Efo Elegusi (Vegetable With Egusi Soup) By Lizzy Obaze

Vegetable with egusi soup.
I made this soup this morning for my family's almost 2 weeks supply.
As it was morning time no swallow 
was made with it but it goes well with any swallow of your choice.

3 tablespoons palm oil, 
5 cups beef stock 
3 seasoning cubes, 
4 cups ground egusi
1 cup ede nla (big dry prawns), 
2 teaspoons iru
3 large tatashe (red bell peppers), 
1 medium sized onion to boil the meat with
1 cup tomatoes, 
pepper to your taste
2 medium dry catfish
shaki and cowleg
salt to taste.

* blend onion, pepper, tomatoes and tatashe with dry prawn head. Pour in a pot and bring to the boil.
* Add already cooked cowleg and shaki. Then add dry catfish n whole dry prawns, iru, palmoil, knor cubes and stir. Leave to cook for 10mins
* blend egusi with onion and add to soup. Leave to cook for 10mins and stir then taste for salt and add if needed.
*When egusi

is thick and doesn't taste raw add chopped spinach, stir and leave to cook for 3-5mins depending on how soft u want ur spinach.
* serve with any swallow of your choice

Have a fabulous weekend.

Ingredients for egusi with vegetable soup
Palm oil, coweg and shaki for vegetable egusi soup
Palm oil boils in egusi soup
Boiling egusi soup. You can add more stock or water if it's thicker than desired.
Adding vegetables to Egusi melon soup. It doesn't have to be spinach, you can cook with ugu leaves (flutted pumpkin) or washed bitter leaf.
A pot of cooked egusi soup
Egusi soup waiting to be preserved in the fridge



  1. Lizzy pls,am verrrrrrrry hungry....ur address biko! Well done.

  2. Hehehehe, Aunty Eya is still busy marking o. She isn't done with the marking yet. When she's done, we'll see the results. That's why today has been a 'slow news day'.

  3. Nice one Lizzy,it has yummy written allover.
    Hope the vegetable is pumpkin leaf? coz thats my fav.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

    1. Anonymous5/25/2013

      She wrote spinach,so don't bother eating it.

  4. Anonymous5/25/2013

    Dis ur egusi soup will be superb on soft semovita.yee hunger!!!

  5. This looks good. I'm sure it will taste good too. I noticed u didn't add any fish apart from d prawns.

    1. Yes I added dry catfish.

  6. Pls wat is prawns in igbo

  7. Nice one Mrs lizzy.I will try this method when next I want to prepare my egusi soup.thanks

  8. Pls Mrs lizzy were can I get spinach to buy in benin.I don't really know how it look like.I have never used it.

  9. @Joyce its also called Green, just ask d women selling vegetable in d market d will know.

    1. Anonymous5/25/2013

      Spinach is different from green. It looks like water leaf but darker, broader and thicker.

  10. Anonymous5/25/2013

    Nice one,I'll try out dis method next week

    1. Anonymous5/26/2013

      I can't imagine tomatoes in my egusi.also cooking egusi with vegetable is normal,pls is there any egusi that dosent have veg?that would be baby's shit naa!

  11. Anonymous5/25/2013

    Spinach is nt green,it is like a more matured water leaf

  12. Thanks all for the comments. I don't know what spinach is called in Naija or if its sold there.
    Aunty Eya and everyone any idea?

  13. Anonymous5/25/2013

    Spinach is what we refer to as green .which one is matured water leave

  14. Anonymous5/25/2013

    Aaaahhhhhh spinach is green ooooo we have to types the shoko and normal green but they are both spinach .

    1. Green is amaranthus. Spinach stem is a climber just like ugu, it is rope-like and can climb even the tallest building while growing. There is a huge difference between spinach and green. spinach is not as common as green amaranth. Spinach can be used in place of waterleaf to soften. It is used to cook afang, edikang ikong and other vegetable soups. Green is different.

    2. Anonymous5/25/2013

      Thanks Aunty Eya,u spoke my mind...green and spinach r two diff vegetables..spinach is closely related(family) to waterleaf.

  15. weldone Lizzy yummy looking! i think spinach is called efo shoko in yoruba if you ask the market women for shoko it think thats wat its called not sure tho..

  16. Fyn Ijebu Chic5/26/2013

    Efo elegusi is when d vegetable is much more dan d egusi.
    Egusi elefo is when d egusi is much more dan d efo.
    Lizzy, can I get a plate? I think I am hungry!!!!

    1. Really! Now I know there is a difference between efo elegusi and egusi elefo. I actually thought they are both d same. Thx

  17. mizOsa5/26/2013

    With the sight of this soup am very hungry.Nice one

  18. At what stage did u add d Palmoil?

    1. I added the palmoil after the blended pepper, tomatoes, onion and red pepper had cooked for about 5mins. Some people fry the oil 1st then pour the blended sauce (as above) to the hot palmoil.

  19. Anonymous5/26/2013

    Spinnach in yoruba is called Amunututu. Horlah

  20. Anonymous5/26/2013

    please did u eva add stock?cos seems the tomatoe must av been alot then.

    1. The tomatoes wasn't a lot. Only a tin of plum tomatoe was used. I added meat stock and water as it was too thick.

  21. Anonymous6/10/2013

    This meal looks really good. My question is I don't see any measurements. My neighbor cooked egusi stew ad I fell in
    Love with it. Can u give a small recipe that includes measurements?

  22. Anonymous7/25/2013

    Your Egusi looks beautiful. Please give us the measurements, quantities and proper cooking times.

    How many Onions?
    How many Tatashe?
    How much Palm Oil
    How much Egusi?
    How much Crayfish/Dry fish?
    How many tomatoes or what size tin tomatoes?
    How long do you cook the Egusi until well cooked?
    How much stock?
    What seasoning did you use to cook the meat and for how long do you cook your meat.

    Please, please give us an updated recipe. We want to know how you made it...it looks absolutly amazing. Thanks for being such a wonderful blessing to us. USA

  23. Nice job Lizzy. This is how I just finished cooking mine with tiny lumps of egusi
    Grinded egusi, smoked fish, ponmo, crayfish, grinded pepper with enough onions, iru, palm oil, seasoning, and any Vegetable of your choice (I used gbagba). Direction.
    1.Put your grinded egusi in a neat bowl and add sliced onion to it.
    2.Put a little water on fire and leave to boil. Add to the egusi stir well to make a paste (it shouldn't be watery). 3.Now place a neat pot on fire, leave to dry and then put palm oil inside. Leave to bleach for two minutes.
    4.Pour the grinded pepper into it and leave to boil just a little.
    5.Add locust bean, seasoning and salt to taste.
    6.Start using a table spoon to add the egusi into the boiled pepper one after the other as if you want to fry akara (I hope you will understand. Cover and leave to boil for 10minutes and make the egusi form moles.
    7.Pour a little water into the bowl where the egusi was,rinse well and pour into the egusi stew.
    8.Now add all your assorted stuffs into it and leave to boil for 12 minutes.
    9.Check if salt and seasoning is okay, if not add more to your Own taste.
    10.The smell should tell you the egusi is done, now add your desired vegetables into it and stir to make even. (reduce fire)
    11.Just leave to steam for 5 minutes, put off fire, your egusi soup is ready.


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