Big Brother Africa: To Watch Or Not To Watch?

Hello Blog Family,
Now, it's my turn to get advice from you guys please. I am a fan of Big Brother Africa. I have never missed a season. Last night, I picked up my phone to text my smart card number as is the requirement for watching in Nigeria. When I brought out the smart card, my visiting
friend asked what I wanted to do and I told her. My interest in the show surprised her. She felt "family" people didn't have to watch a show as such because it will corrupt the kids.

She said a lot of things to try and convince me against registering to watch this season. She said the show is all about voyeurism, that it has no morals to teach. She even went further to ask if all I wanted was to see people *do* on TV?  She also said that as a Christian, it's wrong to watch any show where people don't recognize God and all. She finally said the show is Dev***sh.

Well, I tried to defend myself by telling her that I have learnt a lot from this show. Apart from the entertainment I get watching. I learnt from the show that it's possible for people from different cultures to live together peacefully. I learnt that family values are not that important to some families, like in the case of manetta and sister fighting on TV and then gossiping on siblings to friends they just met on the show.

When Uti Nwachukwu won, I learnt a lesson there: When we fail, it is good to try again. His first time on the show, he came out with nothing, on his second journey, he came back the winner of All Stars with money and fame. If he had refused to make a second attempt, he may  never have been where he is today. His life changed after that second attempt at the show. 
Do not forget Uti held tight to his principles while on that show. He neither kissed nor did any lady. He kept himself, so, I think if this show was  all about doing women and walking about naked, there is no way Uti would have won Big Brother All Stars. He won and came out of that house happy and fulfilled.

When I saw Karen Igho as the Nigerian representative of that season, what I said was "Nothing for Nigeria this season" I felt disappointed eh, I looked at her chest and asked... "Is that real? I wasn't interested in watching her. I did not think she will make Nigeria proud and a lot of people had my sentiments. When Hubby asked the next day and I pointed at Karen as the Nigerian Housemate. He laughed and said "This year we have failed woefully" This girl doesn't look like she can win this thing. Do you know that before the show ended, Karen became our favorite housemate. We weren't interested in seeing any other housemate. I became his jotter to give the latest gidst about Karen and Luclay. With our two or four naked hands sef, we started voting for Karen. How did that happen? Her good character, her attitude, her forgiving spirit and her love for other people bought us over.

We that were asking who is this? Began to get angry when people like Vimbai and other housemates say things to Karen. We began to hurt when Karen is not happy. I learnt there, that, it is not good to judge people until you know them very well. I learnt that it's possible for people who don't like you to begin to love you dearly. I remember those days, every time Linda published anything about Karen in the Big Brother house, comments were very mean on her. Towards the end of the show, the trend changed. 

When I see people from different parts of Africa brought together to co-exist, I love to watch them talk about their different cultures and to see them live, fight, quarrel and then makeup or refuse to make up with people from other parts of the Continent.

In Kevin's case, viewers said true love can never be found in the Big Brother house. He was rejected but today they are a husband and wife outside the show. I get so entertained and informed when I watch. In fact, there was a particular season where, housemates won't talk about their cultures and other important issues outside man and woman. Hubby stopped watching because he felt those were too chidish
We learn from their frustrations and everything apart from the ones we do not get to watch like shower hour. I've never watched that and have never watched The uncut show. Not that I judge those who watch everything. No, I just watch the general show and avoid the restricted episodes. Good thing shower hour no longer airs in Nigeria.

My kids know they can't watch Big Brother Shows because they are rated 18. Thankfully Multichoice has made it possible for them to enjoy their channels while I watch mine.

Dear ladies and gents in the house, do you agree with my friend Sandra that I STOP watching cos it's not good for me or you think the show is worth watching? Kindly share your thoughts please.


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    1. I watch BBA as well. I find it entertaining and truth be told, I have stopped justifying to my friends and fellow "Christian" why I watch the show.

      I am definitely watching BBA 8.

  2. chubby ELLA5/07/2013

    Seconded ooooo,I so cnt wait 4 it 2 start. Pls dnt mind dat ur "holier than thou" Sandra frnd,pple lyk her r d ones dat say one tin 2 u n go bk 2 do anoda tin. If u see wat pple lyk her do behind closed doors ehhh,u'l bow. 4 me I no longer seek pple's advice on anytin o,I believe as an adult,I shud knw wat is wrong n wat is ryt n I do wat makes me happy. Abi na she subscribe 4 u???if na she tell us o. Abeg jareeee,wetin b d code n d procedure,me I lyk 2 watch am sef.

