Hope This Isn't Wrong?

Hello Aunty Eya,  and I hope you are doing well?
Thank you for this family WC it has really helped my cooking skills. Please I need advice from other women like me here. i got married 3yrs ago, am really enjoying my marriage and I have the best husband in the world. I married my husband a virgin and though
it has been fun, when it comes to having sex, believe you me we do it anywhere.

  We have had it in our kitchen, sitting room, car, bathtub just name it, there was even a time he came to pick me from the office, because I have my own personal office and we had sex there. My question is hope we are not taking it too far even if he is my husband ? I can't count the number of times we have sex in a month unless I'm on my periods. No doubt he has made me enjoy sex so much.

 I am currently pregnant and in my first trimester and this is really hard for me because the sickness has worn me out and I have missed work and I hope my husband won't feel bad and sleep around  though he understands me and he is really taking care of me. And secondly I don't like it when people do my things for me because am too organized and too neat my friends in school then knew me for this i am really praying to GOD to change me now that I will soon have my baby, sorry for diverting. Please ma do not post my email or any form of contact. thank you.


  1. Anonymous5/19/2013

    Now you are pregnant, reduce it.

  2. Anonymous5/19/2013

    Lucky you...

  3. I kinda find it offensive when people say, 'bcos I am having some challenges that affect my sex life, hope my husband wnt cheat'. I mean come on! Cut your husbands some slack people! From ur story you dnt have any reason not to trust him, so why add that part? Trust is very essential is marriage, or else, you'll live your life in constant fear and anxiety.

    I dnt think with ur husband you are taking it too far. Just dnt get caught. You can limit your action to your house and hotels. But be a little more careful. Dnt do any position you are not comfy with.

    Anyway, now you are pregnant you have to learn to let people do things for you. It's hard, I know. I have the same problem but you just have to let go. In fact when you have your kid, if no one tries to help you, you'll be angry. Then you will even beg for help.

    I wish you a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery.

    1. Anonymous5/19/2013

      Ahdaisy, just went thru ur pics. Ur wedding gown and pics are cute. And u married a handsome man. I'm praying 4 a handsome one too amongst many other qualities. Amen

    2. Johnson5/19/2013

      Thanks Ahdaisy... @Poster, sex is a private thing and should be treated as such - it does not look nice to be caught doing it, esp in the office!
      Your being too organized should be treated as a weakness - it is not a strength. Strive to accommodate people... you no get choice with the kids coming. Sure you'll be humbled before u know it.

  4. Anonymous5/19/2013

    Wen I was telling sum1 my man n i have a high libido n we av had sex every oda day in 2yrs,dey acted like it wasn't possible,abeg sum of us av very high libidos.na only offis we neva try,dear poster u re so lucky 2b 1of d women who took dat risk n found a befitting man 2compensate u 4all dat tym u kept urself.pls pls pls ders absolutely nothing wrong as long as u re doin it with ur man n as ahdaisy said,jus don't get caught.my fiance n I do it in d car gan,if e enter our head.lol,n yes wen I got pregnant it didn't change nything.some pregnant women bcum highly horny den,if dis is u den u can av sex but he can't b rough nymore.jus very gently esp in d 1st 3months n pls if dat man loves u sincerely am sre he won't cheat but if u re d type dat has bcum put off den explain dis2him but still try2b intimate,u can always hold him n cuddle.n 2ndly u dnt av a choice but 2seek help,I didn't n I lost d baby@5months.pls reduce stress drastically.

  5. Lucky U jare.. U dnt hv a prob.

  6. Thank God 4 giving u such a hubby. You are lucky jare, enjoy d flow n u guys are NOT taking it too far at all. Being pregnant shldnt affect ur sex life or else u physically cannot stand it or u are too exhausted for it.
    As for ur obsession with being neat- u managed to adapt around ur hubby for 3yrs so it souldnt b a problem when u have ur baby.
    Lastly relax, ur hubby has been supportive since u've been pregnant and u should have some kinda trust in him so he shouldn't cheat. If u are worried just talk to him about it.

  7. The fact that you are married doesn't mean you and yr hubby shud be having sex anywhere especially in d office, in yr home, fine, unless u own d company. After all he is taking u home to have sex. And lastly concentrate on yr pregnancy instead of being concerned if yr hobby is going to cheat on u or not. If he had married somebody dat was not a virgin, he wud still have done d same thing with/to her. Virgin or no virgin, dat is not wat keeps a man faithful but the one dat has the fear of God and His word reside in his heart. So put yr mind at rest.

  8. Anonymous5/19/2013

    I wish, happy for u my dear. Put ur mind at rest and enjoy ur baby kicking

  9. My dear, keep calm and dnt stay paranoid esp nw dat u r pregnant. I believe ur hubby loves u dearly, dnt spoil ur mind wit baseless suspicion. Congrats on ur journey in2 motherhood


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