream, I use Dr Miracle hair creams. Apply morning and night. Use a wig if you cant rock that style. Wash hair with this method every one to two weeks.

    If you fix weaves, remove them after two weeks and rock ur natural hair for the remaining two weeks.

    This really worked for me. But that was when I was in school. Right now, I no get the time or strength.

    1. Hi, I used to have the problem of sensitive scalp and tough hair that practically looked "virgin" @ all times even after retouching. I tried a lot of relaxers expensive and inexpensive but always ended up with burnt scalp. So I was advised to change to kiddies relaxer (princess by nature by olive) and now my hair is very silky and no burnt scalp anymore when I retouch.

      @poster, I have a friend who had same problem and made sure she didn't keep a weave on for more than 2weeks. Also she used castor oil a lot on her scalp as well as dermatol. U cld try it.

    2. Anonymous5/12/2013

      @ Ahdaisy in reference to ur sensitive scalp, i have that too!! I av been usin profective for abt 4yrs now, buh it still gets burnt and recently i used Olive oil(organic root stumulator) andi could tell there was a difference...u might want to try that if u av strength.

    3. Anonymous5/12/2013

      Na wa 4 u sef so if ada carry gono u sef go say u get am.u people haff started again ooOo make una leave ada alone ooooo

  6. Anonymous5/11/2013

    Have u tried shea butter? Not that i have used it but i heard it works wonders on hair.
    Apply it after washing n setting, especially at the hair root before u enter dryer.
    If u are the type that is used to braiding, u hv to try fixing weavon more often because i heard braiding offsets dandruff.

    1. Anonymous5/12/2013

      Sheabutter kwa ace was right when he made mockery of it fixing evwrything everything on eyas blog u are recommending it but ve not used it I tire 4 u

    2. Anonymous5/13/2013

      @anon8:19 lol

  7. Anonymous5/11/2013

    Steam your hair hun,then try applying dandruff control and always keep your hair well mosturized . MiRACLE

  8. Anonymous5/12/2013

    Dear Dandruff lady,

    Please try shea butter.
    I too suffered from dandruff for ages...I had almost come to accept it as normal for me.

    (Don't go heavy handed with it) use a bit on your scalp after washing your hair, then run what's left on your palms on your hair. Also, use a bit when you get your hair done eg, in between your tracks before you get a weave.

  9. I had d same for a almost a year so I relaxed my hair less and steamed it more and I also used 'do grow anti dandruff' and dr miracle and there's a huge difference now as it has reduced. Apparently harsh relaxers also cause dandruff. Ahdaisy u've used all sorts of products, how long did u use each one and how do u kno what helped please?

  10. Young Awesome Mum5/12/2013

    There're a few products and methods that have been metioned that i haven't tried. Will try them out and give you all feedback. Thanks a million :)

  11. captain mary5/12/2013

    Hmmmm dandruff Ish, it got to a point I stopped goin to d salon to undo my weaves o,it cld be very embarrassing a times, I used ori and hair booster mixed together, and its bin working wonders too. Give it a try.

  12. Anonymous5/12/2013

    Do not go 2 far,I'm sure urs isn't as bad as mine where mine is as big as fish scales,Ianyway look 4 selsun shampoo the fluid is yellow not d blue 1 o!it contains selenium oxide or so and it cn only b found in big phamarcies cos its d medical trtmnt 4 dandruff,tank mi l8r iv usd it 4 5yrs!

    1. Anonymous5/12/2013

      U are a very dirty woman nonsense

    2. Anonymous5/12/2013

      Anon 7.04 wat kind of statement is this. Its not necessary?
      Pls dont mind her.
      Having dandruff doesn't make u dirty.

  13. Anonymous5/12/2013

    I ve had dandruff for years.
    If I loosen my hair it would b as if someone poured garri on my shoulders.
    It doesnt itch nd my hair is vrry long nd full.
    I ve tried everything nd now I can't be bothered.

  14. Anonymous5/13/2013

    Dandruff is a common scalp problem marked by constant itching and flaking of the skin of the can be very embarrassing if not treated.
    It can be caused by either excessive or reduced body oil secretion and poor hair maintainance.
    Dandruff flakes stick and block the free flow of air to the root,thus weakens the root,The constant itching that arises from dandruff also weakens the root of the hair,making it prone to breakage and permanent hair loss.
    The solution is simple,look for good antidandruff products suitable for African hairs with 'Tea tree' as the active ingredients. Make sure the products come in ranges,which include antidandruff shampo;which washes and cleans the scalp,
    antidandruff instant conditioner,add oil to the scalp to prevent dryness and kill bacteria,
    Antidandruff Leave in conditioner, retards the activity rate of bacteria till d next treatment day and
    antidandruff Scalp conditioner, this is a daily conditioner,it serves as a protective coating against itching.
    This process will be repeated continuously once a week for 6 months and see the magic. and the good thing about any product on this range is that you look good in as much as you are under treatment.
    Based on this,I recomment Natures Gentle Touch Antidanfruff shampo,Natures Gentle Touch antidandruff InstAnt conditioner,Natures Gentle Touch leave in Conditioner and Natures Gentle Touch scalp protector.
    Buy these and use it as directed contineously for 6wks,ur story will never remain the same.
    NB.Use 4 of them together as directed bc they work hand in might be expensive but very effective.wish u. Quick healing dear poster and anyone who benefits from it.thanks

    1. Young Awesome Mum5/14/2013

      Thanks a lot


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