    1. Anonymous5/07/2013

      Text the first ten digits of ur smart card to 30333:

    2. chubby ELLA5/08/2013

      Ok.tnx darlyn.

  3. I've never watched any season of BBA. All I know about it is what I see on twitter and blogs. The season Uti won, I remember the common room in bwari law sch was packed full and the noise that day was something else. I don't watch not for any religious reasons, but just the way I've never tuned in to any kardashian show is the same way this one is.
    Like my mom will say, BBA is for those that have time on their hands. Even if I say I've developed interest 2mrw, where's the time to watch? Is it when I return from work very tired and just want to shower and rest?
    Diff strokes for diff folks. I never condemn those that watch it, I have friends that are addicted. It's just a matter of personality, because if it was just me, all these shows would have packed up. LOL

  4. If you have time in your hands, my sister balance well watch the show o jaree, no be today. Again provided your duty permits you.

  5. I used to follow the show before I started working,but with my job,I don't watch anymore. I just hear people around me talking about it,and when my younger sister is around,I watch d sunday eviction show with her.
    Once your kids are not watching,I don't see why you'll not watch it if you're intrested and you have the time.
    Unless you have the inner conviction that something is bad,don't allow anybody tell you what to do with your life. If you know what some holier than thou do,watching BBA is like child's play.

  6. Anonymous5/07/2013

    Can't wait oooo!hubby doesn't like it!but since am a hug fan,he has no choice but to join me which he does!

  7. There is nothing wrong about watching the African Big brother show if you have the time.

  8. Anonymous5/07/2013

    BBA na for people wey no get work!... I only watched the first season, then I no get work. Cnt be dat jobless to sit and watch people living their lives 24/7. Well, except it's d summarized one sha, I no fit.
    @ aunty eya, if u've got time to do so, den go ahead. Jst keep ur eyes on d kids. #dat's all

  9. To each his own o.. I dnt watch BBA, never have. I dnt watch African magic (can't stand it).. In fact na 1500 I dey pay for dstv cos I feel it's a waste of money since I only watch it for 3 hours max everyday and most days, I dnt watch at all, cos no time and they repeat a lot. My hub doesnt send T.V too. We are both internet and movie freaks.

    When I go to pay and I tell them it's 1500, they always ask me why. As if I am falling my hand. Next time I'll tell them to give me the full bouquet free, make dem help me lift my hand *rme*

    But I watch E! and Style and Nickelodeon. Like someone above said, I only prefer summarized reality shows. So Aunty Eya, if it makes you happy, watch but dnt spend the whole day doing so.

  10. Anonymous5/07/2013

    My mum is a bba addict eya n she's an assistant pastor,infact na she dey tell us wen dey nack,who n who nack.she'll b like'can u imagine those 2useless children eventually had sex sha'wen bba starts we don't change d station 4 nt even exaggerating.thank God 4dual view cos I personally can't stand dem 4d 24hrs period,too,she always has favourite housemates,hanni is her baby,lol.she loves lerato too.she disliked karen though,said she's too vulgar n lose,she cud strangle vina 4throwing herself on her bestie's man.she hated kimberly 4rm zambai,me am sre we wud watch dis1

    1. Anonymous5/09/2013

      The show is not for born again christian!!!!!U can slaughter me if u like. Truth is bitter,but it must be told

    2. Yes ma, so tell us... The show is for who?

  11. So far my best season was season 1... Gaetano, bayo, cherise and co...

    I'll try not miss this season, I hope we don't get an mgbeke representative.

    BTW... There's nothing to learn from BBA than just entertainment.

    1. Ace, I have to agree with you on your last paragraph.

      What is there to learn from BBA? Justify yourself all you want.By the way, your friend is totally right. You may not be convinced,but she is right. All things are lawful but not all are expedient.

  12. Young Awesome Mum5/08/2013

    Me am a BBA freak o! Can't wait for season 8 to start. Ain't nothin anyone can say to stop me from watchin the show

  13. Tonto Dike is representing Nigeria!

    This is Crayyy

  14. Anonymous5/09/2013

    Tonto has come out to deny it. Says she is not going for BBA.

  15. Anonymous6/13/2013

    simple question is: WHAT WILL JESUS DO?


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