Appreciation: Your Comments Saved My Marriage

I am d lady who asked if I ¢øυℓd give my hubby a second chance and still trust him again(kate) sincerely speaking, dis is a life saving blog. Evry advice I saw here were like iodine healing my wound; I'm happy with
him, cos truly dis is a man I've been living wit for d past 13yrs, I love him more than ever now, he proved to me dat never will he try such again, not only his swearing on d alter, he did smthing dat swept me off my feet dat I was convinced he will never try such, a matter I hid frm his family and mine, he travelled witout I knwing and made open confession to both families for them to forgive him and also beg me; 

for 8 yrs my hubby has nt seen a pastor preaching in d church , u knw what I mean, I was surprised to see him prepare for church dat sunday, I never knw smthing awaits me in d church, after d sermon, d pastor came out and told d congregation dat a certain man came to his office weeping, confessing his sins, and he wuld like to stand in d church and confess his sin again and also beg his wife. I never had a hint, wen his name was called, I felt like death taking me away, he stood in front of d church and confessed and begged me, the pastor called me out, already I was soaked in tears, I had no option but to obey, he knelt bfore me and asked for my sincere forgiveness all over again, I was weak and speechless and only nodded, 
Lo and bhold he handed me a key to 2010 Murano jeep right there. 3wks after he asked me to accompany him to a place, no clue whatsoever, he took me a shop under lock and key, and gave me a key to open it, I did and I was so shocked to see dat d shop was stocked with babies' stuff worth millions of naira, I was stationed at a spot crying; this was something I've been begging him since I married him to start smthing for me. Presently his PA chipped to me dat he is making a serious arrangement for me and my kids to go spend some time wit his Aunt in d states. My hubby is nw a changed man, goes to church and never misses my regular midnight prayer. 
Even if I'm tired that night to pray, he will stand, do it for about 2hrs, the funny tin to me was on Sunday, he refused my meals; Reason; that my excuse was not genuine enough to skip service. Aunty Eya, and evrybody dat advised me, I say a big thank you cos ur advice was a transport fare that took me bk home dat day frm d hotel I lodged, u guys said I shuld act as if he's not d only man in d world, dat I'm still doing and he's going out of his way at times to ve my attention, sm said I shuld ve smthing good doing, dat he himsef has done,sm said I shuldnt trust him dat he shuld earn it, my trust is nw an expensive one dat he's paying dearly to earn it, and so on and on
Thank you so much, I LOVE YOU ALL

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  1. Anwuli5/10/2013

    Wow.... there is indeed nothing 2 impossible for God. i hope this encourages everyone to watch the words of advice we often are so quick to pour out. GOD bless WC

  2. Anonymous5/10/2013

    Awwwwwwwww.......these brought tears to my eyes,God bless ur family

  3. Hmmmm u get a shop and Murano jeep,while Bonario make do with just "THANK U VERY MUCH" owkooo God is watchinging via 3D.loolz am so happy for u.
    D fear of comingout to beg in front the church alone,is enough to make me remain so faithful to my future wife.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

    1. Anonymous5/10/2013

      Lol! Bonario sef...

  4. kendra5/10/2013

    I'm so touched beyound words.. This is an example of God listens to every thing and answers all.. Imagine him making ur husband turn a new leaf and all u wished for are coming to u... Pls do not stop praying,do not relent so that the devil wouldn't find another way into ur home

    I so love this testimony

  5. Cyndrella5/10/2013

    Good one, please appreciate his love and give more love to him joo.Try and remain a good wife.

    best of luck

  6. Anonymous5/10/2013

    Wow!Wow!!Wow!!!....God be praised over your marriage and may you never witness a better yesterday ijn.God bless you home and mine too ijn

  7. Am speechless right now. God you too much

  8. Fantastic! I'm so happy for you! All has been perfected. God is too good!

  9. Anonymous5/10/2013

    This is truly great! Our God is still alive and He works in mysterious ways. Who would have thought that God would use such a negative thing to glorify himself. I wish you continues joy and peace in your marriage.

  10. Anonymous5/10/2013

    Am SO happy4u!God bless n kip ur home

  11. wonderful. so happy for you. i pray that the good work he started with your hubby will not cease.

  12. Anonymous5/10/2013

    M so happy 4 u... My eyes is fill wit tears of joym.

  13. So speechless dear....God bless your marriage. This is just the beginning!

  14. I read ur feedback with tears in my eyes. U are blessed my dear. Now please also treat him once in a while n pamper him with some u don't do for him or something u haven't gotten for him. Shower him wit extra love and affection.

  15. Anonymous5/10/2013

    Awww!!!! Thank u all my sisters in d house, Bona, I dedicate the car to God almighty and u, and my shop to all the wonderful sister in d houz, witout ur words I would ve left my home; with dis, I knw dat God works with anything available either good or bad, tru my hubby's negative way of life, he drew him closer to himsef, and perfected my life and dat of my kids. May the Good Lord bless our marriages and grant us our heart desires in JESUS NAME ( amen) up WC! Up up WC!! I will never forget the blog and d "ggers" itself, cos witout the "ggers"there will b no "blog"

  16. ****Mufasa Said5/10/2013

    People of God prai prai PRAIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiseeeeeeee the LOoooooooorrrrrrrrd!!!!

    ****Mufasa Said

  17. Lovelyn5/11/2013

    I'm so happy for you. The Lord is GOOD! He works in a mysterious ways.

    May the good work He has started in your life never cease in Jesus Name.

    Blessed by the name of the Lord.


  18. Truly, everything worketh together for good to them that believe. Am so happy when i read your testimony this morning. This has strengthen my hope in God cos, i now realize that is certain that nothing is impossible for God to do even when is beyond human ability. Congrat! Wishing your family more God's flourishing LOVE and I cast out into HELL any opposer of your JOY in JESUS mighty name, AMen.


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