Hubby's Lunch Box Ideas

Hello Aunty Eya, 
Please i need suggestions for lunch ideas for my husband. Since I work from home, it's something I enjoy doing.

My husband rarely eats out during lunch breaks, he prefers  taking his lunch to work.But I noticed he's  starting to
get bored with what I put in his lunch box. Sometimes i give him rice (jollof, fried, or white), sandwiches (ham or tuna) or even yam with stew or fried eggs. He doesn't like eating swallow food at work , he'd rather have it for dinner.

I would appreciate it if my fellow WC readers, could help me out.



  1. - Spaghetti/Macaroni (Jollof, fried or plain)
    - Potatoes (sweet and Irish), either boiled or fried, with eggs or ketchup or Veggies+Ketchup
    - Rice with Gravy
    - Rice with beef sauce or chicken sauce
    - Beans and yam/plantain/potatoes
    - Vegetable sauce with yam/plantain/rice/potatoes
    - Garden egg sauce with yam/plantain.
    Plus every other recipe you can find on this blog.
    Just make sure you use a very good food warmer.

  2. Anonymous5/29/2013

    I'm in your shoes too, my hubby doesn't eat outside so I pack his lunch. I also need new ideas of food to pack for him. So guys, pls help ur sisters. Peridot.

  3. Stir fry noodles, akara and bread, beans and bread, plantain and beans, chicken with salad and pasta, steamed vegetables with rice and fish, chips with fried egg and sausages, tuna and pasta bake, home made spagetti bolognese.
    Or just ask him for a list of different food he'll like for lunch and alternate it all through the week.


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