I Need Help On How To Make Akamu/Ogi From Scratch

Good evening Aunty Eya, I must commend your blog! I love it! It's one of the few meaningful, helpful and educative blogs out there now. God will bless you indeed for reaching out to people and blessing lives through your blog.

I've learnt so much on cooking and a variety of meals! I live in the US and I'm very limited with

my choices of foodstuffs.
But what I really really wanna learn so bad now is how to make Akanmu/Ogi from the scratch. 

My mum used to make it when I was a child and I never got the chance to learn from her cos she's late now. I don't know where to buy here (well I've not searched) but I'm so sure some of our wonderful chefs here on this blog will know how to make it and then share it on here.
Thanks again, God bless you and your readers.

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  2. Anonymous5/06/2013

    !.Mix the corn starch with a little cold water until it is runny but not watery,
    2. Pour boiling water in the mixture until it cooks and becomes thick
    3. Stir and add more water if it's too thick.
    4. Add honey or sugar and stir
    5. Serve HOT.
    I don't have a good camera, I would have taken step by step pics and sent to Aunty Eya for you to see.

    1. Anonymous5/06/2013

      No, not that. From processing the raw corn. Thanks

  3. You soak the raw corn in water for two days, by this time it is fermented and has some bubbles on top.
    1. Wash and grind
    2.No strainer or sieve can do the real filtering. Get the scarf nylon material that is used or some material like chiffon, tie it round a bowl or bucket, begin to pour small quantities of the ground corn with some water and wash. After every wash,keep the chaff aside and start all over with some more ground corn.

    When all the filtering is done, the whole thing will look very watery, leave to stand for some hours until the starch settles. When it is settled, the water becomes clear and that is when to tilt and pour the clean water away while the akamu remains settled on the bottom.
    Hope this helps because I haven't made akamu since I stopped having babies. Pretty long.
    I pray someone takes pity on you and sends pics cos I suspect you may be a new mother.

    1. Is there any alternative to use when making ikokore instead of water yam? Was thinking maybe the other type of cocoyam that they eat.

    2. Shayor5/06/2013

      No dear, its only wateryam, u can't use cocoyam!

    3. Anonymous5/06/2013

      In line wit wat MrsD already said, pls change d water used in soakin d corn everyday by washin out d corn 4rm d water n re-soakin in fresh clean water, thats wat i do n i normally soak mine 4 3days. Also at d end of d whole filtration process, get a clean white pillow case n pour d settled akamu into it, leave overnight that way, u drain all d water 4rm it n get that hard akamu. Then store in containers n keep in ur refrigerator.

  4. Anonymous5/06/2013

    D last time I processed d corn myself wud have to b about 15yrs ago but I hope am still in touch
    Ok so u soak d corn in cold water for about 3 days or until corn is soft. The most I wud leave d corn soaked wud b about 4-5 days. Change d water if it starts to get smelly.
    When corn is soft, wash it and blend until its smooth when felt between d fingers. U will need a high performance blender for this task oh.
    Back in d day we would tie a sieve using a black rubber band around a bucket or tie the four ends of the sieve underneath the bucket making sure its tight

    1. Anonymous5/06/2013

      Sorry the process is long....
      U then start to sieve the corn while pouring water...continue this process until colour changes from white to a darker colour or until all u get is chaff .
      When all corn has been sieved, u leave it standing for a couple of hours until the sieved corn has settled at the bottom and all u have is a clear water at the top. At this stage u can pour off the clear water and what u have at the bottom is ur akamu, or u can pour it in a cotton bag, leave it over night and the next day u will get ur akamu in a hard form

  5. Anonymous5/06/2013

    If u soak too long it will sour, so soak for 2 days. Blend and sieve then, wait for it to settle and pouring out the top water. You can keep in freezer for months. Since u live in the US, where will u mill it?

  6. Anonymous5/06/2013

    I learnt a simpler sieving method from my aunty.after blending simply fill a big bowl or bucket with water. Use a clean( light)/new pillow case.
    *Pour the blended paste in the pilow case
    *dip the pillow case into the bowl filled with water.
    *Spread the tips around the bowl or open,hold with 1 hand, dip the other hand in the paste.keep turning the paste in water until all that is left is the shaft.remove the pillow case.and let the content of the bowl settle.wat you have @the bottom is the akumu.
    N.b:you can blended with Ginger if you desire.I hope this helps

    1. Anonymous5/07/2013

      You made d job easier. THANKS.

    2. Anonymous5/07/2013

      Will get me a new pillow case today

  7. Anonymous5/06/2013

    I just made Ogi lyk 3 weeks ago and I had to soak the corn for 5 days though I changed the water after 3 days.

  8. Mrs D, just gave a good explanation now. If u follow her steps am sure u wouldn't miss out, my pookies don't like pap, so I don't make it.

  9. Anonymous5/07/2013

    You soak the raw corn in water 4 3days. On d 3rd day, sieve it out of d water and tk to the mill. When its all blended. The type of material used to sieve fufu, that's exactly what you're gonna use. Use to wrap a basin, tiying it @ d base of the basin. Put it on d floor. Get a bucket of clean water and stool and sit on d stool. Tk a portion of blended corn, put it on the sieving material and pour water and then use your right hand to sieve d sameway you'll sieve fufu. Make sure d starch is all out b4 remiving d shaft from d sieve. I hope this helps. Stay blessed.


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