I Need Help For Cracked Heels

Good morning Eya and all the good people of wives connection.

Please i have a challenge and i need advice from people in the house. My

daughter has a crack/tear @ the back of her leg, i bought a stone that she uses to scrub but this does not do any good. Please my good people what can i use to make this tear go off her leg?

Thank you everyone. Eya please make me an anonymous tank you so much.


  1. I think u bought d modern stone,she should use d olden days stone,I had cracked legs since my secondary sch days,but d stone helped and my feet is smooth now.I think there's a cream 4 it too but I don't know d name.

  2. Hi,
    how are you and family?
    I will post your mail later OK?
    Last December, my daughter came home for Christmas Holidays with cracks behind her heels. Skineal was recommended to her and within a week of rubbing twice daily, the cracks cleared like magic. See your Doctor first to know what caused the cracks and what will be effective on your child's skin.
    Have a lovely day.

  3. Like Olivia said, buy the local stone from those moms selling native soap and shear butter.
    Mumsy had a bad case and I remember using blade to remove the excess skin then stone-scrub and MOISTURIZE. Moisturizing the heel is very important. Some of these drugstores sell heel creams especially stores that deal on creams,deodorants,toiletries etc but for a more natural and magical experience I'd advice you buy a 60ml coconut oil that goes for about 680 naira and Shear butter (ori/oriego/ofuma). Melt the shearbutter in warm not boiling water over low heat,mix same quantity of shearbutter(now melted) and coconut oil. Allow in the fridge to solidify a bit and whisk for 5minutes to become fluffy. Use this on her morning and night after scrubbing, I believe it will work

    1. Anonymous5/20/2013

      Is d coconut oil d local one?

  4. I recommend shea butter, i use to leave in kaduna were during the harmattan, my foot use to crack no matter how i try. But since i started using shea butter, it went away and never came back.

    1. *i use to
      leave- I USED to LIVE
      *in kaduna were- in Kaduna WHERE
      *my foot use to- my foot USED to

  5. She shud always put on socks , helps tew

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