He Breaks Protocols

He breaks protocols too!
With so much confidence, I put on the best of my clothes and after being approved by my mirror, made for the Globacom towers without a prior appointment, in a bid to see Mr. Mike Adenuga. Biko, don’t laugh at me or make it worse because I was bounced with a beautiful smile and the finest of words. Ever been told to ‘go to hell and you looked forward to the journey’?
I know you are already insulting
me that how would I have imagined seeing him without a prior appointment? Nawah O, but me sef, shouldn’t I know that protocols aren’t easy to break?
I had to get an important piece of information from a senior colleague from another organization and I sent an e-mail to that effect. I got an auto response stating that she was on leave and wouldn’t have access to her e-mails till she resumed on the 2nd of June. On a normal day, she wouldn’t respond to mails while on holidays and also she wasn’t obliged to either.
The first paragraph of my mail started out with thanks; ’thank you for your constant help, support and timely response…’ Surprisingly, she responded within seconds. I was excited because she had broken protocols to respond to me. More importantly, she didn’t only respond, she helped with my request and later sent an e-mail to find out if I was pleased with the service delivered.
Boy! Was I glad? You can imagine.
I wondered if it was just because I sang her praise before making my request that I got what I wanted + more or she was just in a mood to respond. I later confirmed it was the thanks that set it off when she later responded that she was pleased with the mail I sent and that was why she responded; she also added that I should feel free to make any requests at any time as she’s always willing to help.
However, there were times I didn’t get what I wanted (a typical example was when I was bounced at the Globacom towers), sometimes I wasn’t responded to promptly as I’d have wanted to but fact still remains I got what I needed eventually, somehow.
Thinking about how my day went last night, that single event ran my imagination wild and I thought ‘if humans can break protocols to attend to me when they shouldn’t and are neither obliged to; how much more God’?
We often make requests based on the situations surrounding us; we ask grudgingly, with tears, forgetting to be at least grateful for all He has done in the past. We also often forget to thank God for the very little things that we see as normal and Yes! That includes me as well.
Now, before you jump to conclusion, please be mindful of my point. I’m not promising that you’d always get everything you want when you ask and in your own time simply because you are thankful (biko, don’t forget that I am not God); my point is try asking with thanksgiving and see God break all protocols for your sake or at least feel peace in your spirit even before you finish praying.
Try to give Him a different kind of praise despite the fact that you want to ask for something and watch him break protocols for your sake.
I started out to write a how I was feeling to God in my Journal and I end up with this hence, I’m also being taught to apply this principle.
May I suggest we try this out this weekend, please?
Have a restful weekend.


  1. Anonymous5/25/2013

    Nice one.

  2. Anonymous5/25/2013

    Thank u Fola. #hugs

  3. BEKEES5/25/2013

    Well done!

  4. Anonymous5/25/2013

    Beautiful and thoughtful. Thanks!

  5. Anonymous5/25/2013

    Thanks always Folashade! U are the best.

  6. Shade you're a great poet,it takes a Miguel de Cervantes to understand you.
    Wanted to comment yesterday when I saw this,but I wasn't in the right frame of mind, but after having my haircut and a cool shower I cameback to read and also to comprehend.
    How you romance words so easily,like a hot knife passing through a butter.Nice piece u've here dear.
    Btw to the post: with the way He does His things,I doubt if he even have protocols, anyway its subject to debate though.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310


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